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  1. Do rings and skills still Max at 5 in this edition? If so, that's a narrow fun window. 1 and 2 are borderline useless 3 and 4 are fun 5 is basically immune to failure.
  2. I'm going to check out the finished version just for kicks, but after play testing the beta I had all members of two of my gaming groups independently and unianimously decide that every aspect of 5th is a step down from 4th. Definitely going to give someone else's copy a read through and see if there's any stuff worth bringing in to any of the 4th Ed games I'm writing right now, but it would have to be a VERY remarkable improvement from the beta.
  3. This chart has me howling! I don't know how to say it politely, but like, if you don't know how to pronounce 'yoshi' then maybe L5R isn't really for you. Stuff like this makes me question the target audience.
  4. I had to severely limit shugenja use (and actually magic as a whole) in 4th ed. Shugenja aren't really for beginners, I don't think, and they wind up EARTH-SHATTERINGLY POWERFUL. Literally. A samurai with an insight rank of 7 will be terrifying in combat, surely. A shugenja with an insight rank of 7 can vaporize any and all comers, and their armies and their kingdoms. I also sort of find that having wild amounts of sorcery around vastly detract from any kind of Samurai Fiction(tm) that might be had. That might just be me though. Shugenja have the equivalent of cell phones, machine guns, instant healing potions that cure anything, flashlights, multitools, you name it. They chew through problems and plot WAY too fast. An awesome samurai story about a warrior that breaks his arm before a tournament where his clans' honour is at stake ANYWAY NO PROBLEM YOU'RE INSTANTLY FINE NOW. We're stranded behind enemy lines with the plans for the enemy attack. We have to lay low and survive long enough to get the plans to NO WAIT I'LL FAX IT TO THEM ON THE WIND An army of Lost Samurai! AN ARMY OF ROCK MAN ELEMENTALS AND ALSO JAAAAAAAADE They just make way better NPCs. I'm playing a Shugenja in a game right now and I constantly have to be careful not to accidentally destroy the plot.
  5. This is what made me initially check out of the beta. I really looked at it, read and re-read it, playtested it, applied some rule rewrites, repeat. It all came down to the only thing that matters: Is this new thing -better- than the last thing? I don't speak for everybody, obviously, but the answer is no.
  6. Also, 'help winning honour and glory' is definitely something the Scorpion are famous for wanting.
  7. This entire game is a No True Scotsman. That's basically when bushido and samurai drama is. (Also I was more talking mostly about Shosuro specifically for that post, but I said Scorpion in the line for some reason, so sorry for any confusion.) I like your point, but Kachiko is the daimyo, she can do what she wants. If she lets her ninjo get way out of hand and has the clan attack the ocean because her uncle drown, then that's her thing. It's the Scorpion samurai's job to obey, obey, obey. The Scorpion are neat. They're just real tough to grasp for new players. It's like bringing a soccer ball to a baseball game. If you're clever you can still figure out score somehow, but you should definitely understand baseball before you try or everyone is just going to send you home. It's like how everyone who has never played DnD wants to play an evil necromancer or dark elf assassin or something. It is definitely doable but most of the time it's like "That doesn't really fit here, and it's going to be pretty tough to not have you guys killing each other." Especially if the Scorpion is actually plotting against the other characters behind their backs. You need some mature-*** players to not get mad and go along with it like they know nothing in game.
  8. The face everyone at my table makes when someone tries to game the system like that. I think like, this for sure isn't for me. Every time I think I'm getting closer to understanding how this is a roleplaying game, I find out that I was wrong and the answer is "Just cheat more, only it isn't cheating because it's how you're supposed to do it."
  9. Yeah but only one of those succeeds in what you set out to do, right? So like, it's still kind of binary but the 1 has four other 0's. Just the other types of not-doing-what-you-set-out-to-do inflict some physical or mental damage which you also might not be trying to do. Like "2+ successes, no opportunities: You succeed in hitting inflicting some fatigue. You narrate it as the wearing them down but not impressing." is straight up just hitting them with your sword, yeah? You've lost the chance to scare them off and instead started a fight. Even the one that succeeds, what if the dude can take 5 strife? You inflict four with a masterful display of deadliness and he's like "it's cool you didn't do enough points." Sure I had the guy make a Willpower roll when it happened, but the TN was pretty astronomical. It's funny you should mention it though, because when this came up in the game that I was running I made her roll Agility + Intimidation because she had like, 7 Iaijutsu so I knew she could physically do it.
  10. Yeah from the beginning I was like "Can you guys post a video of how this game is supposed to be played? Because I don't get it and it would help" I don't agree. You give the guy extra strife with your opportunities on a move that you can't call and now you're calculating whether or not he has enough strife to unmask and then he chooses which unmasking type he uses and so on and so on. Maybe he rage unmasks and leaps up and attacks you. It becomes a hit-point game of Final Fantasy or DnD or something again, and the RP gets lost in the shuffle as far as I have seen. You fail the modified roll with raises and the DM tells you how you screwed up. No charts, no additional math or rolls or looking anything up or comparing ring tables. You just either do it or you don't and then you get real cool story. Unless you're a high rank Akodo, then you still succeed at your original action (without raises) because you planned it that way. I'm straight up not in to the opportunity dice though. I'm generally in to as few dice rolls as possible.
  11. I suppose that's actually pretty interesting, and I'm glad that it works for you. I just really jam on the amazing fight narratives that previous editions let you describe through raises. The "I swing the sword down full-force at his head, and take 4 raises to stop the blade after it cuts his clan headband in half but before it cuts his skin badly." That's risk and reward, man. The general sense of 'gettim' actions before rolling dice to determine the how and what really chaffs my junk. Especially when the split-second no-mind decisions presented by rolling opportunity are precluded by looking through pages and pages of techniques and katas and ring descriptions and your imagination to decide what exactly to use the opportunity on.
  12. Well if you're a Shosuro specifically, (a member of a ninja school that most people don't even know exists, last time I checked) then you're not really an upstanding honourable samurai as much as you are a weapon wielded by the Scorpion daimyos. It's not like "I'm a cool playable Ninja Class character! Shurikens everywhere!" It's like "I'll abandon the clan to take a position as a wet nurse nanny and raise this strangers child for 30 years. I will be a loving support for the man that the child becomes. Also, when I get the secret message from the clan I left behind, I will kill that man in his sleep and perform sepukku next to his bed before the sun rises again without question or explanation, Because I am Scorpion." You don't really take an honour loss for stuff like that (or sort of anything else) because it's all trivial compared to the bigger picture. As a matter of record, I don't let new players play Scorpion in my games despite the fact that new players ONLY EVER want to play Scorpion. They're too hard to understand and play properly without context, mainly because A) honour works so differently for them, and B) if you play a Scorpion right your character dies poorly, alone and shamed for a reason that no one in game will ever understand - and most players hate that. It's not rewarding. Neither is being a Scorpion. Even the 'samurai drama' created by narrative dice is screwed for Scorpion. You'd better believe that Scorpion don't EVER give in to ninjo when there's giri to be done.
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