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  1. I dunno, at what point does a Star Destroyer lose its majesty by being shrunken down to a tabletop size? Different strokes for different folks, but I feel like the only way to incorporate a Star Destroyer would be to scale up the templates so the fighters flew further, and had longer ranges. At Star Destroyer scale, the range sticks will look pretty pitiful indeed, lol.
  2. If only that was what we had gotten in 1999. Then again, no reason to think Lucas wouldn't have prequeled the sequels too.
  3. I think somebody did the math once, and even at the same scale as the Tantive IV (as opposed to the scale for the small ships), an Imperial-class Star Destroyer would be seven feet long. Also, hard pass on Battlestar Galactica until I get original Cylon Raiders and an alternate art Dirk Benedict Starbuck.
  4. Would have done it 15-20 years ago while the main cast was still young enough to have substantive roles in it.
  5. Apparently you've never seen Tropic Thunder. Or the Ewok movies, for that matter.
  6. I don't know if I believe that. I think Star Wars fans take the franchise way too seriously. This franchise has floated largely on repeat viewings and ticket presales. Solo had two main areas where it fell short of TFA/R1/TLJ. Its ticket presales were *way* down. Its weekly drops were even worse than The Last Jedi. Basically, all the market data told us that a good number of Star Wars fans declined to see it entirely, and thus didn't go see it multiple times. Catering to the die-hard Star Wars fans is crucial to their success. They throw money at the franchise. It's hard to believe that a movie as inoffensive and non-divisive as Solo just suddenly tanked for no reason, five months after The Last Jedi blew up the fanbase and pissed a bunch of them off. Its audience scores are higher than TLJ on pretty much every review aggregator. So it means people are choosing not to see it. I mean, sure, the sample size is smallish and Angry People on YouTube have to be taken with a sense of scale, but there were a lot of people saying they were boycotting Solo. You have to believe that a lot of them followed through on the threat. I mean, I only saw it because I'm a critic and I get to go to the screenings. I wouldn't have paid any money to see it, just because it's hard to get excited about the Disney Star Wars properties. Gedoudda he-yah. If you want to be taken even remotely seriously, you might want to dial the hyperbole down below a level where a blackfaced Robert Downey Junior is forced to begin giving you pointers about your portrayal of the mentally handicapped.
  7. 1. Rogue One - This is arguably the only Star Wars movie Disney has done. It plays within the established "rules" of the universe, for the most part. The characters are shallow, but serviceable for a war movie, so we can root for them. That's all we needed. Nobody complained we didn't know enough about the guys in Saving Private Ryan. You know they are good guys, and you know they have a military mission. I actually liked most of them aside from Captain Aimbot's machinegun laser. Krennic makes a decent villain. The editing is a complete mess, likely due to the reshoots, directorial change, and to make room for two pointless Darth Vader scenes. Still, this movie looks and feels like Star Wars, while still treading a bit of slightly new ground by shifting from the Space Opera to the War Adventure genre. Didn't mind CG-Tarkin because of the demand for the character's screen time. CG-Leia was unnecessary; she could have been a look-alike actress with her one line dubbed in. The third act is amazing aside from the way the ending was constructed. I liked the choice to be daring and kill off all the protagonists. I've watched Rogue One, in its entirety, several times, and it continues to be enjoyable. Thought it was a good sign for future Disney properties... oh well. 3. Solo - This movie is pretty dumb, and it features Star Wars' second-worst character ever. Enjoyed it the one time I saw it, but have little interest in ever seeing it again. But, in its favor, it is a lot of fun to watch, and the non-Emilia Clarke members of the cast are good in their roles. Like Rogue One, this mostly looks and feels like Star Wars. As long as you don't think too much about it, or try to figure out how it fits into the Star Wars canon, Solo serves up entertainment, and a plot that mostly makes sense. Hyperfuel... stupid. Neo-Rebels... stupid. Space Kraken getting sucked into the one thing you'd assume it would be careful to stay away from... stupid. Droid Rights nonsense... stupid. Oh look, Darth Maul, and his lightsaber! ? But still, Donald Glover, Woody, Alden Ehrenwhatever, they push the movie along with a certain amount of charm. Though Ehrenwhatever is a little short for a stormtrooper Han Solo; whatever, small gripe. 7. The Force Awakens - This is a poor movie by most any measure. The plot functions entirely on convenience. Nothing in the movie past the first two or three scenes has a functional cause-and-effect relationship. The plot literally just coasts along on coincidence, right up until the end when R2D2 wakes up to trigger the plot for the sequel. The characters are flat and uninteresting. Rey is especially bad, with no character arc, no adversity, and no personality. Finn is okay. Poe is sorta-interesting, but he survives the film via Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure gimmick, which is hilarious, but not in a good way. Kylo Ren is a fairly weak villain, but Adam Driver's performance is solid... when the script isn't failing him. There's no world-building; it just deconstructs everything from the OT and then replaces it with... nothing. A Republic we don't know anything about, which is okay because it dies. An Empire First Order that we don't know anything about, other than apparently it's the remnants of the Empire, somehow displaced by a Republic with no military... wait, what? People can see distant space lasers travel across the sky in real time? But, the good news is, it isn't like we hadn't already seen all these plot elements before and it was fresh and original... Oh. Wait. 13. The Last Jedi - Is it even worth bashing this movie any more than has already been done? It deconstructs the entire Star Wars mythology, but not in any way that is good. The story is boring and bafflingly dumb; oh, and it's just The Empire Strikes Back remixed with a ridiculously slow real-time chase. The run time is at least 30 minutes too long. The humor is terrible; the jokes being neither funny, nor well-timed, and usually inappropriate to the scene. The villains are comically stupid and ragey, even by the ridiculous HeyLookNatzees! standards of The Force Awakens. The "heroes" are mostly as stupid as the villains, and there is little to no character development. This movie is terrible from start to finish, with no redeeming qualities.
  8. Seven months after the movie came out? How amazing, lol. Revisit this thread in 2056 and tell me if anybody remembers her. Because that's how long people have been remembering Dak.
  9. People remember Dak. Nobody will remember Tallie Lintra, lol.
  10. If you fail a red bank or turn and bump, you still get a stress. Higher risk, higher reward. Also, higher cost of failure.
  11. Isn't he the guy that fell in love with a horse?
  12. Would it really? I mean, you should point the ship down (at varying angles) theoretically, not sideways. But it's a two-dimensional game, not a three dimensional one. Let's be realistic: The game can't be completely realistic. The current way the K-Turn works is "gamey" because it has to be. X-Wing is a game, limited by certain spacial constraints. The game rewards good flying choices and punishes bad ones. Bumping during a K-Turn is a bad flight choice, so you receive the (theoretically) negative game outcome.
  13. It definitely looks like the cannons are mounted on a rotating platform. And the StarWars.com entry for it refers to them as "pivoting laser cannons." Seems pretty reasonable to assume. Not seeing it fire backwards isn't really meaningless, as it was never in front of something. We never saw TIE Bombers shoot lasers or fire missiles/torpedoes either. Pivot and rotate are fairly interchangeable terms, in terms that if something pivots, it can also rotate. Not everything that rotates has to pivot, but there's no mutual exclusivity either. Pivoting just means that the movement is affixed to a specific spot
  14. The Wing Commander film was probably the first of the really big Let-Down Video Game adaptation films. It was sooooooooo bad. Which is unforgivable because Wing Commander 3 was the benchmark in storytelling action games at the time. Heck, I'd go as far as to call Wing Commander 3 a landmark in video game history in terms of showing us what games were capable of achieving as a commercial product and art form. The Wing Commander movie, on the other hand, was the first film I considered walking out of.
  15. While to some extent there's potential truth there, I don't think having a "do-over" button is a bad thing. Game design isn't an exact science, and the evolving meta of a persistent card-based game like X-Wing can render point values obsolete. We saw this painfully in the current version of the game. Obviously at a certain point, the X-Wing was overcosted. We knew this because nobody used them outside of one or two pilots. Why did this happen? Well, the X-Wing was developed based on the Wave One rules. By Wave 8, the game had changed significantly, rendering the X-Wing obsolete at its listed values. Only the unique pilot skills of cards like Biggs would generate significant enough value to overcome the inherent overcost of the X-Wing as a platform. It's why so many cards needed "fixes" to make them "viable" in the game space again. 2.0 allowing more design flexibility is inherently a good thing. Your expectations are unrealistic. This is far better than the old school way of doing it like 40K in the 90s and 00s where the ruleset was just overhauled every 5-6 years (less in later years) to reset the meta. They could probably do it better with good data analysis, but even if they had better data analysis, it would still be advantageous to have a quarterly Do-Over button because nothing about it will ever be an exact, permanent science.
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