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  1. I'm officially calling it quits. The places I live have no interest in the game, which sucks 'cause it's a great game. I've bought 3 core sets and the 1st 5 dynasty packs. $195 total with out tax. I will sell to any reasonable offer, don't be affraid you might get suprised. Very lightly played, about 6 games over Thanksgiving. email: ihikenpaint@gmail.com text: 406 770 0105
  2. Any Players in Yuma AZ area?? Any shops selling the cards down there.
  3. Gees they **** the word H E double toothpicks and Bit**in I'll clean up my act
  4. thanks! thats kinda what I'm ******* about, they need to communicate it! Grrr
  5. well they sure as **** need to make it official or Crab is gonna get screwed if they walk into a tourney with 3 of these is their deck! Gee's FFG take care of it!
  6. is there a ruling like this on Pit Trap? thanks
  7. My son's say very similar things. I've got to be "on top of my game" as they say with L5R. If I play with any stress from the day still haunting me or not enough sleep, I loose. There are so many things going on for your own deck to work and to stay on top of what your opponent is doing?! It can be overwhelming! I tried MTG years ago and it just didn't grab me. I'm old school. I started gaming in the 70's. We had war games that took hours just to set up. I need something to really intrigue me. L5R did, way back in the CCG days starting with the Battle of Beiden Pass. My sons and I were hooked. It was like legal crack 'cause we couldn't get enough of it! I'm glad it's back!
  8. so is there an official "Nate" ruling on this card yet?
  9. so is there an official "Nate" ruling on this card yet?
  10. thanks, just wanted to make sure. Pretty sweet card me thinks
  11. Obviously this works during the Draw Phase ...Honor biding but does it work during duels as well? thanks
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