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  1. "Sooo, we're not telling the captain about this, right?!" "That chloroform eating skank!" Player 1: "Has my com unit been fixed?" Player 2: "It was just manually turned off."
  2. They could discover a plot to kidnap someone important, maybe this is where the padawan is. They need to unravel the details to stop the kidnapping, but in doing so discover the intended victim is doing something illegal and/or dangerous, but has money and political connections to protect himself. If the group helps him, they earn some favor with the dirtbag. They could also just quietly let him get what's coming.
  3. 😂😂😂 You both make valid points. I suppose you could increase the severity any criticals suffered once a character reaches their 2x threshold. I figured I was just being paranoid.
  4. I was wondering how often you all make or require Resilience checks? My players might be headed for a few chases, not to mention being three meters, 21 feet from a bomb they delivered. I ask because I don't want to influence my players into dumping experience into resilience ranks unless it's pretty important, and I never saw that before. This group does have a tendency to solve problems the hard way.
  5. That's an interesting idea, putting the empire into a feudal state. Seems like a situation similar to the Holy Roman Empire. Lots of story potential there.
  6. Remember that this is a society that seems perfection in all things. Depending on what the player is trying to achieve, one check might not do it. In the case of the poem, Fire might be used the invent it, Water to adapt it to a current situation, and Air to refine it. Then again, what you can achieve in a short time frame is sometimes the point.
  7. Like most things in eastern cultures, presentation is important. Each attempt to give the gift should be a bit more creative than the last, as should each refusal. At the same time, you probably don't want to seem desperate. You also want to be mindful of anyone of higher rank, you might not want to slight them publicly. Then again, maybe you do!
  8. My pc's decided to visit a doctor on Kwenn station. They met a Twi'lek mother with a sick child who couldn't get in. They snuck the kid in and discovered the doctor was a hulking Gank. He charged each character by increasing their obligation to a Hutt that they were helping. The doctor did offer discounts to the clone trooper and fertile female Selonian if they agreed to small procedures and asked no questions. I was surprised they took it, but the little girl also got cured.
  9. You can keep a destiny point on stand by to use.
  10. My players and I just use the "Let it Ride" rule from Burning Wheel. A roll sticks until something significant changes. This prevents players from rolling until they succeed, and they know I can't make them roll until they fail.
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