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  1. Very interesting Intel.... actually it will not change my half of the Rebel build for the game - just waiting on @Lizard Overlord to assemble the remainder of the Rebel fleet.
  2. Sato's Fleet has been refitted back to full strength. As agreed with Andy & Alan (Imperial command), the GR-75 which is part of Sato's force has been upgraded to a GR-75 Combat Refit vessel. Upgrades as follows: AFIIB has been upgraded with Spinal Armament Nebulon B (Salvation) has been upgraded with Slaved Turrets GR-75 Combat Refit has been upgraded as listed above Sato's fleet is now 450pts. His coming battle has a 40pt differential in favor of the Imperials and so an Allied GR-75 Transport joins the Rebels.
  3. This "promotion" came as somewhat as a suprise to Sato........
  4. Battle of "Nubia" - Objective: Most Wanted (Rebel Target - ISD, Imperial Target - CR90) Commander Jun Sato had conserved his resources carefully after his evasion of Lord Vader and had resisted pressure from Alliance High Command to strike before he was ready. However, upon hearing from a covert source that the shipyards at Nubia were currently repairing Admiral Motti's flagship he saw his chance. The Hyperspace jump saw the fleet appear in a tight formation with the Assault Frigate "Furious Gundark" in reserve, Problems started immediately as Sato saw the rest of Motti's fleet in position around their Admiral's ship with the sleek form of an Interdictor closest to their jump point. The Interdictor used it's technological wizardry to create a dense asteroid field to the Rebel's right meaning a flanking maneuvre on that side would be suicide. At the same time, the Furious Gundark's engines stuttered and the ship slowed down. Sato ordered his remaining ships to flank left at maximum speedm bringing their guns to bear on the Interdictor. Tycho Celchu darted inbetween multiple TIE defender squadrons to give targeting information to his Capital ships and massed firepower from the CR90, both Nebulons and a refitted transport which High Command had sent to help out caused mass exposions to ripple across the Imperial ship, critical hits decimating it's crew. The last thing it's commander saw was Captain Hera Syndulla's ship, Ghost. open fire from directly ahead which left the Interdictor a wreck. Things were not going all the Rebel's way though. Shara Bey found herself engaged with 2 Defender's and, more disconcerting, the bounty hunter IG-88. The fight did not last long and was one that the rebel hero could not win. More Defenders targetted Tycho and it was only luck and his natural abilities that allowed him to barely escape. The charge on the Interdictor had brought the fleet into range of the ISD and intense fire began to hit the Salvation, almost crippling it. It's speed and Engine Techs just got it out of range when a lone Tie Fighter squadron was given given an order to chase the Nebulon and a lucky shot took the ship out of the fight. At the rear of the main fight an Imperial Raider stalked the Furious Gundark but having strayed too close and with an X-wing squadron in close proximity, fire from 2 arcs of the Assault Frigate hammered the Raider ending it's battle. More rebel fighter squadrons joined the casualty list with Wedge being taken out as he tried to hold back the vengeful enemy squadrons, his barrage of fire did manage to knock out a cluster of Defenders before his loss. Both he and the other X-wing squadron's were taken out as well as the YT-2400. And with that, the fight was over. Although the ISD had survived (due to better targets being available) it was still a rebel win. The Empire withdrew and once more the Rebels held a Repair yard. Result: Rebel Victory - Shipyard at Nubia captured. Losses Rebel (all losses now Scarred): Salvation (Nebulon B), Shara Bey, Wedge Antiles, X-Wing Squadron, YT-2400 (131 points) Empire (all losses now Scarred): Interdictor, Raider, 1x TIE Defender (169 points)
  5. Upgrades to ships and new purchases: Repairs complete. ECM on AFII-B ECM on CR90A Engine Techs on Nebulon B Engine Techs on Nebulon B And both Shara and Tycho are now veteran.
  6. Commander Sato: Mission technically defend the repair yards, but actually survive the battle to be able to upgrade his ships (rather than spend all his points again on repairs!). That the repair yards were lost against Vader's overwhelming firepower and gunnery teams was not in question, although Sato almost pulled off a flanking maneuver around his own Armed Station and the rebel fighters destroyed all of the Imperial squadrons, Vader pulled his ISD and a VSD around to face them in time. Sato also noted that his own ship crews needed extensive training in hitting anything before ordering a hyperspace retreat. Post battle, Sato's fleet is back to full strength with Shara and Tycho as veterans. HQ will be notified of upgrades to the fleet shortly.
  7. Dropping Jan Ors, my Squadrons now become: Tycho Celchu, Shara Bey, Hera Syndulla, Wedge Antilles, Corran Horn & an X-Wing which brings my fleet to 399pts. Hope that is okay.
  8. Unfortunately I do need the 2 A-wing specials to allow me to keep close to enemy ships so that Sato can work. I can give up Jan Ors and rework that part of my fleet though.
  9. On reflection, and as we are still in the fleet building stage, I have changed the fleet to the following (still 400 pts): Commander Sato (Admiral), Nebulon B Escort Frigate, XI7 Turbolasers Nebulon B Escort Frigate, XI7 Turbolasers Nebulon B Escort Frigate, XI7 Turbolasers Nebulon B Escort Frigate, XI7 Turbolasers Biggs Darklighter, Wedge Antilles, 2x X-Wings, Jan Ors, Shara Bey, Tycho Celchu Objectives: Classified
  10. My fleet is (400pts): Leia (Admiral), Nebulon B Escort Frigate, XI7 Turbolasers Nebulon B Escort Frigate, XI7 Turbolasers Nebulon B Escort Frigate, XI7 Turbolasers Nebulon B Escort Frigate, XI7 Turbolasers Biggs Darklighter, 7x X-Wings Objectives: Classified
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