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  1. The title said it all. Edit 1: Here are some useful things: https://www.dojocreativedesign.com/l5r-roleplaying?fbclid=IwAR3zoNPNBbBz0Lk0xtyQqPPlhfpScveZk0xrbezwSgwGKRtTVdGxuAwFC3M Thanks!
  2. I love the new edition. bye Like this
  3. I am deeply thinking about Shugenjas and i have mixed feelings about them. Channeling is a good mechanic for spell casters, if the spell is really hard, they can reserves dices for complete the spell later. This is awesome to me, because is the typical powerful spell, hard to cast, that need the dramatic scene protecting the caster, and the later explosive result. But other spells feels easy as striking with a Katana, and a little more powerful. As if the Shugenja was an archer with unlimited magic arrows, throwing strong and fast casting spells, and if one of them fails, he can channel it. Is my analysis wrong? There is a mechanic i miss? I am missing another thing here? thanks!
  4. I am adding the Additional Skill Opportunities examples right now. @Pankurucha and @Scorpienne Thanks for the support!
  5. I made this simple Summary Sheet I hope you find it useful. If you find any error or you have any sugesstions, please let me know.
  6. I really love the Crab Clan, and this adventure make them look very inefficient in their sacred task of protecting the Wall, using a group of Yorikis to simple things like communication with officers and critical things like...
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