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  1. Hello FFG, Will the storyline of the L5R RPG will be influenced by the L5R CG storyline (and the victory/defeat of the players) like it was for the AEG's era (except for the 4th Edition which was timeline-neutral) ?
  2. One of my friend and the one other L5R GM we have in our group has read himself the beta and here is his point of view : *two of my players don't like describing themselves the results of their actions, it's one of the reason we did not choose Prowlers & Paragons for an upcoming supehero campaign. ** he means that our group will probably wait the definitive core book when it will be out *** : my D&D 5 campaign, his L5R 4th campaign, the second part of a one-shot of his own RPG we have to finish, my upcoming Durandal Super Hero campaign (with Mutants & Masterminds), yes that's a lot of work so learning the new L5R at this time seems to be preposterous. I think my friend is right, our group has a lot to do and it's not the time for me or him to make a beta one-shot of the new L5R. Still, when the final game will be out and if I find it in France, I think I will have a look at it or maybe buy a PDF version if FFG made one and see, the final version may change my mind about FFG's L5R, who knows
  3. I have taken more time to read the beta because I did not want to pass for someone who judges hastily.. Still I have not completely read it and I have focused my reading on three axes : the background part, the mechanical part and the character creation part. I found the background part nice and I have even learnt some things which were not on the previous edition like why Geishas are considered Hinin for instance. About the mechanical part, like I said previously, I dislike custom dices RPG but I must admit that does not look as complicated as I thought initially. There is only 4 types of symboles and two types of dices and it seems manageable. I like the Strife Mechanic. The school trees reminds me of the latests 40K games (Only War and DH2) I still dislike custom dices but I may test the game IF I can convince my players (and that's not the easy part)
  4. the assumption that then a new edition is out, people have to adapt or cling to their drowning way is stupid. When 3rd Mutants & Masterminds edition was out, some people complained that their 2nd edition was perfect and they were going to still play with it and not buy the 3rd. I did not understand them at this era because what I read about 3rd edition pleased me a lot. Now that I am on the other side, I don't like at all being considered an old moron who cling to the "old" edition L5R more than this thing with custom dices...and I realised, both sides are completely right : if you want to keep to your previous edition, that is fine, no one should be shamed because now there is a new thing and the old thing has become "obsolete" no one should be discriminated on his/her choice of game, I don't like custom dices ? That's my choice and it's valid, you like them, that's your choice and it's valid too.
  5. Yes, I do have this game. It uses regular d10 dices and the mechanic is simple.
  6. These posters have perfectly summed up my arguments.
  7. well two bad for you, I am not rich and I cannot pay for everyone. One of my player does even have a smartphone. The point is you seem to accuse me...and you seems to forget I am not the only one to not being fan of custom dices. Well, you don't accept either the fact that I have twice asked you to not speak to me any more and you still do. Are you the kind of guy who harass women on the street when they say no...I wonder, well, there is only one way to shut you off. I will unfollow this thread and I won't be obliged to read your thrash anymore.
  8. Well I am finished with that topic. Keep your system if you like, I will go on playing with my 4th edition. The only impression I give is not being a fan but just someone who rants. FFG had already decided to use that system, that's not me or even a few players who will change this fact, fair enough, I won't be a customer anymore, that's all. I think anyway I have given enough money to FFG to not feel guilty about it.
  9. I like my rules simples and elegants. R&K was doing just that. This custom dice system dice don't.
  10. yeah sure... because you think I have not think about it ? the symbol are not the same for each result of a d6, same thing for the d12, so, you have to remember for each dice which is the right symbol and the meaning is not the same depending on the ring...I am not playing to waste time in the rules and my players neither...
  11. I have bought many products from FFG (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Deathwatch, Black crusade, Only War, Dark Heresy 2nd and several supplements) so don't patronize me. I am 46 yo and I was playing D&D when you were not even born
  12. I said to stop answer me because you don't understand my point of view and I don't want to talk to you dude.
  13. like doing a system with custom dice and selling them to everybody wanting to play the game in the correct way....that's stupid and it's only for money...Steve Kenson also had different ideas as a game designer, he had done nonetheless Mutants & Masterminds and Icons who are very cool system which use regular dices, dices everyone can buy everywhere...I am not even sure I will find your "so praised custom dices" in my hobby store dude even if I wanted to buy them....please, don't insist because you obviously don't understant.
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