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  1. Elemental approach and special dices looks… hard, at the very least. No problem with symbols, but all this huge tables with “recommendations” for opportunity symbols, and then schools special ways to use them make me feel like “So, what I actually can do with them while NOT looking in the tables?” It was quite hard mechanic to play nice in SW, and it’s much harder here. Like some devs wanted opportunity uses to be totally clear, like “you can do that and this, and nothing else”, and others were for the players to do what they want. It will be good if in final version only one of this approaches stay, not something in the middle. Also, some techniques look odd to be, well, technique. Can’t I throw my weapon without special training? Or I’m gonna do it, but with some penalty? Little more out there, but mostly ok. Would like to agree with people who say that it’ll be better to forfeit some clan/family/school crunch-bonuses for actual experience. In the end, I think that elemental approach feature will bring a great havoc to the groups that do not exist in complete unity and samurai-level loyalty to each other. But maybe it feels better in actual gameplay, duh.
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