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  1. Agree with Suzume Chikahisa. If the game designers get rid of the idea of gaijin pepper and have gunpowder or black powder available with the appropriate weapons they could become more mainstream or provide an alternate if used as they could be in the setting and it will not become a fancy alternate for another fairly popular rpg system. The Lion, if they are the arbiters of warfare and tactics would not ignore the potential of the new weapons yes? I can imagine Crab on the Wall using cannon to blow away large Shadowlands beasties. As I was writing Void Crane beat me to it. Masses of lower class soldiers did historically mean the end of an armoured aristocracy but it took a generation or so. Considering that the previous 4 editions covered approximately that samurai are covered.
  2. I have a question about Gunpowder and gunpowder weapons. Arquebuses and artillery. How do people view them in an L5R setting? I would like to see rules for them and I would have them in games I would run. Rokugan knows about gunpowder as they have fireworks and such but at the moment there seem to be no utility to have gunpowder used as a weapon. I was always unhappy with previous L5R editions that demonised gunpowder. I am a fan of the Kurosawa films and gunpowder was an accepted part of the Samurai Settings in the films. Samurai wouldn't use the despised weapon but it's perfectly suitable for ashigaru no? Thoughts?
  3. Greetings and Salutations. If this has been asked already I humbly apologise but is there plans for a fillable character sheet? If someone has done one already is there a link available? Domo Arigato. I'm about to create a character for the first time using this version/edition having been a veteran of L5R rpg from 1st Ed through to 4th. Wish me Luck.
  4. ROKUGANI CURSES. As a clan best known for its directness and blunt manners, the Crab are the unquestioned masters of the outraged rant. A Hida samurai with his wind up can spew enough epitaphs to make a Mantis sailor blush with shame. Incidents of shouting matches leading to duels pepper the court histories, and most diplomats tread very carefully when approaching a Crab in conversation. In order to help you role-play a Crab samurai to the fullest effect, we’ve provided a list of some of the more common Rokugani curses. Keep in mind that no one of noble rank(outside of the Crab, that is) would ever stoop to using such uncouth language, and the random hurling of oaths can easily result in honour loss or worse. Be ready to back your words up with strength. CRAB THREATS Itaime-ni – Want to feel some real pain? Fu tsugo ga arimashitaka – Do you have a problem? Hame wo hazusu – Make merry, drink up, or suffer the consequences. Uchi no kaisha – Stay away from my family. Kenka uten noka – Are you looking for a fight? Ome wa dare da! – Who do you think you are? Mapputatsuni hiki sakuwayo! – I’ll tear you in half! INSULTS Dekai guzo – idiot Surui chibi – sneaky dwarf Kusatta Ningen – rotten people Chikusho – uncultured beast Dani – tick or leech Onna tarashi – fop Urenokori – ugly old maid Ojamamushi – Bothersome insect! Kono yaro! – You insignificant worm! Ojo sama – Ineffective member of another Clan – especially a bushi (literally “spoiled rich girl”) CURSES AND OTHER EXPRESSIONS Zakennayo – A catch-all expression of anger and frustration. The Crab use it a lot. (Oh Crap! Bugger!) Cho-yabe – ****, we blew it. Kuchi no chakku – Shut up! Okesho wa doshitano, geisha-san – Where’s your make-up, you geisha? Rakki yaro – Lucky bastard. Seijitsu – “oh, how sincere.”
  5. Hi all. I played the CCG from Imperial to Diamond edition. I played and ran 1st edition, (3rd edition, the weakest edition) and 4th Edition RPG. I just picked and chose what I wanted to introduce the players to from the storylines. Some of them were a bit out there it had to be said. Clan War Storyline was my favourite Storyline and I have a great fondness for most of the characters from that time. I also liked the reign of Toturi after the death of Toturi, and before the Destroyer war. The jump forward to the reign of Iweko and the Colonies were good too. Had potential it had. Oh well, I wonder if we'll be able to convert storyline characters to the new system? What would Hida Kisada's Stats be or Kakita Toshimoko? For example.
  6. I've read most of the Beta Book in the last couple hours. Very different system to the old roll and keep 10 dice from 1st and 4th editions. I too am a bit baffled by the two dice with blank faces? What's that about? Go to d 4s and d 10s? Will keep reading I think.
  7. Nice Example. Makes things a bit clearer for me. Which is always a good thing. Will have a try myself in the near future.
  8. I've just finished reading the beta book. I haven't been following the LCG so I don't know what's been happening there. I too was wondering about the timeline/setting of the RPG. To me, it seems that you could as a GM set it at the original timeline year for 1st Edition. Which I played in campaigns and ran games for, also the same for the 3rd and 4th Editions. Love the setting and It's gonna take a while to figure out how this new system works. See how we go before making too many assumptions no?
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