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    player2885333 reacted to HarryTheFish in errors   
    Sorry I am new to the forums and this may have been addressed.
    1) Bo. The dragon school of the togashi tattooed order (monk) lists starting equipment as Common clothing, bo, travelling pack, 5 koku.  Bo is not listed as anything in the book.  I assume it meant bo-staff but it could also mean bow. 
    2) Chi Protection. Also in the dragon school of the togashi tattooed order (monk) one of the starting techniques in Kiho is listed as Chi Protection. there is no Chi Protection. I am assuming it meant Ki Protection a water Kiho.
    There seems to be no conversion tables for money. you start with 5 koku but some equipment is listed as ru and other price listings. please convert all to koku or give a break down of conversion. (or don't give any starting koku at all).
    After working with printed 20 questions character building and then transposing them to the character sheet, it would be nice if the sections for ninjo and giri were listed on the 20 questions as such. for a new player it required going back over the 20 step process to find out which is which. 
    perhaps a little more room for weapons and armour would be nice. If you had a wakazashi, katana and a bow plus unarmed would would not have room. 
    Also also, perhaps the travel pack could be renamed to the 10 item travel pack. this allows you to have 5 item packs and 20 item packs for schools that expect you to travel more or less.
    Relationship section of character sheet should have a mother, father, ancestor, and most influential  line for easy of transcribing 20 questions to character sheet.
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    player2885333 reacted to Thaliak in Technique Typos   
    In Fury of Osano-Wo (page 125), there is extra text in "With a sudden, harsh incantation and a downward gesture or gaze, a shugenja trained in the invocation call the Fury of Osano-wo can conjure a bolt of lightning to strike foes with a powerful blast." Consider "With a sudden, harsh incantation and a downward gesture or gaze, a shugenja trained in this invocation summons Osano-wo's fury, conjuring a bolt of lightning to strike their foe with a powerful blast."
    Also, the second New Opportunity says "Each target and other character at Range 0-2 of the target..." The technique only targets one enemy and has no opportunities that let it affect others, so that should be "The target and any character within Range 0-2 of the target..."
    In the flavor text for Katana of Fire (page 126), insert "into" before "existence" in "burst of fire swirls existence in their grip in the shape of a sword." Also, in the New Opportunities:
    The first two opportunities run together. Please move the second to a new line. Because it's possible to create any type of weapon with the invocation by using the first opportunity, the second opportunity ("You may immediately perform a Strike action with the Katana you made") should say "weapon" instead of "katana" unless allowing a strike with any weapon would be unbalanced. I'm assuming it's fine, as Bo of Water allows a strike regardless of the form the weapon takes. In Feigned Opening (page 134), "next attack checks against each target" should be "next attack check." "Next" can't be a multiple, and "each target" makes it clear it applies to every target, not just one.
    In the technique Slippery Maneuvers (page 138):
    "Description" should be bolded, The "as" in "If you succeed and the conflict as a skirmish" should be "is." The second "you" in "If you succeed and the conflict is a mass battle, you and you cohort" should be "your." In the technique Tributaries of Trade (page 139):
    Delete the first "your" in "If you succeed, you produce an item with rarity less than or equal to your 1 plus your bonus successes." To my understanding, items only have one cost, their value in koku. If that's true, consider changing the "costs" in "you must still pay the costs of the item" to "cost."
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    player2885333 reacted to Tashiro in Lethality?   
    Interesting enough, that can result in honour loss.  When you hit someone, it's supposed to be a clean, killing cut.  Causing someone to cry out in pain - or inflicting a crippling blow - is considered shameful (the former to the person hit and the person who inflicted the hit, the latter for the person who inflicted the hit).  As such, samurai are aiming for either a grazing blow (proving a point) or a clean, killing blow (to show skill and finesse).
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    player2885333 reacted to evileeyore in Lethality?   
    If you invite your Players to a game of Champions that they specifically requested because the Hero system calls out not killing PCs ever, and then go on to a kill a PC in the first session to "show them the type of game you want to run"... yeah... I chose my words for specific reasons.
    John Wick is a... mmmmm.  Polite words do not fit in my descriptions of him (I've met him at a con, he is just as .... in person as in his writings, podcasts, and videos).
    But he writes some tight, fine rules.  I have most of the systems penned by him.  He's a excellent rules crafter.  Honestly, in his own class.  I can't actually think of anyone as skilled.
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    player2885333 reacted to AK_Aramis in Beta Rules Update v1.0 and Preview Material   
    So, all thr courtiers should be unable to do anything to force peoples hand, as they have been able to do in all prior editions?
    Seriously, I think the forced breakdown should be double composure - 
    And here's why I think that.
    As a kid, and even into college, I was subjected to a lot of taunting. Sometimes sufficient to goad me to action. It was often easier to give in and act out in a controlled way before they could trigger me into psychotic rage.
    And I'm not being metaphorical - I have bipolar, and when enraged, do have psychotic breaks.
    But I've seen that sufficient badgering can force a break in others, too. Modern society is more stressful in general, than that of my parents generation, even of my youth. And I'm seeing a lot of people giving in to base impulses to curse, rage, and troll because it's much safer than getting provoked to object overt hostility.
    If there's to be a stress mechanic, it needs to have teeth. Either some point a forced resolution, or (as with duels), a potential for insta-end. I think the voluntary unmask should likewise be allowed well before that.
    Which is why I think double composure is the right point at present.
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    player2885333 reacted to TheEldarGuy in Giri-Ninjo these need a better description   
    Ninjo v Giri is strong in Japanese folklore. I was told of a Samurai that was ordered to bring someone whom he had a debt of honour toward; so he broke his own arm so that he was unable to fulfil the task, but sent others to make the attempt (also knowing the other guy would put those men in the ground), this way he felt he could keep his word to both Lord and Friend (I think he ended up committing suicide anyway, but hey, that's how they roll, right?).
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    player2885333 reacted to blut_und_glas in Sanctified Robes Sale!   
    Is the price meant to be 2 koku (i.e., double that of non-sanctified ceremonial robes) as given in the table?
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    player2885333 reacted to Magnus Grendel in A Ronin's Path   
    Given that a Shadowlands Horde is normally Strength 65, is there a reason The Horde of Kazanagan no Oni is only Strength 35? 
    Especially since it really needs to make it through three rounds of mass combat not to mess up the storyline...
    Equally, the third watchtower command's abilities are very different to the generic samurai army's cohort abilities. Is this for a reason?
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    player2885333 reacted to Magnus Grendel in Mass Combat Actions   
    Until the end of the turn? 
    Until the end of the scene?
    Until you perform a reinforce action at a different location?
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    player2885333 reacted to tokugawa77 in Shuriken Range 13   
    or maybe range 1-3.
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    player2885333 reacted to Magnus Grendel in Shuriken Range 13   
    1-3 makes more sense. It's a light enough weapon that throwing it at spear range (2) doesn't sound unreasonable, especially since the kind of individual carrying one probably won't have a range 2 melee weapon of their own.
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    player2885333 reacted to Franwax in Beta Update   
    Some other points:
    Expose à Strength or Weakness: “reduce the TN of of all scheme action checks by the character” - it was already the case in the original text, but it is not mentioned by how much the TN should be decreased. I am assuming 1. Also, duplicate “of”. 
    Several sentences in the description still only refer to weakness - should we add “or strength”?
    Finally, should there be a provision that the (dis)advantage should not be blatantly obvious? Seems like a free win to “reveal” your Lost Arm or Maimed Visage...
    Extra item in question 16 (character creation): rarity 7 or less, no restriction on the type... so anyone can start with a plated armor?
    Martial skills Air opportunities (table 3-19): “in a conflict, if this the next time you inflict...” - typo: “if this” to be removed. 
    Kakita duelist starting technique: as some other people mentioned, we should indicate what they get in lieu of Iaijutsu. 
    Iaijutsu duel (first blood): “a character must forfeit 5 glory...” - should be honor instead, I think. 
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    player2885333 reacted to Magnus Grendel in Beta Update   
    May, not my.
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    player2885333 reacted to Doji Meshou in Beta Rules Update v1.0 and Preview Material   
    I might be the only one, but I hate the term Unmasking. I think it's clunky, I think it sounds more game-mechanicy than emotionally resonant, and I think it's a poor choice in a world where actual physical masks are significant to roughly 15% of all PCs.
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    player2885333 reacted to Kakita Onimaru in Beta Rules Update v1.0 and Preview Material   
    Please do not tell me you guys expect us to try to navigate 2 pdfs going line-by-line......
    Listen, if someone want to send me a copy on the InDesign files I'll go ahead and format the book with the edits in it. I have a convention next week but will I do it myself once that is over. 
    (EDIT: Actually, I could probably knock it out this weekend)

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    player2885333 reacted to AK_Aramis in Ticky-tack edits   
    Rise, Flame (p. 226) is missing a duration. Probably 1+Bonus Successes like the other Rise, X...
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    player2885333 reacted to TheVeteranSergeant in Shinjo Outrider   
    They're supposed to borrow them from the Akodo who has a bow and arrows but no Ranged skill.
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    player2885333 reacted to Magnus Grendel in Shinjo Outrider   
    Is there a reason Shinjo Outriders have a Yumi but no arrows?
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    player2885333 reacted to Magnus Grendel in Pelting Hail and Shinjo Outrider   
    i.e. Shinjo Outriders can get it at rank 1, for anyone else (with access to Kata techniques, anyway) it's a rank 2 technique.
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    player2885333 reacted to Moribund in Sanctification Technique?   
    Two schools, Isawa Elementalist and Iuchi Meishodo Master, list Sanctification in their advancement table.  No such technique is described in the document. Possibly one of the rituals changed names and the table wasn't updated.
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    player2885333 reacted to Magnus Grendel in Iaijutsu opportunities   
    Regardless of any debate whether Iaijutsu is a good technique:
    P108: Iaijutsu Opportunities
    P98: Martial Skills
    I get that re-sheathing the weapon is more useful to an Iaijutsu practitioner, but you're giving him an opportunity which he already has and charging him at twice the cost, and since it's *+, it's not like he even has the chance to sheath both weapons for *** when a normal samurai could only sheath one.
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    player2885333 reacted to Ikoma Sentan in Potential Mistakes in the Text   
    More Potential Mistakes:
    5. According to the rules for Artisan skills, you can use a Water Opportunity to remove Razor-Edged from a weapon when modifying that weapon with an Artisan skill (pg 82). This seems to suggest that one could remove the Razor-Edged from a Katana (and other edged weapons) while still retaining the weapons utility. The only downside seems to be that Iaijutsu (and maybe some other Techniques later down the line) will require the use of a Razor-Edged weapon, and so if you removed Razor-Edged from the Katana you could not Iaijutsu Strike. Is this intended? Is modifying your blade in this way dishonorable? Surely it doesn't make the weapon entirely dull, since one could remove Razor-Edged from Knives and the Knives would still be quite useful (suggesting that the Knives still have some edged bite to them). The ability to remove Razor-Edged seems really powerful, given how important it is to avoid breaking one's primary weapons of choice. Are we really supposed to be able to just remove it by succeeded at a single Artisan (Water) roll?
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    player2885333 reacted to Ikoma Sentan in Potential Mistakes in the Text   
    1. The Current Beta Rulebook does not have conversion rates between the various currencies of Rokugan. It does not tell me how many Zeni there are in a Bu, or how many Bu in a Koku. (Looking at other posts, they seem to agree that conversion rates are not in the book).
    2. The Paragon of Bushido Distinction (pg 65) tells us that one could be a Paragon of "Courage (Fire), Propriety (Air), Compassion (Water), Loyalty (Earth), Justice (Void), Mindfulness (Void), Truth (Void).", but these do not actually match up with the tenets of Bushido. In contrast, the Disdain for a Bushido Tenet Adversity (pg 70) tells us that one could disdain "Courage (Fire), Courtesy (Air), Compassion (Water), Loyalty (Earth), Righteousness (Void), Honor (Void), Sincerity (Void)."
    3. Certain Schools say that the purchase of higher-level Techniques (which are designated for ranks higher than one's school rank) can be used to help advance up in School Rank. For instance, the Rank 2 Technique Iron Forest Style is supposed to help Rank 1 Akodo Bushis reach rank 2 (pg 52). Yet, these higher-level techniques cannot be bought at one's current school rank, and there appears to be nothing in the book that says these rank-advancing techniques are an exception. I presume they are meant to be an exception, but something should clearly state them to be such.
    4. I am unsure as to whether this is a genuine mistake, but it appears as if one can use multiple of the Rank 2 "Style" techniques at the same time. For instance, if I am wielding two weapons (each in a one-handed grip), I can be both in Spinning Blades Style and Veiled Menace Style. Am I supposed to be imagining these "Styles" as complete ways of approaching the fight, or are they meant to just loosely categorize the way one is approaching the fight such that one could reasonable in multiple "Styles" at once? When I attack while dual-wielding in this way, against an unaware opponent, and I get 3+ opportunities, the book as written seems to say that I can use those opportunities to activate both "Style" techniques. Is this intended, or are styles meant to be incompatible with one another?
    Not sure if this is the right way to go about pointing out potential errors. Please tell me if I've made any mistakes myself.
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    player2885333 reacted to Ikoma Sentan in Symbols on Dice   
    While we are commenting on the symbols, I would like it very much if they added a gray text box explaining what each of the symbols was (cherry blossom petal, chrysanthemum flower, migi hitotsudomoe, and migi mitsudomoe), and how its meaning relates to L5R. 
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    player2885333 reacted to Drudenfusz in Oppotunities need Streamling!   
    There are too many tables of what one can do with oppotunities. It it doesn't get better that these then are also have sub-categories for rings and what have you. The game needs much streamlinging in that regard. One main guideline on how Opportunities can be used, like say the raises where managable in 4th edition. So, maybe give various uses keywards instead of every technique having their own special table.
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