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  1. I was also puzzled about what went in the stance spaces, and like @Tonbo Karasu settled on copying the Ring values from the narrative-mode sheet. I do hope the final rules include a sample filled-out sheet showing what goes where; that's always a good teaching tool.
  2. Previously posted by @shosuko:
  3. On the second page of the four-page Twenty Questions Worksheet (p. 230 of the beta rules), question 10 reads, "What holds your characters back the most in life?" This should read, "What holds your character back the most in life?" (emphasis added in both cases). On the third page of the worksheet (p. 231 of the beta rules), question 12 has a box marked "Adversity (1)"; this should be "Anxiety (1)" per the question 12 entry (p. 41, column 1, third paragraph), which says, "Choose one anxiety disadvantage for your character."
  4. I'd prefer to change the duel objectives, since adding damage to critical strikes will change the whole injury system. Changing the objectives doesn't have knock-on effects elsewhere in the rules.
  5. Good catch! It looks to me as though the same problem occurs in a Duel with the To First Strike objective (p. 160, column 1), since you win by dealing 1 or more damage to your foe and since the Finishing Blow (p. 162, sidebar) doesn't deal any damage. (It deals a critical strike, but as far as I can tell those don't do any damage either.) So a Finishing Blow is only useful in a Duel with the To the Death objective?
  6. In the description of the Lost Memories disadvantage (p. 71, column 2, paragraph 11), "You significant have gaps in your memory" should be "You have significant gaps in your memory" (emphasis added).
  7. This is fairly petty, but in the Incurable Illness disadvantage description (p. 71, column 1, paragraph 3), "cutting your stamina short" should probably just be "reducing your stamina". Stamina isn't usually length-based, even as a metaphor, so "cutting it short" doesn't really make much sense.
  8. Indeed it should. Good catch!
  9. In the Expose a Weakness outburst description (p. 17, column 1, paragraph 6), the penultimate sentence says, "Until the end of the scheme, reduce the TN of Scheme checks made by the character who exposed their weakness." It doesn't say by how much the TN should be reduced; I assume it's by 1, as an inverse to the effect listed for the Shut Down outburst in the second column on the same page.
  10. In the Ever-Changing Waves technique's "Effects" subsection (p. 129, column 1, paragraph 11), the last sentence says, "…you suffer a critical hit with severity 5…" (emphasis added). Everywhere else the book uses "critical strike" instead of "critical hit".
  11. Or just made the app free for the duration of the beta test, and then charge for folks who want to keep using it. I suspect that's technically feasible, and it would let people try out the app as well as the game without a financial commitment.
  12. In the Mass Battles section on pp. 172–177, and especially in the "Resolution" sub-section on p. 176, I'm a bit confused by the use of "routed" to describe an army which suffers casualties exceeding its strength. In most sources, an army which is "routed" is one which is dispersed and put to flight, fleeing wildly, rather than one which is cut to pieces on the field; as such, it seems the term would be better used to describe an army whose panic exceeds its discipline. I'd suggest "destroyed" to describe the casualties > strength outcome, and move "routed" to describe the panic > discipline outcome. Unless there's some history of using the term this way from older editions of the RPG? (I haven't played previous editions, so may be clueless here.)
  13. I'm sad to see FFG charging for the dice app during the beta period. I think it would make beta-testing a lot easier if the app were free until the conclusion of the beta period; if the game and app both turn out to be worthwhile, players who've grown used to it will happily pay the $4.99 price. As things stand, I can't imagine that the players in my RPG group will be excited to pay for an unproven app for an unproven RPG, with the result that we will probably not do much testing of the dice mechanics. (Assembling the custom dice by hand seems like way too much effort to bring the game to the table.)
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