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  1. Agreed. This kind of thing should be put on a downloadable character sheet of sorts.
  2. Honestly, 4th ed without optional rules, was lethal but never was the way people say it is. Earth 2 was bad, but you could take 2 hits. Earth 3 would go a long to way to you being able to be hit and still be a good fighter (you had penalties when you were wounded). And Myamoto Musashi against a level 1 bandit would'nt be hit. Unless the bandit exploded a couple of 10's in his attack and then exploded more than a couple on his damage roll. completely unlikely. I would be happy if the lethality was around the 4th ed level. Combat was quick and dangerous but not so much.
  3. Yes, Putting the sword back on the saya (like in 1st ed) cost 2 opportunities, so you have to choose, critical strike or looking cool? Considering that Kakita Bushi's earn benefits to critical strikes. I know what would be my choice. Duels are one versus one battle, not iaijutsu duels on this edition, they are not first to strike win, like in the past. And basically the only way that i see Iaijutsu becoming something nice for Crane characters, is if they make a exclusive iaijutsu technique to the Crane that is mechanically good. Even if, lets say, a Kakita bushi would apply his school rank to the severity of the katana in an iaijutsu strike (Right now, he doesnt), i would still prefer striking as air or another more defensive action instead of more damage.
  4. I agree with you and thats why i call it situational. You use it on "trash", not on someone who is actually dangerous to your powerfull samurai. But also you can just be a Akodo and shout real loud once per session to inflict Daze in everyone hostile (important distinction) to you inside of your school rank range bands. (with opportunity being spent to give free attacks) (TN 1)
  5. Dont feel like it, movement feels pretty clunk. Its easier to close range than to get away from your opponent, you dont have a "sprint" action and the Charge action with enough rings and fitness will probably be easy to accomplish and will just destroy the concept of range bands.
  6. Problem right now is that im not sure how "good" someone gets. The active defense of: Crescent moon style + Air Stance + Guard or Center spam is looking cancerous to say the least if we gonna keep only five dices. (And you can do that on a kakita with 2xp, 1 hour of game if you follow book suggestion.) Aside from that, Upper level techniques having higher TN will make the player just ignore then and go for the 2tn's one. i think. a good example is the Kakita Rank 6,i would consider situational at best instead of a "wow rank 6 technique".
  7. Since i mostly play Bushi (despite being social bushi most of time, instead of a complete rude) i gonna comment about bushi schools. Shiba Bushi and Hida Bushi have acess to exclusive kata (Both to me are pretty good and its in the scope of what the school should do.). If the kata list right now is not final and every school is getting a few exclusive katas or others Techniques, i think its fine. I think most of these school ranks, both 1 and 6 will have to be revised. Hida bushi is encouraged to not use the earth stance (opposite of what you would expect). Akodo's gonna avoid clashes like the plague. Kakita criticals are better than other criticals, but they dont have an easier time triggering then. and Shinjo i cant really understand. If the character is mounted can him reduce the TN of an attack by its school rank? Once per scene shinjo outriders are going to be brutal. and their rank 6 is just silly, horse magical travel should stay in videogames. The same would go for other schools honestly, if they all have acess to exclusive Shuji's or techniques, that would be better than learning stuff when you advance ranks.
  8. Unless you are incapacitated, wounds do not give you any penalty. Conditions are mostly inflicted by critical strikes. So... i Think being able to withstand attacks is going to be much stronger than going first and attacking.
  9. They should make extra successes in the attack increase the severity of the weapon. Or something to go along, even a kakita bushi rank 3 may not end the fight with a lucky crit due to a fitness roll. (And then he can be countered by earth stance). The way the rules stand as of right now, an Hida Bushi is strangely not encouraged to be on earth stance, since his Rank 1 is decreasing severity, never using your rank 1 (unless you were already beaten) seems counter-productive.
  10. There is the crescent moon style, no penaltys to your attack, but you need to roll 1 opportunity dice to be able to counter attack.
  11. Also just being in Earth stance stop the enemy from blowing opportunity dices to create a critical strike. So a bushi fighting on Earth Stance will only suffer criticals due to autocrit techniques or if he is incapacitated (In other words, he will only suffer criticals if he was already beaten). Yeah, lethality is not a thing.
  12. Doji Diplomat can choose other ring to put in place of the wasted air point. Same thing will happen to Hida Hida Bushi, i think, but with the earth ring
  13. I disagree, what makes you a "expert swordsmen" is not getting hit and being able to open your opponent. Two experts facing each other should be a slow fight where no one wants to make the first mistake. Right now, an expert swordsman on the game just hit more.
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