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  1. Its Harder, that is pretty much a fact. Not having penaltys to go with your health/wounds also make goes a long way. you can take some fluke hit and fight back, instead of taking a +10 or +15 TN due to your injury. How much less lethal we will discover with actual play test. and then we can give our feedback and see if changes are necessary or not. Until we start playing. we are all theory.
  2. The way i see it. You want to make your enemy have a outburst specifically because the combat is not lethal. Its easier to piss him off than to damage him. Specially if they kept the fact that duels use Katanas and some Crabs appear on duel day with heavy armor.
  3. I disagree, i also hate when players die if im GM. i hate losing my characters and hate see people losing theirs. But i still think its part of the game. So i prefer having the chance of players characters dying rather easy than making everyone else hard to kill. right now, swords arent looking that dangerous to courtiers. much less some bushi.
  4. You just need to expend the xp on related stuffs to advance. if some guy decides to buy just one kata and blow it the rest of his xp in rings, he would still advance. you are not forced to buy something. School difference has potential to be something real with exclusive katas instead of due to school ranks.
  5. I would'nt describe pulling every fiber of your body and raising up against all adversity to being able to keep fighting (and spending a void point for that) as "Taking a breath". You can only use if you are incapacitated and once per scene. Like i said on all of my posts. Wounds are Wounds right now. They are not tempo, will or similar. In fluff or system. Edit: Curiously enough, another game where wounds work just like you imagine it works with this beta edition, there is one action called "Take a breath" that literally restores your health in accord to your successes. Its just that a simple action. Not something special that you can use once per scene to raise and fight again at the cost of a void point (that is looking more rare than the 4th edition, since you begin only with one and dont get points by a good night rest.)
  6. The way the game chassis was built. Personally. I dont think there is a good way to do it. It would need a entire system overhaul. Specially because Skirmishes, Duel and Clashes are conflicts, instead of something separated, so this passive defense would have to apply to conversations and even games. But maybe someone has better ideas than me and could share them. (i dont really see how every character having a tn to hit bogs down the game. At least it wont bog down more than debating with your gm if your narrative advantages and disadvantages apply to every single thing you do, Figuring out how to use your opportunity and then debating with the gm if its possible and a lot of other narrative things.)
  7. Wounds are wounds. not "tempo" as you guys are saying or will or even health points. . if it were they proper way to deal with it would be regenerating them after the scene. "Wounds represent minor cuts, bruises, and abrasions that result from damage." "After a full night’s rest, a character heals a number of wounds equal to two times their Water Ring." Its literally written. His Shihan(or whatever) wouldnt beat you up and go to bed in pain. He would beat you efortless and be ready to beat someone else. Thats the argument of people who wants a passive defense. I am in favor of a passive defense, i do not expect it tough. the game is in "beta", I doubt that they will change much in the system. we may help more with balance if anything.
  8. Courtiers can also learn katas. is way less school/class based than before.
  9. Clan + School + Family + how does your character stand out in the school. An Akodo bushi ends up with 3 Water 3 Earth 2 something you choose.
  10. i watched the video on the other thread! I agree its cool and all but i just dont think that it should actually add severity. There is a difference between being in a ready stance with a strong grip in two hands and drawing the weapon. And besides, if you could tell the GM "Hey im drawing with 2 hands to do more damage". Why would someone draw with only one hand?
  11. Thanks! Good to hear about actual play test. And yeah, Heavy Armor + Striking as earth + critical strike immunity is looking pretty strong. Im guessing that the only good answer for this is the Heart Piercing Strike to force a critical. (and then Hida's can just shrug it off anyway)
  12. And why the kakita or anyone else would use iaijutsu on the duel? Specially if he thinks its a bad maneuver? Edit: I specifically said that they wouldnt fight using iaijutsu and sheating their katana every turn, like in the past, and i do agree with the Rules as written. an draw with two hands (with strengh enough to increase severity) would be weird. There is a kata for dual wield. 2opp = weapon damage. So im guessing Mirumoto will have a exclusive kata doing something different with the second sword.
  13. There is zero rules forcing a kakita to use one hand. They dont fight by sheating and drawing their katana since first edition and this is pretty much, not a iaijutsu duel. (and if it was, everyone would be using weapons in one handed). And anyway, im not a Finishing blow lover like most of the people here. It just works because in this system is easier to irritate someone than actually beat him to death. Edit:Mirumoto bushi are the ones forced to use a sword with one hand. Due to obvious dual wield. is there any dual wield rules in the beta by the way? this is a important stuff, shame that they didnt think this through and just posted the mirumoto bushi school on the Beta.
  14. I dont really like this trend of modern narrative rpg were "something bad happening to your character is good!" Void to me has much more to do about if you are centered and focused. Instead of karma or "use opportunity to check for supernatural!" But i'm coming from 4th ed, so im obviously biased.
  15. Agreed. its a bit strange reading the air shuji and then noticing the first one is a rank 2 and the second is a rank 5. Ordering by rank would make it more natural.
  16. Wounds are literally wounds, minor cuts and things, by the fluff text. is not HP like in a D&D game. and it takes days to recover. So i dont think it should change, nor i think its deluding people.
  17. Thanks. solid numbers. Can you tell how rings and skill scales? lets say how much better is a Ring 3 Skill 3 (Capable in ring and professionaly skilled, by the fluff) compared to a ring 2 skill 1.
  18. True!. Havent noticed that. Also you dont increase your severity, you increase the severity that the target suffers. Honestly, might be decent if you are on top of someone with two or three allies. Otherwise is a risk investment. Certainly is not a lethality answer... to me anyway.
  19. I found it funny that they gave kakita a cap ability that was made to specifically not work on duels.
  20. How often do you get critical strikes on this system? On newbies samurais and on rank 5 samurais? Because a funny thing is that "Striking as fire increase your severity!!!" except that it only last one turn, meaning that it only works if you increase severity on the first attack and then get a critical on the second. i dont think that a player has this kind of knowledge (Im gonna roll a critical on the next strike, so i will use this turn to buff it!). And i mean, if you strike as fire and get 2 opportunities, why would you increase your severity by 2 and risk losing it in the next turn instead of hurting your opponent? Seems better to just hit a critical strike and make your opponent roll for it, put pressure on him. I should point out, that while striking as fire is not consistent. The others striking as are pretty much it. You can plan when to use it and how to use it.
  21. I think that this is a myth, just like the "Peasant can kill you in 4ed!" 4th edition Kakita rank 1 just give you 1 void (+school rank that is a marginal bonus that may be important). So if two samurai go duel and both have Void 2, The kakita will have the advantage. After a while the arguably strongest thing they unlock is needing a +3 instead of a +5 to get raises or beat your opponent (Another small increase, that may set things upon your favor.) If the duel of this example was a Kakita rank 1 x Shiba rank 1, the only literal bonus to the kakita would be a +1 (since the shiba would spend void on the most important roll of the duel, the one that decides who strike first) But you see, in the fantasy Kakita was the one that invented the Iaijutsu duel, the Kakita Bushi are the masters of it, Giving advantages to a Kakita Bushi in iaijutsu or duel mechanics should be a obvious thing. Right now they have none. And im not too sure about how good mechanically is increasing Severity based on your school rank. Right now, my opinion is that it doesnt really fit on what i would expect to a school that, based on this edition fluff. "Dont ignore other arts but focus on iaijutsu" a Rank 5 Kakita right now is looking at severity 10 on a iaijutsu critical strike and a severity of 8 firing a bow. (Curiously, the 4th edition also made Kakita good archers, due to the center stance.) And as of now a duel and a clash is the samething, except that a clash happens in the mid of a skirmish. Duels are not a Single blink fast strike. a Duel to first strike on the duel rules are there to represent practice duels (You dont even use your katana, by the fluff they wrote), the official means to settle disputes on this rpg is duel to first blood. Which is just two guys either beating each other or trying to frustate the other.
  22. I actually saw it. I just dont think its a effective way to do it and more important than what i think, its literally the only way to try and keep others in range. There is no clever move or distance management that you would have in GURPS as an example.
  23. Think concealed armor should be 3. just this would fix it i think. And yeah against heavy armor you need extra sucess to do a bit of damage and no i dont think that lacquered armor should have the cumbersome "quality". Otherwise everyone would prefer Plate. Since the only drawback of heavy armor right now is the Cumbersome tag. And yes saying that the combat is not as lethal as before is a understatement. Some characters may be able to take more punishment than a D&D Barbarian in a turn by turn comparison.
  24. Oh that what this means? Thanks! had the same doubt.
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