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  1. problem with that, is that, if it was me playing, i would prefer a critical strike that makes you unconscious (This way you cant explode dice and kill me) than a critical strike that puts dying and bleeding in you (which is a few points higher and should be better.) You can choose the dice you keep so you can avoid strife (you can still receive strife by the opponet, of course) anyway. But thats true, it does works as a penalty, since you know, Strife is something really common.
  2. Yeah. But i will repeat what i said. we can give feedback on what we have. Not on what we suppose we will get They could launch the game with this being the only iaijutsu option. Does it seems mostly pointless to you now? There are plenty of 3xp kata that are much more useful. (warrior resolve and pretty much all of the striking as.)
  3. Yeah i know, i pictured that scene too. And in particular one know game designer would love that this was the case lol. I'm okay with taking the simple approach of any blunt weapons working, maybe the damage for missing cant be superior than the damage to actually succeeding? think that would settle the cup problem.
  4. I think range bands are too simple, and by being simple, they wont really offer the advantages of reach that you get on real life. There are katas for trying to keep someone at bay (i also think that this is not really a good way to do it.). There is other condition on criticals that can help you in keeping range, Water stance will give you one extra movement. So there is those little things.
  5. Yeah i know. worst part to me is making plated armor with resistance 6 and without cumbersome. ( I actually played with some house rules on 4thed so artisan characters could craft and upgrade equipment. while its great that we have something on RAW, its looking too simple.)
  6. A Kakita blade is something completely rare. Its a honor to have one. its not really a fix to iaijutsu. (as it stands right now). But yeah im hoping for even more techniques and clan specific techniques. (which is kind of bad since we wont be able to playtest and give balance feedback on these)
  7. You mean Rushing Avalanche? dont really like the minimum damage and maximum deadliness suggestion. and i personally dont think that a staff is a HEAVY BLUNT weapon And the problem with saying just "blunt weapons" is that this means you could use it with lots of improved weapons. (which would make a cup more damaging than a katana in the hands of a rank 5 character.)
  8. Right now a problem allowed by this mechanics, is that with dying condition you can still perform actions, so right now its totally possible that your enemy gives you a finishing strike, put you in the Dying condition then with no penalties he actually manages to kill you before the time ticking off. You know, since the duel didnt finished.
  9. Particularly i would enjoy seeing armor being more protective against critical strike (maybe forcing you to do 1 wound if you want to critical.) But yeah, good job picking that up, if you strike then critical and a break happens, the severity is normal. If you strike, the weapon breaks and the critical happens, the severity is closer to 0 (Well, lets face it the guy can be a kakita i suppose). Hard to know how should go.
  10. Curiously at Severity 11 you make your enemy unconscious (which is a big deal) and at 12-13, 14-15. he just becomes a time bomb. I think i got what they are trying to do here in.(Fluff wise it does seem cooler to have your enemy dying awake instead of lying in the ground.) But you are right, rules as written the Dying or the unconscious condition wont finish the duel. (at least, not by itself).
  11. Not being affected by opportunities in the court is also pretty strong. You are blocking possibly a lot of actions from other courtiers against you. It just happens that we end up focusing more on combat and people dying than the more important part of the game (In my case, since i mostly played Bushi, there is a obvious reason.)
  12. Ok. Testing the game and seeing how reliable a critical strike is to more skilled fighters, this doubt about the effectiveness of armor (Heavy armor) came up. Can i do zero damage, break my katana against the lacquered armor of my opponent, use my 2 opportunities and still critical strike him?
  13. Well... Air stance increase the tn to target you by 1. The thing more in line with this is making every opportunity that target you cost 1 opportunity more. So a critical would be 3 Opportunities (I guess that advanced bushis will still hit this pretty reliable... but thats also true to a bushi in air stance so...) Removing armor with striking as water would cost 2 opportunities and so on. i Think Earth Stance would be pretty reliable against your regular bandits and so on, and just a complication against more advanced bushis (instead of straight away blocking opportunities from them.) But i dont know for what they are aiming, if being balanced compared to air stance is what they want or if they really want a super defensive stance that you can fall back to if you are really worried.
  14. Its for every conflict, so if you have bitter bethrotal, always have a friend by your side. your wife wont give you a hard time if he is in earth stance. My friend here has a Gaijin name? who cares, i got his back. im in earth stance. Crab are the best bro's. no doubt about it.
  15. He is not removing options, he is asking for techniques that give advantage to Kakita in duel (Similar to techniques that make a Shiba a better Yojimbo and a Hida better at hunting a giant oni. I also hope for a few exclusive dual wield techniques to the Mirumoto, as an example.) And yeah fire opportunity is a strong thing to "fish" in duels. Answering Crimsom_Red: When you make the Assesment check (initiative) both duelists decide their stance (if you roll earth you are in earth.) The bonus of being first in the first turn, i guess its that you can attack before the opponent makes a defensive action (like center) himself. So if you think you can damage him well, i suppose its a nice starting advantage.
  16. With incapacitated you already cant act. So yeah. Its close to getting 0 HP on a videogame (And then attacking someone with 0 hp is easy, thus critical strike.)
  17. By RAW and mechanically. Yes, pretty much. but its probable that they will do some narrative cop out like "Ask your GM about it." (By the way i dont really liked the assesment bonus things, in a intrigue the fire one as an example, looks really strong. i would enjoy more if your assesment would only decide your starting stance, which is also important.)
  18. Personally i feel that a couple of skill points to put on whatever you want are needed. Dont like the heritage random roll, since more than a few of my character concepts started by thinking on his heritage (And here after you did everything else, that you discover his ancestry). One adversity is kind of fine, having to start with two feels wrong. Specially if you want to follow other edition and use the starting character as a 13 year old who just came from genpuku. Thats what i felt from character creation and anyway, yeah duels suck.
  19. Honestly, money is not a problem... As presented what is breaking and what can break more often its obviously the Katana and to lesser extent the Wakizashi. This was something that could happen in 4th ed too, now we just have a more clear mechanic to it. And remember how attuned to the Daisho a Bushi is, Breaking or losing it is a huge dishonor, its shameful. Thats the deal on the setting, thats why breaking your weapon is a actual bad thing. If you think you wont be able to damage your opponent with only 2 success. You can just choose to miss attack and then only keeping dices when you roll for 4 success and 2 opportunities to do some damage and a critical strike.
  20. If i were a Kakita i would rather commit seppukku than dual wield. What if some Mirumoto see it and tell everyone? But yeah, This is some kind of option to a Lion Kensai or a Mirumoto Bushi. probably more to the Lion, i think on the battlefield the Mirumoto would always be dual wielding. And i still prefer a critical strike than sheating my katana or wakizashi, since i'am attacking the guy to beat him (i suppose).
  21. True, Fire is just as good and possibly better. Unless we are talking about a complete rng luck. I think center and guard tn will get really high (Which would be okay, if you couldnt attack. but... Crescent Moon Style). I Liked. Due to the penaltys, Bushis could resolve a battle in one strike, even if he was far from dead, his TN were just so high that he wouldnt be as dangerous. But your actions were dependent on who you are facing and everything, it was not. Start First > Attack first and win. This is coming from someone that played a lot of Bayushi Bushi and Kakita Bushi (going first as usual to me). Stance Dancing was a bit cheesy but i loved how often i would be able to get the center stance bonus on my Kakita. Any way on 4th ed, i was more focused on not getting stabbed, so missing attacks wasnt something usual to me. (Later with Earth 3 you can become a bit more bold, but with Earth 2, not really.)
  22. Disagree a bit. Right now the only good kata to increase TN is Striking as air. Then you obviously need to be in Air Stance to have more than 2 TN. While a Courtier may not have bought the Crescent Moon Style so he can make his defence an attack. (and thus become really dangerous.) He will use tactics on a guard action to increase TN. Since 2 success is something really achievable we are looking at TN 5. (a pretty much hard difficult to hit without lucky exploding dices.) After rolling dices, i do think combat is more dangerous than i foresaw it. But i still believe that the classic bandit attack on the road is pretty much less dangerous, an courtier can turtle it out while the Bushi fulfill their jobs. (And then if they are not being attacked themselves, they can help with support actions and even with some Shuji's i guess.).
  23. I meant through wounds. But yeah, you are pretty much right. To more skilled characters, it seems that critical strikes can happen literally every turn. Making injuries more common(and then penalties), Striking as Fire becomes reliable(since i doubted it before) and Kakita and Hida rank 1 becomes impressive (since it comes in play really often). My doubts are more going to specific things right now, as seen in other threads, Earth Stance and Air Stance + Guard or center spam.
  24. Yeah, Fire stance only triggers when you have success on the task. Its actually pretty good, i was chocked on how much Strife you get along successes. But then if you fail the TN by 1, all those Strife go to waste, stance of inches.
  25. Yeah Akodo has a pretty good school rank (and specially a good way to get rid of Strife.) In particular i dont like because encourage Akodo players to run from Clashes and Duels like the plague. They are this unstopable force fighting against someone in a skirmish, but if singled out they lose their mojo. Anyway after some rolls, Despite Earth Stance literally being a counter to Striking as Fire. You get more Strife than opportunitys on your rolls (And success with Strife). so the fire stance actually improves the damage output, which helps breaking through the armor. Im guessing that the fire stance is countered by the air stance and guard in general (increasing success you need to hit and making you waste your generated Strife). and Air Stance x Earth Stance is an combat so exciting that will make you sleep. My doubt now is really if being immune to critical strike is over the top or not.
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