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  1. At chargen you dont have many options and later i think it gets better and you can try more stuff. But like i said. "you can suffer auto criticals or get beaten down in Earth Stance." Yeah if you could'nt get beaten down in Earth Stance, I think everyone would agree that this would make it a bit stronger than it should. (to say the minimum.) But critical strikes are looking so common, to a skilled character(at least) that shutting them down is kind of a big deal (and then i would do just like you said, put everything in the hands of the Dice gods, go big damage or go home).
  2. If high water (or an combination of rings) improved your base movement. i think range would be more abuseable and this kind of tactic would work better. (just with movement x reach alone). But this is a Earth Stance thread, sorry for disrupting.
  3. I thinking they are trying to give a different name to the "upgraded" condition? but not really sure on their intent.
  4. "When a character sets their stance (at the start of their turn), they may move up to two range bands. At the end of their turn, if a character hasnot moved already during their turn, the character may move up to one range band." You are taking for granted that your character actually has an "end of turn movement".
  5. Activation: As a Movement action, you may make a TN 2 Fitness check to move extra range bands. Its a movement and its a action. you cant move one range band after your charge action because you didnt moved. thats just silly. Edit:Better way to explain. Is not dash from D&D that gives you more movement to use in any way you want. its more movement for your original movement.
  6. Guess would be good a clarification. Lots of things we are supposed to determine. Others are set in stone. Would be nice to know how they want it to work. What i meant is. a charge action is used to move range bands. (And they mean in one direction, they didnt designed so you could run in circles.) If at the start of your turn you are at range 1. you charge, end of the action you are still at range band 1 (which means you can spend opp to deal base damage without attacking.) You really didnt moved did you? you really didnt charged mechanically. It makes no sense.
  7. Charge is a movement action. you cant do that AtoMaki. (at least, by what i understand.) Being prone is a condition. its literally listed under "conditions."
  8. Agree with atomaki. The dice being custom is an inconvenience (At least in my opinion, certainly to FFG its not for obvious reasons.), But not a problem for the system.
  9. Take that earth stance! if i actually do nothing to you i can do something to you!
  10. Actually no. Earth Stance means people cant use opportunities against you. It doesnt means that you have actions blocked. You cant take criticals but you will dish criticals. You cant take strife by the guy in fire stance, because that is a "Persistent effect". You cant suffer other opportunities. The fire guy literally cant give you strife, and cant crit you unless he use a auto crit technique (like heartpiercing or hitting you after incapacitated.) And Enraged dont really nerf you, specially in the Earth Stance, its not like you want to be incapacitated anyway. having an outburst in a skirmish is not a big deal, its more worrying if you want your character to fight cool and collected instead of going for blood like a savage. Quoting Earth Stance, since people are thinking its only useful for combat or for critical strikes. "When other characters make Attack action checks and Scheme action checks that target you, they cannot spend opportunity to inflict critical strikes, conditions, or persistent effects on you."
  11. Why ninja? why not a great duelist? or a archer? Every ring is important and everyone will eventually buy them. Buying skills and techniques is what will make the difference between characters. (One of the reasons that i think a skill system more like 4th edition would be actually better than this simple version that we got on this beta.)
  12. Striking as fire is reliable. i conceded to that after play testing. More skill and rings dont change drastically the amount of success (Except on those crazy explosions that we know off) But make less strife or more oportunitties more reliable. With Ring 3 and Skill 3 you are good to go, critical strike wise.
  13. I dont know how to talk what i think about duels. in all honesty. I cant find a way to make a cohesive text in english to describe it. So sorry for the entire post. On a 4x3 fight where everyone is locked with one opponent (except a unlucky guy that is facing 2 persons) you have skirmish rules. Finishing blows dont exist, Akodos are awesome. If soomeone stakes honor, the rules change, now strife is bad and because of this, the Akodo either feels the pressure or has amnesia. Legend of Five Rings only has rules to duels because IT IS A RITUALIZED DUEL. In setting and Mechanically. Now its only "ritualized" because they said it is. In fact the mechanics support a duel being so much ritualized, that the clash rules are basically the same. i think they just cut the scoring thing sideboard that i dont see any GM that i know using. "Okay you beat your opponent, but sorry, his objective was getting beaten down, so... you lost the duel."(Yeah we are mavericks, we ignore things we see as stupid.) Its almost feels like that the writers had fallen for the "rokugan your way thing" and actually believes that courts can settle duels in any way they want. They dont, and if the Crane were good at jumping rope, the main way to settle issues would be jumping rope. It misses the entire point of a Rokugani Duel, the FFG duel is not ritualized. First Edition was completely ritualized (You would keep sheating your weapon, waiting for the signal of being allowed to draw, and then would keep doing that until someone died, if the duel was to the death.) Fourth Edition they made the entire duel being ONE roll. You had assesment, that would give you a great bonus to the second(and important) roll You had the, see who strikes first roll (Void + Iaijutsu + Center Stance) and third, the damage roll. the damage roll WAS LITERALLY IRRELEVANT. i would spend raises to NOT HURT my opponent,i would literally SKIP the third roll and just cut his clothes or hair instead of going for damage. Being first was everything in a Iai duel. Only on a duel to the death you would actually worry about how much damage you are putting, and after that, guess what? Fourth Edition special rules ended, the rest of the battle was a skirmish. The HIda in heavy armor could grab his opponent and strangle him to death and nobody would care. (In my group, we had persons who liked more First edition. I prefer fourth because it feels more organic and give chance to non duelists to win duels to the death in virtue of being a best fighter) But yeah. Trying to finish my post now. Duel to first strike is garbage. its a initiative contest. both guys will bet the maximum of strife they can bet (Without getting close to an outburst) and roll an meditation check to see who wins. Duel to first blood you have to actually beat your opponent (WOW sounds just like a normal fight huh?) in how many strikes or turns you do that, nobody really cares it seems. And Duel to Death, you have to actually hit the guy one more time than you would in a duel to first blood, It almost feel like a completely different thing, sure. And my feeling is that yes, Iaijutsu Duels dont exist, if i didnt know a bit of the setting (i'm no expert by any means) if i hadnt played 4th Edition, i Would think that the duels are fine, its people beating each other one x one in front of others, just like a normal duel should be. i Wouldnt care about iaijutsu and i wouldnt undestand why Kakita's care so much about it. My first contact to L5R was actually reading 4th edition.(And on my opinion it did a great job on winning me over with the setting.) so i learned for example that they had a completely bizarre way to settle things (Iaijutsu duel) and that the rules to that was different, and i could create a character focused on being good at those 2 rolls (Being a duelist). My three most played characters in L5R were duelists, and funny enough, the Kakita one was the character that had fewer duels among them. On why a thread about this was just made now... I'm guessing that people is mostly thinking on iaijutsu when they read the rules for duels, because that is burned in their brains, so they try to make the mechanics fit their fantasy. The glancing blow described above, wont ever fit my head. You hit someone who has a cap of 8 wounds, you get 6 damage, that was a glancing blow? and even then, it hit didnt? and worst, its not a duel to the death, if the other guy sucks and just do a glancing blow too, sorry it was a Draw, the duel is over and it was a waste of time if they followed the setting that i know. (But maybe the setting changed? i dont read the fictions and i dont care on what FFG is doing to the card game.)
  14. First strike, by their own fluff is just a practice duel. I would say is what little cranes do in their spare time.
  15. The thing about not doing nothing for strife, and the Fire related Strife. Is... does it really matters? Outside of duel or clash i mean. I would care more about having outburst in Court than in the battlefield. Some here might even say that the Enraged condition is a straight buff to combat! And in court, if you set the earth stance up, you can still choose to get no strife. Thus avoiding Outbursts completely.
  16. Or you can just use heartpiercing strike like everyone else (Since you dont need to move at the duel) and add strife as severity. HeartPiercieng Strike uses Fire by the way, the ring of the Kakita family.
  17. Good point about the keeping and void relation!. Im not sure if you are allowed to not explode dice and not getting the extra strife that came up (as an example). Think would be good to hear someone else about this. Anyway thanks again, its really helpful!
  18. Void points are looking harder to come by , but despite that. Yeah avoiding a attack by paying void is strong. (Kakita hit a critical, spend a void, get out of the jail free card.) and then you can target another enemy of your as a bonus. Maybe the attacker can spend a void to just cancel your ability? its would still be strong, just not a 100% thing. (And then i loved 4th edition design where they really tought that minor clan had to be more specialized and ronin techniques should be worse mechanically than the great clans ones, to represent the fantasy that most player characters came from a trained elite.)
  19. I really dont see a point. a rank 6 technique being good is not a fix to iaijutsu. its a rank 6. and like you said, it works more like "Teleport behinds you, nothing personnel kid" than... welll you guessed, iaijutsu. (And then you have problems, like using void, a pretty much lackluster ring this time compared to 4th ed, that dont really help most of your combat options.). And no. i wouldnt pay the same cost to sheat my weapon instead of just critical striking my opponent and possibly winning the fight. Specially if iam a kakita and my heritage is dealing damaging critical strikes (or just cutting your clothes). The only situation of where that may apply is against earth stance. that well... you really cant spend opportunities targeting your enemy anyway, might as well look cool at least. And i agree, in the past you couldnt draw and attack unless you had Iaijutsu 3. (And then every single player character that was a bushi had rank 3) I dont think it was properly done on 4th edition, but it was so good that everyone had it, and only the duelist guy would go beyond iaijutsu 3. (You could house rule that your first attack in a turn you just drew your sword had to be with iaijutsu, that would actually be a cool way to resolve this). On this edition having a technique that is about drawing your sword and attacking is not a really usefull thing. because everyone without the technique is actually able to do that. The technique gets more application at specific situations, like RichardBuxton said, and curiously, the Kakita is looking even better as archers then. Biggest ranged severity of the game and iaijutsu making an incentive to be used when you have more than one weapon to deal with it.
  20. Once again, thanks. The only stuff that i would suggest is limiting how many dices you can click(by how many ring you have), making explosions automatic, and picking the first dice to explode, just choosing every single one of them automatically. So mostly interface stuff. But nice job with the graphic application!
  21. I dont like the actual Duel system in virtue of being completely different from what i knew. That is fluff wise. Talking mechanics, most bushis will use one Katana in a duel. Iaijutsu for them its literally useless since you can ready one weapon when you assume a stance. Sure. you can fish that one extra damage of the Iaijtsu. But like i said. I dont see myself buying something just for one damage instead of a cool benefit or option. (i know, i know it does give you range 2 despiste not moving you.) Curiously, the ones who have reason to buy iaijutsu as it stand are the dual wielders. they can ready the wakizashi, draw the katana and have both weapons out. Why they would need to waste one opportunity to draw a second weapon is something that beats me. Maybe im wrong at something and someone can point out?
  22. Sorry. I dont really understand what you are saying. And i can be wrong, but nowhere in the book i have found one paragraph that says that duels are fought with iaijustsus or even by drawing your katana. Duels is just a one x one where you will deal with legal issues and the rules work as much for wrestling as it works for spears or swords. By the book, To First Blood is the main way to settle issues. So the focus of the duel mechanics is to make a nice fight between two persons (With multiple strikes) instead of the Duel of the fourth edition where you had exactly one roll to make it or break it. you either strike first and win or you lose. There you used Iaijutsu. On this edition, you can use whatever you want, specially since "Melee skils" is a thing, not Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu and etc... A one x one fight that is not a duel is called a Clash... and is almost the same thing as a Duel.
  23. I would be okay with all skills being what is called "subskill". would prefer i think, more depth and differentiation between characters. More to spend xp at too i guess. Specially since now Skills dices are pretty good compared to 4th ed. As it stands, i agree that at least some kind of specialization bonus, to the very least, would be a good thing.
  24. You can get more strife than your kept dice actaully. Ring explosive success as an example, comes with strife. Fire stance is a really strong stance to get successes.
  25. You draw your sword by virtue of free action.... everyone can always draw a katana... Iaijutsu shouldnt be about damage increase anyway, its really not a good point about the kata.
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