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  1. Like i said before. It is indeed pointless because anyone can draw and attack (The whole point of Iaijutsu) and due to fact that it seems they changed how the formal and common duel of the setting begins (and mostly ends) with a quick iaijutsu draw. On how to make Iaijutsu a thing, They seem to be in the right direction, if we go back a few pages on this discussion, we mostly believed that there would exist more than 2 techniques focusing on Iaijutsu (Strike with no Thought and Iaijutsu are the ones currently) they seem to be going for that. On the Duel front...i still dont know what they want. Did the setting change? is their duel system wrong or its right (in relation to the canon setting.) i dont know. i actually dont know much about the state of the world after the reboot. In the past we always said that. Yeah Two unicorns might race each other(on horse) to solve disputes, Shugenja has their own casting/wizard duel. Crabs may resolve with Sumo. But if you go on a Rokugan Court and tries to settle a matter that doesnt include just your clan. it becomes a iaijutsu duel, be it to the death or not. Until i get to understand why Duels are now like this, i cant really say if adding rules for single-draw duel on a system already in place its good or not.
  2. I'm in favor of increasing how much void is avaliable (Starting with void points equal your void rings) and changing the void recovery to a full rest, doing your passion activity and similar stuff (like it was said in this thread) And then after that, you go and check everything that costs void point in the game, to make it sure it is balanced after the changes. But good point on the Water Ring. Strife removal indeed would be nicer on void.
  3. Cant answer about the way of the crane. Two handed stance does not give a bonus to weapon severity, it actually changes the weapon profile. (Its written in a way similar to this). so i believe it becomes a 14. Edit:Yeah i tought i had answered before. sorry didnt saw it was a double post/thread.
  4. i starting to think that Parry should go. There is the fact that parrying unarmed is not a bright idea, but its actually great mechanically. and a Durable katana would be disgusting in Duels. Makes it feels, that as long you have void, you can get out of really good critical strikes/Finishing Blows for free (which will make you save the void point, unless you can use to win the conflict somehow.)
  5. I disagree. i Believe that if your enemy strike will hurt you more even if he is being second (lost the initiative.) Defense and mindgames (Center is both) is a good option. Otherwise, you go for a kill, become frustated that your oponent can parry and hope that he dont return the favor in his action.
  6. I think the advantages and disadvantages are indeed pretty bad on this system. Which is funny due to the GREAT advantages that you get just by choosing clan (Wish you had more stuff on that style). But then i'm a GURPS advocate. you only need to say that my favored system has a rule for digging holes and people will pretend that this is a good argument. Obs:Its party of the system tough, what i do is accept their idea and go on with it, nothing i can do. What i would like is more flexibility to advantages and disadvantages. Should be a completely optional stuff like it is in most games and like it was in previous editions.
  7. The grip affect the weapon profile. so a Katana has deadliness 7. not 5 + 2 (Which could make a difference, if you doubled 5 first and then added 2.) I dont know about the way of the crane. If its multiplied. if you add at the final. if a Kakita rank 5 being parried has 9 severity or 4 just like anybody else. Something to make it clearer would be nice
  8. Han Solo went from low time smuggler to war hero. Any narrative can be made from any point of view, just like you did in your post and Magnus did on his. Like Nitenman said, the system should give options. I will always make a unproven young character with no achievements on Legend of five rings (unless the campaign gives more starting xp or similar) but i still think that is great to have an advantage that literally says "You are a old guy and you have seen some things.". Its an option for those who different of me, enjoy these sort of things. And im against everything Magnus said. Be it about refluffing everything for your purpose (you shouldnt need to lie to yourself to avoid something you dont want. that make it worse) or "a hero needs a villain!". "Heroes cant be rich!"
  9. Char i made had Fear of Death (best stuff if you dont know what you put it lol) and Perfeccionist. My problem is not, taking away the feeling of hero or something. My problem is that i associate a character coming out of Char gen with skills on level 1 being 13 years old and coming from Gempukku. Not dumb samurais at age 26. And anyway in older editions you could be cheesy and pickup stuff for points, but at least you could choose. it was a incentive to have flaws, here you are forced even if it doesnt fit. I mean, not one is perfect, but not everything has to become a game mechanic.
  10. How is the setup of your mock combat? Im finding the game lethal from Ring 3 Skill 3 and upwards. less dice than that, you are really dependent on luck to get a fast kill. Friendly tip: Dont try duels if you dont have another person to test with it. it will be useless, duels on this edition rely a lot on mindgames if you arent able to just finish fast in the the first/second round.
  11. As a Bushi if could choose between starting with acess to buffs,debuffs, weapons that ignore armor, mystical armors that inflict conditions without chance to resist or 3 more skills(lvl1) at char gen. what would you choose? I would pick the first one. I'm understand what you saying, Compare a Shugenja that is playing Bushi (Not necessarily a bad thing or a bad character, he is Samurai after all...) to a "conventional" Shugenja, that is buying things of his advancement table. Sure one maybe is rank 5 and the other is still on 3. The Conventional Shugenja has more invocation,options and everything, It may be even better. The problem is the comparison between Bushi and this particular Shugenja. what sets them apart? A Shugenja on lesser rank may become a better fighter, specially since you dont need to buy the whole kata list, you just need to buy what you want for your build. (to mix up with your invocations i suppose) Edit: On Bushi x Courtier differences, To me there is actually none, everyone can learn how to behave in court, everyone can learn how to fight. Its just a question of what they decided to focus on. Specially since there is a lot of characters in the setting that do both well. An Shugenja is a bit more supernatural than these two. So, yeah, i worry about it.
  12. I'm more worried with them possibly becoming better bushi than... bushi. Since you know, a Shugenja is pretty strong anyway, Right now the only thing they are losing compared to a Bushi(that im aware) is the speed that they will progress in ranks. And then this is not a D&D game, where being at lvl 4 while your party is at lvl 7 is a problem. Challenge wont scale to you. Delaying ranks will be more an inconvenience than a deal breaker.(Which is why i like for other characters and at the same time is why i have mixed feelings about Shugenja with kata.)
  13. I could see the case of someone suggesting that Way of the Crane let you increase or decrease severity at the resolution (then would be after parry). But i dont know what would be balanced and what not. Finishing strikes arent looking all that finishing at all. if i can turn your 14 Severity strike at a 4 severity strike at the cost of my katana (And then, i can have a durable katana, and be okay with it.) Of course, not spending your void point to use it is important, but you have good reason to save... since its your life you know.
  14. I'm actually dont know if there will be many more techniques or even kata. We are taking this for granted without reason at all. It may be the case that the only kata lacking is a exclusive technique to Mirumoto or/and to Daidoji schools. There is no sidebar or message from FFG (That i'm aware at least) saying that we will have more in the full game. as opposed to the School. They make it clear that a few classical schools are obviously missing (Matsu,Daidoji,Mirumoto,Asahina,Bayushi bushi to name a few). And on that case. Sure, we really should be able to see all the schools together before is finished. If they do care about feedback and want more eyes at this kind of thing. (Dont know about the 40k Beta, but well if they listened on that one, that is a good signal at least.)
  15. He didnt hesitated, he got mad. "DONT TELL ME HOW TO PLAY MY CHARACTER" remember? (Despite being able to be bullied,seduced,intimidated and everything else by receving rolls in all editions and mostly all rpgs). So he can actually just fight like a mad guy. i Dont think that a clan would... really care about it.(as long as he does his job.) Maybe the Akodo? But them the Akodo can just burn strife, they arent supposed to loose their cool in a skirmish. And then a Akodo Death Seeker going mad and dashing alone at the enemy, would be doing what they are supposed to do.
  16. Because a bushi with the physical fitness and resistance of a 8 year girl would be strange. (Remember that a ring with score 1 is bad.) And actually. Combats are fast, and if they are not there is only a single reason for it and its called Parrying. And they even work with finishing blow that everyone on this board think its so lethal. I'm actually trying to find reasons in the book to not allow a finishing blow being parried, didnt find any so far (Please do tell me if you find it, im being honest here). its also the reason i made a thread (with 0 answers so far) if its harder to parry a Kakita or not. And if it does, The Kakita get even more lethal (at rank 3 and forward) on critical strikes, by virtue of denying their opponents ways to mitigate their high number at the critical strike table.
  17. Once per scene Magnus. Congratulations, you pranked your opponent with your school rank, now you suffer a normal hit and no damage. he gets no strife. would be a shame if he did a lot of damage on you in the next turn. Just like 4th Edition, Shiba school is focused on protecting their Isawa. Check the problems of Strife in their Magic, so a Shiba could potentially make a clutch save to the Isawa. I dont like their rank 1 alone, but at least they have exclusive techniques making them good yojimbos, so i think they are fine in this edition (So far.) The Akodo is possibly the strongest. (Just make a Fire Akodo and start laughing at the damage you are dishing out every turn from rank 3 and forward) I actually would love a nerf in Akodo where their Rank 1 could be used in clashes or duels, because right now, they have reasons to avoid it like the plague, its a big power hit to that player, entering in a clash. Remember, Akodos maybe didnt like Iaijutsu duels, that was not their thing. But a 1x1 fight in the battlefield? they like that as much as anyone and maybe more. In other note, Doji diplomat will also scale in a way that makes them scary.
  18. The ninja rank 6. has the intention to facilitate stealth or kill sentrys and let your non ninja allies walk unnoposed. I actually like it, since you basically kill people that a rank 6 in theory would kill with no tought anyway. (And its fun, in terms of storytelling, would be like Jaqen H'ghar when he is helping Arya Stark escape. No one knows how you killed all these guys, but you did and in silence.) And strike with no tought also works on clashes and everything else, so it just feels strange anyway. Just like iaijutsu having range 2 while a person actually holding a sword in a good stance actually has less range.
  19. A: Kakita arent necessary duel masters. they are iaijutsu masters. You scrap one thing, guess what happens to the other? B: Fire + Air gives you Focus. Earth + Fire Gives you composure. Starting is important, being able to take strife before you kill your opponent is important too. A Kakita will have Air 3, Earth 2 and fire 2 at minimum. At chargen he can have Focus 6 (huge initiative) and Composure 10. Anyway i think all bushi schools give earth. For good reason, Kakita bushi shouldnt be different.
  20. Best min maxing scenario. is coming out of chargen with void 3. So you have three rings at 2 (which is average.) and your favorite ring at 5. Specialized yeah, but not ridiculous as a person since you are at most average in stuff instead of straight incompetent. most common min maxing scenario that people can do if they want is. Best ring at five, second ring at 3, void ring at 3. and the rest at 2. But i honestly dont think that a balanced character wouldnt be good. you do gain lots of options with more rings in this game.
  21. "When you inflict a critical strike, you may increase or decrease its severity by an amount up to your school rank." Does the Crane impact severity after being parried? or does it becomes severity 4 or 9 in all cases?
  22. He can actually attack anyone in his sight range (range six). "Im tired of this battle. Kakita drops his naginata on the ground and look at the General, safe in the back line". Moves two range bands before his action. (therefore, range 4) Action:Strike with no tought. "Nothing personal, Kid." (Funny enough, he can just run away now, if everyone around the general is dumbfounded about it.)
  23. I'm actually thinking on having a duel with a blind arbiter. That would be fun.
  24. Im looking more at. No such thing as "smithing" but Armor smithing, weapon smithing, some siege related smithing. They already created the subskills, and gave you the option, but they dont really support it. i would be all okay for making the Subskill aproach the main one and the simplified skill groups the alternative for players that doesnt want a character with all that focus on small details.
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