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  1. Is this a thread to talk about all changes? Just a quick commentary, if its not, they seemed to try and please the "defense scaling please" and the "iaijutsu has no point lol" folks. Edit: ok, my opinion will follow. Do not know about the changes or the way in general that they went to give starting items/equipment on the choice of the character. It seems contrived to me. But the way they went to give more starting skills to characters it’s okay. i think. Liked that they say that a 0xp character is approximately a high clan samurai straight of Gempukku. However, you can do whatever you want with it, fluff it different or give appropriate xp. Not sure if they actually improved the game on their decision to change the water opportunity on artisan skill. (Before you had the not cumbersome heavy armor, now you have the concealable nodachi.) Iaijutsu Cut: Horizontal Blade: Not sure, if i like it, but if it is the only way to Draw and Ready without using actions on a skirmish (without being on the water stance) it serves it purpose, and it is completely okay. It does what it should do. If you just need to use assessment, to ready the weapon. Well. “Yay range 2”. Iaijutsu Cut: Rising Blade: Okay, they come up with this to make Iaijutsu kill people on Clashes and Duels. If it’s not broken strong, I like it. Reminds the lethal center stance slash of the past. Striking as Air: By itself no nerf needed, but they are nerfing ways to improve your tn to hit so it’s okay. Sad about the Bokken nerf. Still not sure how drawing,sheating,readying works. (Actually, sheat will cost action that I know, not sure about the rest). Water Stance:Think they did this for the Drawing,Sheating,Readying, maneuver costing action part. However, people will eventually check if this is abuseable or not. i do like the idea tough. Air Stance:Feels weird that this stance scales. (Tough you can argue that the Fire Stance scales too in virtue of keeping and rolling more.). But yeah seems interesting, Overall should be harder do increase TN absurdly now. But someone with Rank 3 will have a TN 4 to hit, Rank 5 TN 5. At first glance is looking broken. Duels: I am Happy that Iaijutsu duels exists in this universe. With that said... Just finish the job of revamping the duel and cut To First Blood from it. Right now, we are looking at Hidas duelling on Heavy Armor as the kings of Iaijutsu due to decreasing severity of critical strike by a Fitness Roll + Heavy Armor + Rank. If this mechanical thought is not enough to sway opinions. Just consider the fact that common honor duels are about who goes first anyway, not about how badly you cut the other person. In fact, only one person should came out injuried from an iaijutsu duel anyway. More about this later. Repeating myself. i like the fact that to first strike has comeback. Not sure if the Iaijutsu duel to the death, is about two guys sheeting and drawing their weapons until their death or if it evolves to a regular duel/clash after the first turn. I prefer the second option. But I’m fine either way. So since Iaijutsu was added, Sparring Bout and regular duel, two guys beating each other was added., as i said before i didn’t had a problem with duels and clashes, my problem was Iaijutsu being wiped from the setting. Not sure if Taryu-Jiai deserve more love, if not now, maybe in an expansion book? Do not know. In any case, What i would change: Get rid of Iaijutsu to first blood, make sure that the Kakita (i wish it was every bushi to be fair, Maybe one opportunity being used to decrease your severity? maybe sucesses? i dont know.) can win any serious duel without actually hurting his opponents if he want(Only because that looks cool. It can be simulated on the system by getting a severity 0.) I would suggest forfeiting honor and glory instead of ordering then to do so. Every individual and every duel will be treated accordingly; Depending on situation, i could see a duelist actually gaining glory if he kills an opponent in one surprising and incredible strike. And well... if you end up killing someone once, it may be an accident, if you dueled 3 times and killed 3 guys well... Yeah the penalties need to be heavier… Rokugan will talk about it. So judge accordingly. On duels to first strike, if the combat is not immediately stopped after victory conditions are met, suggest honor penalty if the loser strikes back.(Its bad sportsmanship.) Lastly. i'm not sure if only the assessment roll used in the entire system is an appropriate way to do Duels. It doesn’t feel deep enough since the only thing you want is to go first and hit with TN 3 (to a maximum of 6 if the opponent has Air 5 and started on that stance.), The betting strife is a nice part of this system (that will help the critical strike of iaijutsu). But of course, it’s better to test and see how it feels. Skirmish: Not sure, if you can draw/ready weapon on assessment rolls, is looking to be the case. Overall, i like the maneuver action and i like the general nerf to movement, not sure, how it will affect the system tough. Dislike the change to Fatigue, wounds felt great to me. Now people will spend an entire week "fatigued". The Nerf to Parry is welcome, but i still think that the game would be better without this parry mechanic. Especially with the first blood iaijutsu duels that we have in place right now, everyone will keep a void point on the duel and spend it to survive the first critical strike and keep iaijutsuing. And considering the other nerfs, an nerf to the guard action seems forgot. That’s all I think
  2. The update book will get the new updates(heh), with new stuff in magenta. if i understood correctly.
  3. I would tell you to do whatever you want. What if the person is beautiful? if being of low stature is a disadvantage (it is.) does the character has to have his weakness exposed to people notice that he has... low stature? These examples can get worse with stuff like missing arm, leg, hand, eye and so on.
  4. At the chargen? yeah an Akodo schooled named Matsu is pretty strong. So is a Hida. (They have good starting katas, techniques and a great "health pool" for a starting character.) I think the Kakita are strong too, just no at chargen, they get strong once they fix their rings and start to dish out critical and use their technique almost every turn. But Akodo only works in skirmish and mass battles. They lose their mojo if they are called out for a duel or skirmish. For whatever reason. I'm sure people will come with a fluff to make sense of it.
  5. I'm okay with it. In a sense that i saying that i'm okay with range bands being actually useless in this game. (range is a non factor most of times in most of the systems anyway, i count the ones that do it right, not the opposite). The Kakita mistake was thinking he was safe striking from far away. He would be more defensive striking in close range. My problem with it is if the charger move back and take a charge action forward so he can do base damage to the opponent. That should only work when you move to close in to your opponent that you otherwise shouldnt reach and people should be aware that cost movement and action. You cant move back and charge forward. That abuse shouldnt be allowed.
  6. The actual "bug" would be that after the action (that can be activated, by RAW not RAI) you are readying the nagina in a one handed grip (which does not exist). If it was a videogame, your character would'nt have animations basically.
  7. Kitsuki does have the courtier tags. So are the Yasuki Merchants in 4th ed. On the 4th ed the Asako are the courtiers from the Phoenix. I think that the Crane and Scorpion are the primordial type of courtier that you think on, that is based on dealing with other people or manipulating then. Others schools would do their task in different way (or at least would have techniques to do stuff in different ways.) I mean Kitsuki investigator would be able to actually investigate something (a concept that is anti-Rokugani). An Asako would be focused on knowledge and they could use it in court to give power to their own argument.
  8. Funny thing is that strike with no thought ask for a sheated katana or wakizashi instead of using tags.
  9. What you are asking is pretty much what is called as a "Dumb down". I'm just against it and actually find the suggestion out of place. If those families arent there, L5R RPG would have already been declared dead while in FFG hands and people would consider it worst than the D20 times. Only having two schools is acceptable because this is a Beta, we expect more on the full game. (Of course some wont make the cut, they will appear eventually on other material, but Asahina and Daidoji schools will appear at the Crane, Mirumoto at the Dragon, Matsu and Kitsu on Lion and the list keeps going forward. is the bare minimum i expect. One standard that i hope others also expect from FFG . In any case. I was someone starting on L5R once and had no problems, if anything else, i actually liked the game because of the setting and how unfamiliar to me it was. Learning about a new world should be fun, not something boring, specially on the L5R setting. And if its too much to someone, they will just ignore it and read whatever they like (or think they like). To use myself as an example again. I read all the clans, all the families, ignored non bushi schools (well i had already decided i would play bushi, why bother?) and i would only read the Magic ¨& Spells chapter of the fourth edition, actually much later
  10. Yeah i was curious if that kind of cheesy stuff could be done. But didnt took the time to look at resolution order of things. Yeah its pretty nice then.
  11. Oh. i Know that critical strikes will happen at every turn. I'm just saying, i dont think 2 critical strike in the same... strike is not possible by RAI. As a GM i wouldnt allow it, specially if the one reason you have to do that is "The book dont tell you that you cant" on my opinion, the book would need to tell you that multiple criticals strikes in one action is a thing. Then i probably would allow as raw, since this would make a major balance change i guess. Why? Because the only penalties that you can dishout on a enemy is through critical strikes. its better to nerf enemy rings than apply bleeding (Which can also be done through critical strikes.) Strike is the optimal technique of the game, if that is their intention, 2 sucesses and 2 opportunitys is actually more reliable than the 4 sucesses of heartpiercing strike (a technique that A:you cant move and B:you get dazed if you miss). If you are using a high lethality weapon (katana) and you are a Kakita, then strike action becomes a no brainer. You can choose to cause damage even if you fail, i can take your rings out of the game by applying a nerf to you every turn. Choose whatever you think its best. There is no logic in your argument. One attack 2 critical strikes? Sure you can fluff "one attack as actually a series of attacks and combinations that happened in one turn". sure. There is nothing i can do to actual argue about that. only thing i have is "one attack, one critical strikes guys" this MECHANICALLY looks obvious to me. But finishing strikes doenst even should enter on this discussion. you are flat out wrong. The quote is "Any other effects of the Attack action are resolved as normal." What this means, is, on a finishing strike you dont do damage, you do double lethality critical strike, BUT, you can use katas,opportunitys or whatever as normal on your finishing strike, those effects WORKS. you can use opportunity to lessen your strife during a finishing strike or whatever. No one is suggesting that you put a critical strike in your critical strike. Finishing Blow is just a FREE TURN/ACTION, that you can only take the ATTACK action. Sure we can get overcomplicated and choose a kata or any other normal stuff that makes you dish out damage that you should not be able on this action. This is a RAW problem. but by no means this is the same as "if i do a Heartpiercing strike on a finishing blow, i will get a normal critical and a super critical lol". I dont see this way at all. Finishing Blow is already an Critical Strike, you get no benefits doing an auto critical strike.
  12. Reminder that wounds are wounds. its written in the book guys. Stop let your feelings and what you makes more sense alter this basic fact. This whole thing got so misinterpreted that they will probably change name and fluff lol.
  13. Yeah didnt want to bring this up, since its not the point of the opportunity discussion. I disagree. There are katas that increase the severity of a critical strike and that reduce resistance for an entire turn, assistance and other opportunities could be used also. I Believe that is why its a good think a bushi be balanced on rings and get different katas, having mechanical options to deal with anything without gm discretion is the best thing you can do. on my opinion.
  14. Your second example is okay, your first one is not. See the problems? Its GM dependant, and like all things that are gm dependant, it can not be balanced and on my opinion cant be really bragged about it. Opportunitys are common and meant to be for small things, You use a NON-DESCRIBED merchant cart as cover to avoid ranged attacks, you were in a market or something like that. Makes sense, just like construction stuff hanging around on a construction yard makes sense. Altering the layout of my castle and putting a shrine that i didnt described on the scene, is narrative magic. (One that, by what it seems, had a high impact on your game.) And considering your view on opportunity narrative you expressed in the past on this discussion, i am inclined to believe that you would make a wild shrine appears even if it was never referenced in the game, since like you said yourself, shrines exist in castles. And i guess you would be angry with me if i was your GM and told you "Nope." since you actually think you "bought it" and can do anything you think its appropriate. But i may be taking a leap on these assumptions.
  15. Nothing is stopping you from improving your plate armor to resistance 6. And one or two opportunities is actually easily achievable, so you are looking at a resistance of 7 or 8 with the striking as earth almost every turn, if that is your intent on the skirmish or duel/clash.
  16. Problem with the actual tags that we have is that a naginata is a razor edged weapon, so is a knife. and a scimitar. The naginata wont allow iaijutsu because it has no sheat.(Not discussing benefits, but possibilities) The knife and the scimitar actually works with the kata. This may seem like a little thing, but it may lead to further complication in the future, with weapons that arent supposed to work with the kata, working because of a broad tag.
  17. Dont know about rules forcing you to keep one die. But i'm obviously not completely aware of everything on the system, in any case, it changes nothing. Tn to hit is 2. its literally impossible to hit with only one kept die (Even if is an explosion, you are not forced to keep the other die, i believe.) You miss with one sword, your sword is not broken. I would'nt go that far and call the weapons/armor chapter great, but yeah, at least is more balanced, does give choice to players. Tough if i play, i will probably do the same that i did on 4th ed. Just use katana anyway. Unless im playing Phoenix, i used Naginata with phoenix even on the 4th edition, would enjoy using it now that is not worthless. On the detail front i enjoy more GURPS, On one game that i used a katana as weapon. (Off character i would do glorious nipon steel jokes, pretend that i could reflect bullets as jedis do with laser and such). I do precisely remember the entire group talking about the weapon after a quick combat that i had, an discussion about "is the Katana easy to break?". We found out that no, not really. Despite GURPS usually enjoying details, they didnt tought that this was the case or at the very least, they didnt went that far. A Katana breaking would be as common as a two handed european sword breaking. In other words, not likely. But of course, to go along with Tenchi2A and talk about misconceptions, parry in this edition is a special thing that cost void points, and by the book its because japanese weapons are trash and japanese warriors prefer to die than to use their honed swordsmanship to parry a strike. would be a shame if an samurai that created one of the few styles of swordsmanship that are still practiced worldwide to this day used a second sword to parry. Would be even worse if that crazy guy was the one to come up with the "five rings" that this game borrows the name from.
  18. Not a designer, but i would guess that multiple critical strikes is not even possible(not possible as, does not make sense or match their intent), and that every attack using kata or not can crit with 2 opps. Otherwise you just made the "i attack" every turn an optimal option. With Hearpiercing strike you already have a crit, you are supposed to use your opp on nulling the enemy fitness roll. if there is actually a need to specify that, they will simply do it with a few words.
  19. Its much easier to make a armor, or to be more precise, its harder to make a sword. But i do agree with your point. The Japanese never really developed their armors much further. Same way the Katana design always stayed the same, instead of you know... improving.(Which is a L5R classical theme Tradition x Progress). The Katana breaking would be more fitting(narratively speaking), at least on my head on a 1498 Samurai x Knight in full plate armor Than on a clash between samurais. (Even if the katana is not a war weapon, as we know.) Or well... to stay on the realm of possibilities of Rokugan (which actually makes more sense) against a shadowland monster with skin harder than stone. (And a crazy high reduction).
  20. In all honesty focus on the first paragraph were he discuss something concrete ( the system in itself) instead of the second one where he gives his views on the matter (Without a poll or stats to prove his argument.) Choosing to miss (Since you can choose the result of the dice) is the right thing to do on this system, since you are actually allowed to do that. How you do that is indeed hand waving. You attacked the guy, you wanted to damage him, The roll happens and now you are like "lol lets see what opportunitys that i got?". Sure narratively, in game, it will make sense since you will just play whatever you decide. Note:The opposite can be true. you may attack a guy thinking on just getting some opportunities off. but dices explode and you endup with 9 successes. "Lol i think i killed him, okay". Thats the problem being pointed out right here is the fact of how much control over the dices players do have, you can avoid outcomes. I Like the break mechanic (I would guess that veteransergeant does not) but i agree that is a stupid mechanic due to the fact that you have full narrative control over when you break your katana and when you do not. And i would agree with you on being possible to misjudge your opponent but in all honesty. the more i think this through the more problems i see. It came to me while i was playtesting a duel. the Game Master will NEVER misjudge something and will always know all values on the table. If you are fighting against a npc, you will maybe know a few of his rings or whatever some rolls you do give as info. Your GM will know everything about your character and be able to fight accordingly. And due to how mindgame related some options in this game are, it would be just too hard to "dumb yourself" to act as the character would. this is something simple to do on most of games, hard to do on this one. (you have to "gimp" yourself intentionally) Anyway due to being able to choose successes an npc would NEVER break his own sword (unless he is willing). Even a Rapier can take a good beating. "Bend but does not break" is an actual thing. But in general i would agree with the idea of Katanas being more vulnerable, due to Japan steel not having a good quality by what i hear. Best case i could hear against that is the obvious and 100% true fact. Rokugan is not Japan and its not supposed to be.
  21. Depending on your roll, you can pretty much double your sucesses using fire stance. Its not one extra sucess or just +1damage. And honestly. Narrative Opportunity does not mean that you are a wizard that can shape reality.You are not, by any means Felix the Cat. GM discretion is a huge part of it.
  22. This system is not really made for multiple schools. Even if you losed advancement and/or access to the skills allowed to be bought with xp from the first skill, you would still keep two ranks one. Making the best characters in the game the ones coming from multiple schools instead of only one. In the past at least you traded advancement and would lose a technique. "The headstrong but foolish Crab Bushi going to live with the Lions to learn the art of command" Should be given access to the Akodo Shuji teached to him (and i think the system kind of support this) instead of a second school and its rank 1.
  23. There are mechanics, lots of mechanics to keep track of on Strife. absolutely. Its not just bookkeeping or choosing dice. Its choosing to change stances when you think you are in danger of a outburst, its choosing how you spend your opportunity. Its choosing to risk yourself or not. Is choosing if you gonna try cause a outburst on your opponent or not. Its a core part of the system even in a powergamer way of thinking. Conflicts relying heavily on it make for that case (On Court you simply shutdown an opponent, On Duel or Clash you deliver a mean critical strike that do not cost actions (Free attack). Just wiping away from the game, as i believe it was suggested? (Didnt read the whole thing) would make the system shallow at best. Since there is so much tied to it.
  24. You won me over on the strife system. I like it (except the bookkeeping). but you make a good point, its bound to eventually not be a problem to anyone.
  25. We are not in Japan or China (And if you are you probably understand the meaning of this in L5R). But anyway, i like outburst. If people are having a problem with it. I think the "Unmasking" presented is cool too.
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