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  1. Renaming it wouldn't change anything. The system simply needs to go. Unfortunately, I suspect a significant investment has been made in the new dice, otherwise why else would FFG defend this system against such vocal opposition? I've run various games (D&D, L5R, SR, almost everything WW, BESM, WHFRP, SH and it's like, and on and on) for well over half my lifespan. Nineteen years of running games and playing in games in a variety of situations, schedules and age groups. The Strife mechanic is trying to solve a very specific problem that I've only encountered on a handful of occasions, where you have some players who decide that their samurai character is a reactionless stoic hardass who is never tempted into displaying emotion. The problem is that this is a self-fixing problem- a perfectly honourable character is a total bore to play, so in order for players to get more fun out of their time investment all of these characters crack eventually. There are two problems with the Strife system as a mechanic. One: It's completely contextless. You're as likely to gain strife on mundane skill checks as in deeply emotional moments. A GM who is kind might allow some leeway in this regard, but asking people to (effectively) house rule your own system right out of the gate seems like a poor move to me. Two: It deeply muddies roleplaying. Not only is there the obvious factor of being forced to have an outburst when the player doesn't believe it would be appropriate, but it also disincentives normal roleplay- why would I have a natural outburst now when I might gain more Strife later that I will need to bleed off? I can't even be certain who this mechanic is supposed to help. All the experienced roleplayers I've spoken to about this hate it as it interferes with their fun. None of the new, inexperienced roleplayers I've ever run games for need help acting out emotionally, and in the context of L5R their problem is the complete opposite. It's just... there, this deeply unpleasant dead goat corpse tied to a system the audience for this game is already inclined to hate. Have fun gilding a turd if you want, but a name change isn't going to make this much more palatable.
  2. I agree with Bayushi Koba. When I saw that, my jaw dropped. I'm an entrepreneur in real life and I'm seriously scratching my head on this. Presumably, Fantasy Flight, your primary audience for this project is fans of the previous Legend of the Five Rings RPG. But L5R 4th edition is legitimately a tough act to follow- a truly beautiful book, with great layout, rules, more than enough content for a lifetime's worth of campaigns in a single book. And on top of that, it's not that hard to find as a PDF. So my question is... why would you drop out one of the best and most tried and true dice rolling mechanics in RPG history, just to throw in your own gimmicky custom dice? It boggles the mind. You're already fighting an uphill battle, trying to convince a bunch of hardcore fans to buy your version of a legendary product that, last time any other company had their hands on it (WotC), they made it legitimately awful. I realize that custom dice is a Fantasy Flight "thing", but come on, you can't save yourself the cost of engineering new moulds or something? Just... wow. Seriously? The piles of people still playing the previous editions of Warhammer Fantasy RPG weren't enough? I got rid of Warhammer Fantasy because everyone who even so much as glanced at those dice instantly hated the game, despite it's redeeming features. It is very frustrating to have to tell your players they have to buy all new dice, or to be constantly passing them around the table. This is a mistake, and I really hope you don't have money already invested in it because if you proceed with this you're going to lose (for the second time!) to a product that's been out of print for years. This reeks of some boneheaded executive's plan to sell more dice- that can't be used with any other system, as well. Don't do it. Edit: Yeah, I'm done. The Approaches mechanic makes even doing basic skill checks way too complicated, and from the perspective of a person who really enjoys roleplaying, the Strife mechanic gets in the way of portraying my character how I want. This sucks, thanks for the opportunity, buh-bye.
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