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  1. My personal favorite game store in DC is Labyrinth Games & Puzzles. It's mostly focused on board games, but they also have a good RPG selection, and the staff is fantastic. There are a couple of others out in the suburbs that I haven't been to, but friends say are good: Dice City Games in Silver Spring, MD Dream Wizards in Rockville, MD
  2. My current character started with Sentinel: Shadow as her first career choice. She's since picked up other specs as well: Shien Expert, Force Sensitive Exile, and Mystic: Seer. If you want to play a character who operates on stealth, Shadow is a great choice. The Misdirect force power is an excellent buy to accompany the Shadow career choice, btw. With enough investment in your Stealth skill and Misdirect you can sneak an entire group into places they'd never otherwise be able to go. Having one stealthy character in a group is useful-- having a character who can make the whole *group* stealthy is even better, IMO.
  3. My current character has a gauntlet that can either be an energy shield or triple saber blades (a la Wolverine) that she sometimes dual-wields with her regular saber. Her regular saber has a blaster pistol built into the hilt, though, so I guess that's a little odd too. Having a mechanical genius as a party member is a real bonus when it comes to customizing equipment.
  4. I'm a big fan of Misdirect, with Foresee and Enhance tied for a close second. I like playing sneaky characters, and being able to use Misdirect to completely block adversaries from perceiving my character while I sneak around to gather information or get into advantageous positions to support my party in combat is right up my alley. I've also used it a time or two when one of my allies was close to being taken down by an opponent to make my ally imperceptible for a turn so they could get out of the situation. My favorite Misdirect moment so far, though, was making my character imperceptible to a bad guy who was holding a little girl hostage, then using Force Leap as a maneuver to get right up next to him, grab the girl and another item he'd stolen along the way, then force leap away again so my allies could attack him without worrying about hurting the kid. I think there might have been a light-saber attack in there between grabbing the kid and leaping away, but using the Force to save the kid was the real hero moment for me.
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