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  1. I was already running a Kara Tur Oriental Adventures campaign when L5R rpg came out and soon changed to that. My first campaign started five years before the Scorpion clan coup and finished six years after, with a postscript a couple of years later still. As no proper timeline or good maps were released, I have my own take on the chronology and geography that I stick to with my second campaign even though later publications contradict. We played through every edition and every published scenario (plus many many CFS) from 1st to 3rd for the main part of the campaign, with 4th for the postscript. All but one player had several characters over the years, not always due to character death. Besides the main characters, I ran a lower power game set at the same time but in the limited geography of Mimura. And now I run 15 years later in the Heroes of Rokugan: Spirit of Bushido timeline because the weirdness of the official metaplot is not something my players and I could agree with. One PC is the daughter of Otomo Yoroshiko and one of his former PCs (unwittingly perpetuating the deceit) and remaining characters from the former campaign turn up as NPCs from time to time . I like 4th edition though I would tone down shugenja and increase courtier and artisan participation. Two of my players have run short campaigns set in the 15 year gap, in geographically isolated areas. Interestingly, I have found that L5R is a game I prefer to GM rather than play, rather like Pendragon. With more interesting non-warrior character types, and especially more for them to do, I would enjoy playing more. But it has been a fun 20 years.
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