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  1. Sorry for what seems like a pretty basic question, as I honestly think I may just have missed reading a paragraph that explains it.... but: As an Emerald Magistrate I get to take Rank 1-2 Kata in my cirriculum, however, as a Shugenja this seems very powerful, ultimately allowing me to be a Bushi too (albeit without access to the high power Kata). Is this restrcited in any way? Does anything prevent me from taking multiple Rank 1-2 Katas? Do people consider this balanced in their experience having played it and am I unecessarily concerned by? Thank you.
  2. Stealth is certainly not an honourable way of fighting, but is it dishonourable is the question. You can evidence what honourable warfighting looks like under the honour examples: giving an unarmed foe a weapon to fight them as equals is an honourable action for instance. Stealth is deliberately trying to create an unequal and asymmetric combat however. It all depends whether, if trying to create a balanced and fair fight is honourable, trying to create an imabalnced an unfair fight is dishonourable or just the neutral way of things. I would expect there are degrees of asymmetry that are acceptable within the parameters of honour/glory, but it's where that line is drawn I am interested in and for which I have no real answer.
  3. Hence my saying you would be hunted by Emerald Magistrates etc. as a Maho practitioner. Indeed, as soon as I saw it I felt it was one of those powers that had a bredth of potential. Was my favourite spell for my Black Scroll Phoenix deck back in the first iteration of the card game, so nice to see it kicking around and being useful now!
  4. Yes sorry, that's the Condition I meant (didn't have the book handy as at work lol). Seems kind of nasty though... that's got to carry some loss of honour for sure, and Glory fs people find out... and get Emerald Magistrates on you for potentially being a Maho practioner... some things regulate perfectly well in game it seems
  5. Nice reply @gareth_lazelle. The original post is in response to my character who has Sympathetic Energies and I was curious about the restrictions due to some problematic conditions like the aforementioned Dying, or bleeding, or even Tainted. Drawing attention to the factor of range as you did was very useful as I missed that (normally only using it to spread buffs pre combat). To increase the range requires Opportunity and I keep no more than three dice maximum for anything, and getting the 2 opportunity to move Conditions and still succeeding is in itself difficult. I think with only 3 kept dice this basically becomes impossible to use under all but the most advantageous of circumstances. Even keeping 5 dice would make 2 successes and at least 4 opportunity (2 to target a Condition, 2 to increase the range) far from a certainty. When considering all these factors I feel the Evocation as written is quite balanced from a combat perspective.
  6. Just reading through all this and I'd firstly like to say thanks for the debate everyone, it's not only helpful in this specific case but also in general as regards approaches. I'm obviously in favour of roleplaying scenes and not just saying 'I have X spell and therefore Y' and I wasn't hoping to dice my way through adventures without interaction. My initial question was due to @Monkey Bloke running a campaign in Ryoko Owari and as with any geographically static campaign you can't run away from trouble you cause, and therefore the risks of being spotted in a disguise are far more damaging to a character's longevity. In light of what's been said I think the spell could be a lot of fun as if indeed I have some degree of control over my success (through mitigating risk by roleplaying) then I'm far more happy to use it. There is nothing more frustrating than something significant being entirely reliant on simply a dice roll.
  7. I actually really like this answer. Chose your ring if you are actively attempting something, otherwise default to the default TN. That makes a lot of sense and perfectly fits with the whole choosing of an approach, it's an active decision. Thanks I'll keep all this in mind!
  8. Hi guys. I was wondering how Mask of Wind was resisted, is this an active or passive thing? By this I mean: does your shugenja just rock about with a different face until someone suspects they aren't who they say they are and actively considers them with suspicion. Or is resistance passive in that anyone looking at them gets a roll. Or is it a mix of the two, someone who interacts gets a roll but otherwise not? I ask as Fire 2 is a very easy test to make and for something like an illusionary face it presents too weak a gamble to even bother with if resistance checks are too easy to justify.
  9. While they own 4th the books are no longer available and therefore ebay becomes their competitor in this regard. Why make it easier for people to play a version of the game that impacts the sales of your product? I think it's perfectly fair that they remove talk of it from this forum. I want 5th to be as much of a success as it can be, so FFG will give it as much support, attention and money as it deserves. If 5th is what we have, let's let FFG make it the best it can be.
  10. I came across something I felt was at odds in the last session we played. I attempted to embrace the philosophy of strife as advised by people on this forum and even in the email from the designers, I didn't shy away from outburst. I actually quite enjoyed roleplaying it and found it liberating to not worry about it... that was, until I wanted to get into a duel. Now as a Kakita Duelist I shouldn't be shying away from duels, however, in following the philosophy of strife I happened to be very close to outburst at the time. This is kind of an issue. Sure, outburst when embraced is actually quite fun, but getting a killing blow done against you in a duel because you didn't shy away from your outburst isn't. Essentially playing a Kakita Duelist is actually entirely at odds with the desired philosophy of strife. Either I don't avoid outburst and get massacred in duels, or I do avoid outburst and therefore play against it's intended principle. I get the whole idea of strife is one of internal antagonism, this is fine when outburst is the outcome as that's just a temporary inconvenience/RP opportunity... but when the outcome is death or being forced to act entirely out of character... Makes wonder if strife has a place in combat at all?
  11. While technically its true. Ultimately the real decision lies with the player as if they construct their approach correctly they can define the ring being used and the GM can either announce the ring they're fishing for is the one being used... or be wrong.
  12. @WHW @sidescroller there are some really cool tokens being made for the LCG on Etsy. Not sure if you're playing the card game but if you look around you could probably find some really apt ones.
  13. I think we have very different definitions of book-keeping if you think this is even the remotest bit taxing
  14. I'm not telling anyone how great it is, I am trying to help people make a game that I can then tell people is great. You are simply banging the 4th Ed drum and offering nothing constructive to the dialogue. If you have nothing constructive why are you still here? You already have a game you clearly enjoy, let other's try to develop a game they can enjoy and then we can all be happy in our respective worlds. For the record I came into this a total pessimist whose only FFG experience is that I played Star Wars and I came away from that thinking its good for a one-off but not much else. I am by no means an FFG fanboy (but I see a lot of promise in this Beta). But if I sign-up to a Beta test then I think it is only responsible for me to help the developers.
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