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  1. Well, Sheeve, is a Sith Lord with a lightsaber and force lightning and we've seen him on screen kicking *** in two moves and The Clone Wars so there's that reason.....
  2. Okay, that makes sense, in effect you're having one set per player. However people who need multiple sets of the cards for a single player....that's just.....that's a little close to hoarding behavior, ya know. Does each of your armies have discreet collections of upgrade cards that you cannot cross pollinate?
  3. I'm confused as to why you need two copies of the battle cards. I mean, okay, you have a friend over to play and they make an army and you can both use these cards.... Which even then after you figured out who won the bid you're only using one copy of the cards..... But please explain to me why you feel the need to bring two copies of any battle card to a tournament where you are presumably playing one army the whole time; because I am really not following you.
  4. Why would you need two for a tournament? Both players use the same supply deck.
  5. It's both. Toydarians from Toydaria. Nemoidians from Cato Nemodia Terrans from Terra (aka earth) Vulcans from Vulcan Scandanvians from Scandanavia and on and on and on
  6. That is unfortunate, as it gives the imperial players a glaring advantage over the other three factions.
  7. Bigger base = bigger move and you can't target the hostage holder in round 1. Also, notched base. Mortars are a significantly lower target profile. Also 3 Health, 2 courage.
  8. Mark them clearly visible (paint on the chest like an actual B1 while nothing else in the squad has such a marker) You'll be fine.
  9. Can I use a detachment as my hostage exchange unit? Card says to place a corps unit prior to deployment. Detachments are a corps unit.
  10. The answer you seek is right here (measured from the bottom of the base, so take that into account)
  11. The only problem with this is how it works with the LOS hash mark. Kneeling, crouching or otherwise not upright models would receive a defensive advantage while also getting an offensive advantage for being able to fire from a position above the eyes on the model. I think creating a "small" template for astromechs, pit droids, ewoks, jawas, ugnauts and such would be a good idea down the road (say 30mmx27mm), which according to my calipers would keep them from fully hiding behind a barricade anyway. I do think small (not crouching) units should get a defensive advantage, but lets keep in mind that they're not as invisible as you might think they are. R2-D2: 27mm R4 (Imp Specialists): 30.25mm R5(Reb Specialists): 29mm (from top of dome) 32.25mm (from top of periscope) Rebel Sniper: 35.75mm Imperial Sniper: 34mm FFG Barricade: 26mm (middle) 28.5mm (sides) Astromechs clearly visible behind a barricade R2 can, from the exact right angle, hide behind the sides of a barricade completely, but it's a very small blind spot for attackers. Even then any unit with more than one mini will be able to get around the angle for a shot.
  12. I'm sticking with that your misunderstanding of the way the template is to be orientated is willful on your part. From the article: With that in mind, the physical trooper miniatures themselves will no longer factor into competitive line of sight rules. Instead, we have created a silhouette representing a universal standard trooper size, designed to be placed against and behind a trooper’s base to determine line of sight to and from that miniature. Just so we're clear, because the orange handle bits protrude out from the side, they will interfere with the template being placed "against" most models in they way you suggest. You also refuse to acknowledge that they provided two pictures pictures that clearly show how the template is to be orientated against a mode, one of them clearly showing how its width is the same as a small base diameter, and their two sample templates to print off also clearly show the silhouette of a B1 Battle Droid indicating the orientation. The idea of a target practice silhouette is pretty universal in our culture (or at least those cultures that also play war games about space wars) and anyone who tried to make a serious claim that this template can be placed with only the thinnest side adjacent to the model (or rotated 90 degrees, or laid flat on the ground, or anything else) would be viewed as operating with malicious intent. I have complained loudly about lack of clarity in FFG rules, but you're not arguing from a position of good faith here.
  13. Meh, the figurative literal was good enough for Mark Twain, Jane Austen, Vladamir Nabakov, Charles Dickens, James Joyce, David Foster Wallace and others so maybe misusing objective is objectively, literally, worse. https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/misuse-of-literally
  14. What with these being objective tokens I'm not sure we're allowed to put anything on the carts.
  15. derped that one, didn't I? I completely missed them because I was looking at the grey items.
  16. Some of this is arguing out the kinks before we get into the tournament space.
  17. You'll get no argument from me that one needs a specific law degree for FFG rules, however what you propose is somewhere between absurd consequence and willful misunderstanding. The width of the template is the width of a base, ergo the template must be lined up in such a way as to account for the width of the base rather than being placed in such a way as to only account for the standardized height, rather than also the standardized width. What you propose would not mean that only the height is standardized while now, in some cases the width of a model is greatly diminished.
  18. Those are the bomb carts, they were shown in the original article for the expansion. (you can even see their handles)
  19. Okay, DerrALT, Why are you ignoring the clear examples that show that the template is clearly placed and constructed to account for the width of the base?
  20. Okay. New Tournament regs page 14: "When determining line of sight from Luke Skywalker, place the silhouette template directly behind Luke’s base. Then, align your eye with the hash mark at the top of the silhouette and draw line of sight from the center of the base." So, a few things here: 1: There is only one hash mark on the template. As the rules clearly state that it is at the top of the template they have clearly denoted the orientation of the template 2: The template is shown behind a Luke Skywalker figure in a vertical position. 3: The rule denotes that the orange tabs are only for grip, so please explain how you conclude from that instruction that the orange tab can be placed against the board 4: The picture on the template clearly shows a vertically oriented B1 battle droid. How do you conclude from that artwork on the silhouette that it it to be oriented any other way than vertically with the aforementioned "top" of the template being somewhere other than the "top"? 5: As to your assertion that you can somehow create a model that can obscure the entire template thus making LOS impossible, even if we were playing and we had a TO whose brain was leaking out their ear that rules your willful misunderstanding of the template rule was somehow correct, then there's a pretty good case to be made that you're modeling for advantage and thus your two clever by half idea has created an illegal model. Congratulations.
  21. It will be the prize for the person who wins worlds.
  22. I'm not that concerned about it because it will only come in to play in the case of ties for tournament standing. If I got 4 wins and you got 3, our MOV won't even be a thing we worry about. TOURNAMENT POINTS Players earn tournament points at the end of each round. At the end of a tournament, the player with the most tournament points wins the tournament. In the case of a larger event, they are instead used to determine who makes the cut to elimination rounds. Players earn tournament points as follows: • Win = 1 tournament point • Loss = 0 tournament points TIEBREAKERS If two or more players have the same number of tournament points, tiebreakers are used to determine each player’s standing within that group. Tiebreakers are used in the following order until all players within that group have been given a standing. • AVERAGE MARGIN OF VICTORY: A player’s average MOV is calculated by adding their MOV from each of their games together and then dividing the sum by the number of rounds in the tournament. The player with the highest average MOV among the players with the same number of tournament points is the highest-ranked player in that group. The player with the second-highest average MOV is ranked second among those players, and so on. • EXTENDED AVERAGE MARGIN OF VICTORY: A player’s extended average MOV is the average MOV of that player’s opponents. To calculate this value, add together the average MOV for each of the player’s opponents and then divide the sum by the number of opponents. The player with the highest extended average MOV among the players with the same number of tournament points is the highest-ranked player in that group. The player with the secondhighest average MOV is ranked second among those players, and so on. • STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE: A player’s strength of.... (tournament regs pages 10-11)
  23. I'm really personally concerned about the margin of error rules, it just seems way to squishy to me. I've also won (and lost) KP games by a mater of milimeters. What do you do then? When is it MoE and when is it just that you didn't make base contact when you needed to make base contact? As to the pictures of terrain, I do appreciate seeing it laid out, however I wish they would have also shown what it looks like when all packed together to get to the 25% coverage. is it a tight 25% or a loose 25%? I do appreciate the LOS template though. There's still going to be dispute over when someone can see a thing or not but I appreciate that it;s standard. Cant waut to see how it gets put into TTS.
  24. Finished R2-D2, C-3PO and Operative Luke. Here's a comparison with my IA C-3PO from 2017
  25. That's because kids aren't the market, we are.
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