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    I'm not inventing a rule, I'm saying it's ambiguous. It's not like they haven't forgotten to address something before, not thought through the implications of things they have addressed or immediately reversed themselves when they made a very bad ruling (see overhang). And yes, you are being quite rude and I'll thank you to not assign motive to me in this case. So, by your logic then if I have the short configuration and I allowed to set separate dice pools? Half my squad can soot reds at these guys at 2 and the rest can shoot two whites at those guys at range 3? @nashjaee it's quit possible you are right, however the rules team's recent history doesn't give me much trust in this.
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    Maybe the Darksaber does? The binary nature of reconfigue indicates to me that it operates as X or Y, not X, A or Y, A. But we'll see what they say, right now it is ambiguous, maybe the sheet in the box will clarify it.
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    That doesn't follow for me. A ranged weapon is a completely different weapon on its face. The A-300 card would appear to overrule the A-300 printed on the unit card. Also since the card it printed as "Rebel Pathfinders Only" it rules out in my mind that they are bringing a second A-300 on them in different configurations.
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    Permit Painting

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    Is that covered anywhere? I was trying to find a reference either way in the RRG but I could not.
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    So, if I use a reconfigue card does that alter the main card text? Pathfinders: A-300 Range 1-3; 2 white dice If I take the 6 point upgrade I don't have that weapon at all, right? I just have the 1-4; 1 white and 1-2; 1 red options available. Is that correct?
  7. Not more intelligent at all, I have the utmost respect for you, in particular, and your spreadhseet makes running my campaign a joy. I'm just tired of this one particular rumor. Especially when it is applied to every single thing that happens. It's like when people come up with fan theories. That's fine, do that. Write fic, get creative, develop your own head canon. But don't then decide that some particular fan theory is now canon and get angry when the actual writers didn't see it that way. The licence issue might even be the exact reason that some SW stuff isn't sold on the FFG website. That, however, does not necessarily mean it is the reason or explanation for anything else. But hey, without information there is speculation. That's human nature. I'll just be over here saying "maybe your conclusion is spurious."
  8. And yet.... If Hasbro still has an exclusive right to star wars licensed bard games then how do Rebellion and Outer Rim exist? If the big restriction is that FFG can't sell the stuff directly on their website which isn't even their primary distribution point then...well, Hasbro's lawyers must have phoned it in that day. How about this. I'm gonna give you exclusive rights to my Ferrari. Oh, I'm gonna let this guy over here drive it pretty much whenever he wants to, but he just can't park it in his garage. But you still have exclusive rights. Much like frog trigger said, I'm on about the conspiracy theories that everyone has had about why the RPG books aren't available in pdf format (it's habro, pdf makes it a video game and therefor they can't do that), why we haven't seen a relase for IA in x days (it's hasbro they're finally shutting it down/they've sued ffg/I heard there's an injunction), why it took so long to get LotA developed (it's hasbro, this makes it a video game). The Hasbro/EA/FFG/Disney license scheme has been the boogey man that everyone references any time there's a delay in anything. I continue to find it hilarious that this is yet another place that star wars fans come up with a theory and defend that theory in the face of all evidence to the contrary.
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    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    You also need to keep in mind the maximum range. Let's say shyla is 11 away from a stormtrooper and the app says the trooper will move and shoot her. He can get to a spot where she is within maximum range thus the target is a legal target. (max range on a blue/green being 8). They would have to take the shot and ignore the melee character right next to them.
  10. I just finished a Hoth App campaign and she was an absolute monster. I used Mynok strike, Gundark Throw, Dragonsnake and Krayt Fury. I got good weapons through out but in the end I had an electrostaff and a combat knife on her. Once she was able to generate sufficient style tokens through attacks and kills she was pretty unstoppable. I had smart placement on the last mission and she did 15/18 points of damage to the almost 20 point thing. and then walked over two rounds later and nuked the big bad. Tress would take half the map, CT and Jyn would take the other and Ko-Tun was kind of along for the ride.
  11. Disney is super picky about approval. Just ask Sorastro, who operates within the license scheme of Disney/FFG and has to get approval for his videos. Anyway I think the campaigns can come quicker as the only thing that would probably need approval would be the text.
  12. That's fine, but the problem is that a lot of people (and star wars fans are exceptionally bad at this) will speculate and then somewhere later will decide that their speculation is an actual fact and will defend that speculation in the face or any and all evidence to the contrary or against any lack of evidence. It's cool to say "I think it might be this" as long as you continue with "but I could be wrong."
  13. Inability to conceive of a reason or counterargument is not positive proof of any particular argument. If I cannot imagine what there was before the big bang that does not mean I have created proof for the existence of any particular divine creation story.
  14. Not mine, other people's. That's what everyone has said for years. They can't make an app for IA because that's too much of a video game and company X has the license for that or this violates the Hasbro agreement.... At some point before HOTE came out people were trying to say that FFG/Asmodee had been sued but no one could produce a court document to support that.
  15. What's up with the insitance that side a be x and side b be y?