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  1. So, have you heard of Battle Kiwi? https://www.battlekiwi.com/product/the-bunker/ The only real differences I can see between that and the FFG one are mdf v plastic, square v trapezoid, battle kiwi having a back window and ffg having the semicircular Imperial console (gen con pictures).
  2. They're not a con exclusive, and the foundational document is non-specific in that point. It's a moot point anyway, I'm not going to gen con and won't have them so I'm not worried about facing them.
  3. The RPQ in Denver is exactly 11 days after you can buy TCW, Shoretroopers and Dewbacks at GenCon....we had to inquire if those would be considered legal. (it was ruled they are not)
  4. Very often the "meta" in a game allows players in the middle range of tactical skill to inflate their abilities. "Training wheels" if you will but not meant as a pejorative. They also let you mitigate some of the swingyness of the dice. By the way, I'm putting myself into about the 40th percentile of players so none of this is me saying "those scabs need the crutches, I don't." Pierce lets you ignore defense dice. Low profile lets you ignore attack dice. Sharpshooter lets you ignore cover, Healbots let you ignore defense dice but also let you come back from poor choices. An incredible tactician (with some average to good dice luck) doesn't need those things as much. A middling player who uses them will often have advantage over another middling player who doesn't. Similarly Vader is a high skill level commander, both tactically in general and specific to how to use his bag of tricks.
  5. Well, I mean, one of our more outspoken members was incredulous that you could ever see up to 36 shoretroopers in the same place. Even though you see more than that in Rogue One.....
  6. Crawler Droid or Big Spider Droid
  7. Kaadus from Naboo in Star Wars Galaxies there were an arid climate Tauntaun on Lok and Tatooine called a Cu-pa
  8. Yeah, but it's back up is so much better (1 black or a rainbow vs 2 white). You've also got to be in range 2 to use the 2 whites. You've got to spend hefty to get the good front arc from the Landspeeder. Finally clone version is 12 points cheaper than the rebel version.
  9. RPS-6 Range 2-4 rainbow, no exhaust, no fixed arc surge to hit. So at range 4 that's 1.875 average hits per turn. (52.8 points per damage minimum) At Range 3 back or side you're looking at 1.875-2.5 average hits per turn (52.8 points per damage or 39.6 points per damage with arsenal) Range 3 front arc 1.875-3.75 average hits per turn in front arc (52.8 points per damage or 26.4 points per damage with arsenal) Looks pretty good to me.
  10. For official play, that will probably never happen, but do what you will in your own home. I always thought it was silly that most of the generic scum pilots in x-wing couldn't be flown with rebels, or imperials in some cases.
  11. I mean Scum commander, and operative available for any faction.
  12. He just rolled blocks and caught it with his cloak.
  13. My collection is at your service. (I'm almost to 3 tables)
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