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  1. I say roll a new pool every session. If they carry over, it might encourage hoarding. It's also there to help represent the ebb & flow in the balance of the Force in the galaxy, and that definitely shouldn't be entirely dependent on the party's actions.
  2. ...So, that's a no to infinite Wayfarer stacking? That's a real shame.
  3. Luke Skywalker went to Puffinland Spikeymountain unarmed in Episode 8.
  4. Does this mean I can't fit a bunch of Star Destroyers inside of another Star Destroyer anymore?
  5. Well that's concerning. I should probably stop peeing in the baptism tank at the local church.
  6. You know your pee is sterile when it comes out of you, right? Unless you have a bladder infection, you shouldn't be spreading pathogens by taking a leak in a pond.
  7. I, for one, really like the idea of sticking a Wayfarer inside of a Wayfarer. The real question is, does the encumbrance a vehivle is holding count towards its own encumbrance rating, or can you fit an indefinite number of wayfarers inside of each other like some kind of vehicular bag of holding?
  8. I definitely like the idea of blowing up a bunch of ships on the ground at once, and I suspect my players do too. I'm definitely going to be using that. Also, in more general terms of the planetary scale blast: I would certainly allow the flak cannons from the Commander splat book to hit multiple fighters at once since they're designed to do that. Using a missile or laser to take out an entire squardon, however, is a bit ridiculous.
  9. On many forums, people are still arguing about the Prequel Trilogy; I've even seen the occasional Original Trilogy argument. What I'm trying to say is, don't expect the Sequel Trilogy ragefest to stop while there's still sequels in production, or for at least two decades afterward.
  10. Luke made a big point about how one guy with magic powers couldn't destroy the entire First Order, so I can't really say that he's the only one who can save the galaxy in good faith.
  11. If you ruffled feathers with a joke about goofy-looking flying, I consider that a public service. As for Leia "suddenly" being a Force Wizard, I would like to remind everyone that her brother and father could both draw on the Force with little to no training, that she could sense Luke's location and mental state in Episode 5, and that she strangled a hutt in episode 6 - a feat that shouldn't be humanly possible, given that his neck was about as big around as a cow's ribcage. I don't mind Force Jesus Leia one bit, even with a silly scene with her flying through space.
  12. Grand Movie Alien Compendium. Edit: looks like I wasn't needed.
  13. Yes, and she should be ashamed of herself for being so bigoted. Someone ought to teach her how to respec wamen.
  14. This is why you never pick an avatar from the franchise you discuss on here.
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