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  1. PS Race - Is it time to nerf VI? No.
  2. Predator. If i'm not on some government list yet, I will be soon! yakyakyakyak
  3. WHAT will it be? WHEN will it be?? Will we see a preview? ...i need to know...
  4. I have always found using templates to be more accurate than using laser pointers
  5. I'm sensing big issues ahead from this one, it seems unnecessarily fickle. The space to align the measuring ruler has even less than the normal arc
  6. You need Poe at a higher PS because of his pilot ability and the use of the focus token. The lower his pilot skill the likelier it is he will be shot at first, and may need to spend his focus token for defense, in which case he will not be able to mod his attack dice. The higher PS means he shoots first, uses his pilot ability to modify his attack, and can then spend the focus token on defense if necessary.
  7. As it stands now, T/P only stands for Toilet Paper. It's **** and needs a long overdue upgrade!
  8. But we DO care about the Punisher, it's the most badass looking TIE out there. That's one reason why we want so much for it to have a place
  9. Yup, Trajectory Simulator punishes the only 'good enough' punisher just for being who he is. Poor lil guy
  10. Ya, but it gets rid of his uniqueness, something the Imperials are severely lacking
  11. So trajectory simulator just got rid of the only 'good enough'punisher pilot Deathrain making his pilot ability pretty much null... Nice
  12. But with TLT you cancel the Crit do you not?
  13. Can you explain? The dice are cancelled after the roll so you're not hit with a Crit
  14. I know he cut ties. But at least he HAD ties. The whole point of this thread is Imperials have nothing unique, and I just feel this added weight to the problem
  15. Seriously!?! Maul is Scum AND Rebel only???? This is just insulting
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