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    arMedBeta reacted to RLogue177 in Spec/Talent Sheets   
    Post fully edited. Putting the relevant links here for anyone just finding this thread. Specs are in three styles: classic red and blue colors, gray scale, and green and tan to match my homemade character sheet which is also linked below. The Force power are also posted.
    As always, if you find errors, please let me know so I can fix them. Thanks!
    Age of Rebellion Career Specs in classic red and blue
    Edge of the Empire Career Specs in classic red and blue
    Force and Destiny Career Specs in classic red and blue
    Universal Career Specs in classic red and blue
    Clone Wars Era Specs (Rise of the Separatists) in all versions
    Force Powers in classic green
    Force Powers in printer friendly grayscale
    Age of Rebellion Career Specs in printer friendly grayscale
    Edge of the Empire Career Specs in printer friendly grayscale
    Force and Destiny Career Specs in printer friendly grayscale
    Universal Career Specs in printer friendly grayscale
    Age of Rebellion Career Specs in alternative green and tan
    Edge of the Empire Career Specs in alternative green and tan
    Force and Destiny Career Specs in alternative green and tan
    Universal Career Specs in alternative green and tan
    "Scoundrel" Career Specs in all three color variants
    Character Sheet redesigned featuring combined cores
    Ship and Vehicle Sheet, Silhouette 4 and below
    Ship and Vehicle Sheet, Silhouette 5 and above
    Compiled Listing of Talents that I use when creating the Spec sheets to ensure uniformity.
    Full pdf of all the specs used in my home game, including all the house ruled ones. (In case anyone is interested.)
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    arMedBeta reacted to Andreievitch in Video playthroughs?   
    Its not video, but the Order 66 podcast live play sessions are great.  They really helped me understand how I want to run my sessions.
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    arMedBeta reacted to HappyDaze in World War feel   
    You know what else would help a World War feel? Meeting and working both alongside and against others that don't speak your language or share your culture. The FFG handwave on languages makes this require GM intervention, but it can be worth it to drop in to support Dressellian partisans and discovering that they only speak their own tongue and a little Bothan (and noting that not everybody--or even anybody--in the group speaks Bothan).
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    arMedBeta reacted to QorDaq in Adventure modules for GMs with no time?   
    I am certainly a fan of converting a  module from one system to another, if it's a good scenario. But in my experience it's rarely any kind of time saver.
    On the other hand, one of the cool things about the GeneSys toolkit, in my opinion anyway, is that if a given group is relatively mature (as gamers), you can run an adventure fairly fast and loose. Set the scene, and let the Players guide the story to some degree. inevitably I find that the Players will inspire me in unexpected ways if I'm paying attention.
    But then, I've always preferred running sandbox games in almost any system. Taking 30 minutes the day before I run a game, and sort of sketching out loose beginning, middle, and end points, is often enough to get things going. I may know that I want A, B, and C to happen, but I'll allow the party to go where they want, and then I'll insert "A" in where it makes sense, same with "B" and "C". The random NPC's and situations the party encounters, will then inform the bigger story that evolves in my head for future sessions.
    I've had good success with that approach in the past, when I run out of time to prepare a deeper story. 
    So how does that apply to the OP? Well, given that you (Ceodryn), have experience GMing WHF and SW, I'd think that-that familiarity should help negotiate GeneSys on the mechanical side, which just leaves adventure hooks really. I saw a YouTube video with Chris Perkins on a panel discussion about adventure creation once, where he mentioned taking inspiration from real world current events, and then adapting them into his (D&D), game. I thought that was a fairly clever approach for doing initial story sketches.
    I don't know how useful any of that is within the context of finding solid pre-written adventures, but perhaps it offers you some ideas for how to let the game and story evolve organically? And thus, possibly relieve some of the stress of "Needing" a fully fleshed out adventure.
    The one thing I'd suggest though, is don't tell the players that- that's what you're doing. Let them fill in the missing pieces for themselves and feel clever for having solved your puzzle in their own way. And... Of course, take a ton of notes on what they do and with whom they end up interacting with--that'll help maintain continuity going forward.
    Success to you in finding a solution that makes sense for you and your group.
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    arMedBeta reacted to themensch in Collapse of the Republic era book   
    Man I hope I live long enough to see this come off the boat.
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    arMedBeta reacted to Flavorabledeez in Creativity vs Reality - Knock down brawl of the Forum (Ding)!   
    How heroic is up to the GM and the players. Plus there’s precedent for all of the things you mention in Star Wars.
    Time Travel- Ezra managed to find a nexus for just that (though not astronavigation in your example)
    A robot at least putting more of itself out there is shown with IG-88 (though far less than spreading AI across the holonet)
    I’m starting to feel like death is a joke in Star Wars, just so long as you’re connected to the force. Maul comes back, Anakin should’ve died, in the Legends stuff Palpatine clones are a threat, Darth Plagius could defeat death, etc. So the option for that isn’t unheard of. 
    And we’ve been victimized visually by flying people in Star Wars recently, but I’m more than happy to just say “yeah, I wouldn’t just allow arm flapping for flying unless gravity was low or the species of character could do it”
    However, I think your point is mostly a strawman argument though, since you knock all of these concepts down to just “a roll,” when most of these things are at the LEAST a sessions worth of storytelling to be able to accomplish them, many could be an entire campaign’s objective.
    Want to astronavigate back in time? There was rumor that a freighter did just that from the future, but its pilot went mad and is believed to be locked up by one of the Hutts.
    Distribute yourself across the holonet? That’s a whole personal campaign objective, and it most likely won’t turn out how you want it to (from freedom to becoming an information dump with no control)
    Bring someone back from the dead with medicine? Start using that archaeology background and searching for other cultures that might’ve done it.
    Fly... be written and directed by someone who believes people watching won’t be laughing at what’s transpiring. Laughing... or raging...
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    arMedBeta reacted to 2P51 in How many times do you let a player attempt a task?   
    Once. I don't set up plot choke points with rolls though.
    Always ask when you are designing a session do you really even need dice to be rolled? I find as I've GM ed longer n longer there is far less need for dice rolls than many people bother with imo.
    If so, insure there's more than one option for skinning the narrative cat. Consider different skills applied in different ways to accomplish the task.
    Make sure you're checking for the correct outcome. I always use the locked door example, are you intending to just pick a lock? Probably not, you're trying to get through a locked door and you're using narrative dice to describe that event. Succeed and you're in, succeed wildly and you disable the building's alarms in the process. Fail, you're in but broke your tools, fail miserably, you're in but were heard and are ambushed by security, the alarm starts sounding, etc.
    One opton allowing for multiple checks is exactly like combat, require multiple successes to achieve the goal during an structured encounter. So when the shootout is raging in the data center, the slicer needs 10 successes to DL all the info. That might take 1 round for an elite hacker, or 5 for a not so much.
    It's called the narrative dice system so narrate with the dice, don't just generate pass/fail checks.
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    arMedBeta reacted to CaptainJaguarShark in Your Token Resources for US and EU   
    Several printable options on BoardGameGeek (requires you to register an account on the site to download): https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/257501/keyforge-call-archons/files
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    arMedBeta reacted to Benjan Meruna in Like Torg's new Kickstarter why isn't FFG exploring this for more expansive supplement ideas.   
    Not really, FFG is beholden to Lucasfilm.  Disney owns Lucasfilm, but their involvement basically boils down to "make money, don't do anything horrific"
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    arMedBeta reacted to Bellyon in Using Miniatures with Genesys   
    My recommendation: use a hexagon grid, with big hexagons. No more problems for you : ) 
    Every miniature inside the same hexagon must be treated as engaged. Every hexagon far away means one different band.
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    arMedBeta reacted to Rabbitball in Production order or bad luck? (Got 2 pairs of same factions decks)   
    In order to demonstrate bias, you have to have data that suggests the probability of getting what you have is so remote that being random is a ludicrous possibility. Getting 2 in a row with the same 3 houses is around 3%, so out of the thousands of Keyforge players out there, it's bound to happen quite regularly. But getting 10 decks in a row with same 3 houses is a lot less likely, and would be stronger evidence for pattern over randomness.
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    arMedBeta reacted to Cantriped in Advice for new talent- Hold My Beer   
    I suddenly want the foil-Talent "All Part Of The Plan" where it allows you to add a Failure to the result in exchange for an Advantage.
    I imagine them being taken by quirky characters in lighter hearted games.
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    arMedBeta reacted to Noahjam325 in Advice for new talent- Hold My Beer   
    I would have it add success and threat, instead of dice. Then either limit it to once per encounter or once per session. 
    I think that would definitely fulfill the goal. Increasing chance of success, but with side effects.
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    arMedBeta reacted to lbwoodard in Range on concentrated magic effects   
    I say rule of cool. They cast a buff on the person, not the position. If I were the player, I would feel cheated if you told me I have to add a range modifier to keep concentrations going if the target moves after I've already successfully cast a spell.
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    arMedBeta reacted to Kiowa706 in You Know You're Playing Age Of Rebellion When...   
    When failing an astrogation check your Commando and Droid Commander get sucked out of hyperspace by an Interdictor.  Commando manages to not get tractored for a bit because of poor Imperial gunners, but the Droid does.  He plans a daring escape plan by ejecting himself out of his X-wing, then fails his athletics check to grab hold of the hull of the Interdictor.  The Commando has been taken hold of by the tractor beam, and is turned around just in time to see his commander fly out of his ship, and bounce off the ventral hull of the Interdictor.  The commando then rigs his torpedoes to explode 15 minutes after he lands on the deck.  He botches the roll and adds a few more hours.  During these hours, they're both interrogated, and the droid dismantled.  Once the torpedoes explode, the commando finds the head of his droid commander rolling around on the floor, which he then picks up and uses as an improvised  bludgeoning device against fleeing Stormtroopers as they make their escape from the crippled capital ship.
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    arMedBeta reacted to SanguineAngel in Open Attempts vs. Exclusion by Talent   
    In most cases, I find that the framework of rules are comprehensive enough to allow player characters to attempt to do anything. The Talents, if they crossover, typically only adjust the rules around the action (to make it easier) or enhance the outcome. So I don't really have an issue and don't see them as conflicting. 
    The only time I have run up against Talents in this manner is if I have a knowledge gap and adjudicate something at the table using common sense and realised later that I have overlapped with a the effects of a Talent. But this is not a long term problem as I will usually look up a thing I didn't know after the session and try to remember it going forward. 
    In those instances, I value maintaining momentum over accuracy. 
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    arMedBeta reacted to drainsmith in Adversaries Anthology: a boldy bound creature collection (updated v2.0.0)   
    Sorry. I only just saw this. @Korlall Made a user friendly version of my cover art template. You can get it here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UK0C6H7N0k8uCVtjQ5sSOiD4eRoG4onR
    Also, I have updated the main document. Everything has dice pools now!
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    arMedBeta reacted to Ahrimon in Padded Armor   
    I would avoid classifying it too much.  We have a system that goes from a 1/0 leather jacket to a 2/1 heavy battle armor.  2/0 padded armor could be anything from really heavy clothes to budget laminate.
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    arMedBeta reacted to Klort in Magic House Rule Critique   
    This sounds really interesting, and inspired me to quickly whip up a talent:
    Volatile Power
    Tier: 2
    Activation: Active (Incidental)
    Ranked: No
    When casting a spell, may add one additional effect without increasing the difficulty. When doing so, upgrade the difficulty a number of times equal to the difficulty increase of that additional effect.
    Not sure about the tier, but to put it into numbers (if I did everything correctly), using this would increase your chance of success by ~5-10%, reduce the average number of threat, but (obviously) increases your chances for a despair.
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    arMedBeta reacted to Noahjam325 in Incorporating the Force Die   
    I know most of these responses are trying to convert magic into using the force die in some way, but i actually came up with a way to include them in my custom setting Gentlemen of Fortune: Fantasy on the High Seas. My players and i didn't want to buy new sets of dice when we already purchased so many for Star Wars.  It felt weird to just not use them. So i came up with a new mechanic inspired by something from the FATE system. Without going into excruciating detail...
    I call it Rolling the Bones. The basic idea is that if a player fails a check they can choose to succeed instead. They have to flip a story point and roll the force die. Based on the results the GM selects something the character must sacrifice to succeed. White Pips mean a less severe sacrifice , black pips more severe.
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    arMedBeta reacted to Anonimicon in Pokémon, a simple version?   
    After discussing it with a friend of mine we came to the idea that for things like type advantage/disadvantage, it might work out well to upgrade the skill/difficulty of the check.
    An example would be a charmander uses ember against a bulbasaur. Because bulbasaur is weak to fire, the charmander upgrades its ability dice by 1 for the check. If the charmander used the same attack against a squirtle the difficulty dice would be upgraded by 1 for the check.
    This, I feel shows the benefit of using type advantage without making things too inherently boring with flat damage or adding too many extra dice to the check.
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    arMedBeta reacted to Ryckarde in The Dice Pool Podcast - EPISODE 12 - Its a Kind of Magic (Part 1)   
    Great episode as always!
    You guys start mentioning how you need to broaden your perspective at the 3 hr mark, but it would be really helpful to get some tips on how to help players do the same.  My players all come from a D20 background and seem to be stuck trying to replicate that magic system in Genesys (we play the Terrinoth setting).  I don't mind them using the frame of reference from D20, but when it becomes more of a hindrance then a help, it presents 2 problems.  First, it sets the expectation of effect, second it constrains the applications of magic that the players (and GM) can come up with.
    Some examples:
    The mage expects a fireball to annihilate all minions in an area, in D20 fireball is quite a potent spell and gets rather easy to cast at higher levels, but in Genesys its not quite the blast of death that it is in D20 unless you upgrade it with empowered and have a good implement.
    The player wants to summon a rain storm and have it dowse out a raging building fire.  Narrating that is no problem, but balancing the difficulty is tricky, especially when the player seems to think that feat is easy and I think it should be quite hard.
    Fly and invisibility fall within the realm of augment, but that category isn't available to the mage (arcana), who is used to the idea that mages can fly and turn invisible, as in D20.  Yes he can use conjure to conjure smoke or darkness, or a flying disk he rides on, but those don't feel the same to the player even though mechanically they can be identical.  I'm tempted to just say you can do fly and invisible via conjure or some other spell type since you can duplicate the effects, but I feel that the different spell categories need to be differently narrated, otherwise there isn't much point in distinguishing between them.
    On the expectation front I realize the core issue is that in D20 spells are intentionally overpowered compared to non spells as the character has them in very limited quantity, where as in Genesys your only limit on spells is time and strain, so to keep them balanced they need to be on par with non magical methods.
    In the next episode could you touch on how to help players bridge the chasm between the D20 magic system and the Genesys system?  Order 66 had something like this for the narrative dice system in general back on Episode 24, Kung Pow Chicken, something like that for Magic would be awesome!
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    arMedBeta reacted to Richardbuxton in Paralyzing Curse Not as Advertised   
    If a character looses the benefits of cover, or falls prone, or slips back down a flight of stairs, then to regain those benefits they simply need to spend another manoeuvre. But if a character looses the benefits of Concentrate then to regain the benefits they need to perform an action and succeed at a skill check. So in effect that single threat has actually lost the character the benefits of an action, which is definitely not the intention of the rule.
    Now I’m not saying it’s not something that a group could agree is possible, but it definitely is a very harsh penalty. It’s something worth discussing as a group before it comes up in play.
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    arMedBeta got a reaction from Richardbuxton in Paralyzing Curse Not as Advertised   
    The devs replied to a question about removing concentration for a single threat. Someone posted what they said here: 
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