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  1. arMedBeta

    Paralyzing Curse Not as Advertised

    The devs replied to a question about removing concentration for a single threat. Someone posted what they said here:
  2. arMedBeta

    Need Spell Lists...

    This might help: These are some sheets to keep track of different combinations, so you don't just make things up every time. The ones from Drainsmith are particularly well formatted.
  3. arMedBeta

    Genesys for a Hexcrawl?

    Someone tried using a hexcrawl approach with the Star Wars system (which is essentially the same). Here's a forum post from over there Prepping the Next Campaign: A Quasi-Hexcrawl Approach.
  4. arMedBeta

    Recovering Strain

    Out of curiosity, how do you usually handle advantage on strain recovery rolls? If you would like a scenario for an example, say it's after a gunfight in a warehouse and your player has just rolled 6 advantages.
  5. arMedBeta

    Stargate 1963

    I might be interested in helping you playtest.
  6. arMedBeta

    1st Terrinoth Character

    Your soak should be 4. You start with your brawn as a base and add soak from armor.
  7. arMedBeta

    Character sheet

    Typo: On the back (sheet 2), shouldn't it say, "... your character must have more talents in a tier than they do in the next highest tier." Otherwise, I like the design. Very clean.
  8. arMedBeta

    Mobile Suit Genesys

    What if you split Gunnery into Gunnery(Melee) and Gunnery(Ranged)?
  9. arMedBeta

    Map of Aymhelin?

    In RoT there's only what's on the map of Terrinoth on p. 139. It has a few cities, but it's mostly forest.
  10. arMedBeta

    [Input Request] Players "Push it to the limit" Rule

    Looking at it from a probability perspective, upgrading the difficulty of the check while matching the number of upgrades with boost die appears to have several effects. Success/Failure rate is (relatively) unaffected, chance for advantage is significantly increased while chance for threat is greatly reduced, and, the obvious one, chance for despair is increased greatly. I'd say that seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to house rule. It will definitely make checks more interesting. (Tests were made using a pool of YYGG against the example RPP difficulty) AnyDice probabilities used for research: Base Check Same Check with Rule Applied
  11. arMedBeta

    Genesys Core Magic vs Spell Lists (aka. Vancian Spells)

    I think this right here is one of the big reasons why FFG went the way they did with the magic system. The way described in the CRB for handling magic is consistent with their approach to handling firearms (and other ranged weapons). In the Tracking Ammo sidebar on p. 89 of the CRB , it shows that instead of counting ammunition, Despair can be used to cause a character's ammo to run out. Similarly in the table on p. 211 for spending threat and despair on magic skill checks, a single despair can be used to cause a magic user to "run out of ammo" preventing them from casting spells for the rest of the encounter. Spellcasters in Genesys don't have the luxury of bringing extra ammo though ? While this is the approach used in the CRB, there's nothing stopping you from counting bullets, or "wizard bullets." It just gets tricky when it comes to defining ammo capacity for a spellcaster and keeping things balanced.
  12. arMedBeta

    save or fail

    The Manticore on p. 228 of Realms of Terrinoth has the poisonous stinger ability which causes the target to "make a Hard Resilience check as as out-of-turn incidental or suffer 4 additional wounds, and must check again on their next turn if the check generates [despair]." For a basilisk, perhaps doing something similar to this, but maybe up the difficulty to Daunting and causing strain instead of wounds. And maybe if the target is incapacitated because of this special damage, they get a final Formidable Resilience check before being turned to stone or something like that. This approach gives the player more opportunities to resist rather than leaving it up to a single bad roll (one roll to hit with the ranged attack, one, maybe two if you use a story point or circumstances require an upgrade, rolls for poison damage per successful attack). The tail attack also has slow-firing 1 which makes it dangerous without being something that the players have to constantly worry about.
  13. arMedBeta

    Lycanthropy and Vampirism in Genesys?

  14. I am currently running an EotE game and I have two force sensitive characters, two, soon to be three, non Force sensitive characters, and a droid. My players are currently on Yavin 4 (salvaging from the remains of the Death Star) and I know Yavin 4 is the site of a dark side vergence. This led to an interesting question: how do each of the characters interact with force vergences (like the more vision-like ones)? Can droids even see their effects? What about non-jedi? Any understanding you can bring would really help me plan for our next couple sessions.