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  1. In fact im stealing that either almost word for word or as is! Good imagination - thank you!!
  2. Awesome mate. My campaign is an imperial one, the pcs will defend him; and i chose him to survive the death stars destruction because he has a distinguished (thank you clone wars) Republic career and is seen as a hero in the clone wars. So im my universe he slipped away!
  3. Thank you, someone who understands the difference!
  4. Works for me! but....................... The Galactic Republic’s Ministry of Justice Department of Extrajudicial Felonies War Crimes Commission Zhellday of the third week of the second month, 4 ABY Galactic Republic Attorney General of the Court of Justice; NUX NIER Referential Serial Number: 6743325-A Summons to appear before the Galactic New Republic Galactic Criminal Court To; CORONEL WULLF YULAREN of the Old Galactic Empire In Pursuance of subsection 2(1) of the Galactic Republic Commissions Act of 4 ABY, I, the honourable NUX NIER AG, the member of the Commission established under letters patent dated Primeday of the third week of the second month, 4 ABY (Coruscant Standard Calendar) to make an inquiry into and report upon the below-mentioned matters summon you: To appear before the Commission at the hearing to be held in Hearing Room 1, Level 47, Bail Organa Tower, Hanna City, Chandrila, on Zhellday of the third week of the third month, 4 ABY at 07:00 to appear in court in relation to the matters into which the Commission is inquiring; and a) to attend day to day unless excused or released from further attendance. Inquiry Details CORONEL WULLF YULAREN of the Old Galactic Empire has been accused of participating in, and being proxy to the mass genocide of the Alderaan people in the destruction of their home planet Alderaan on Centaxday of the fifth week of the seventh month, 0 BBY by the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) labelled ‘Death Star’ of the Galactic Empire. The accused is being convicted of aiding in the upkeep and firing of this WMD in a crime against the Alderaan people in violation of the current conventions outlined by the Chancellor and the Constitution. The prosecution claims that CORONEL WULLF YULAREN is responsible for the deliberate murder and mass genocide committed against the people of Alderaan by the Galactic Empire and its navy. The prosecution claims that since CORONEL WULLF YULAREN was a high-ranking officer serving on the ‘Death Star’, was Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's command staff. He is responsible for the actions of those under his command, including the navy-men that had fired the WMD, and is thus, is guilty of any and all crimes committed by the crew of the ‘Death Star’, and any other Galactic Empire officer, official or military personnel directly connected to the ‘Death Star’s’ construction, upkeep and use.
  5. You asked for it! lol but seriously thanks - still in the production stage AND trying to dream up the evidence for the trial and how its gonna work - will use the wonderful idea of a final die pool. So, currently i'm working on Yularen's service record and background, taking lots of info from WIKI. BUT its the charges im trying to dream up - one is obvious, this one! Alderaan. In my campaign, Yularen is basically a good guy but also a loyal to the law officer. Enemies of the government are enemies of the government. However, in my game, Yularen wasn't killed on the Death Star as he left it to travel to Coruscant so he can wind up his affairs and resign in protest over the harsh treatment of the Alderaanian people; penning a letter to the Emperor personally. He then retires and vanishes...... only to be caught now, during the New Republic Imperial Trials. With that background, please take a look at this criminal charge letter im going to use. I need to dream up evidence for and against (for would be communications from within the death star and being a member of the inner circle etc) guilt. This evidence and be used to generate checks and therefore add to the die pool at the end. BUT also can spawn other side missions to gather more evidence FOR THE DEFENCE like questioning a witness or breaking into a secure data vault etc. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a look and make some suggestions. It would really help me out - old man with two young kids and full time job! Charge Summons.pdf
  6. I like this idea as well . . . kinda like they play something out in the past in the bodies of the original characters?
  7. Ohhh mate, thank you!! You've given me a load of inspiration and ideas and made my life easier. Just for the background here, (if any of my players are reading, dont!) I run an imperial based campaign and we are post Endor. I'm gonna mess with canon (sorry but tough to the purists!) and have Colonel Wullf Yularen survive the Death Star but be arrested after Endor. The New Republic will be keen to do a public trial of this guy for war crimes but the PCs will (representing a remnant imperial league of sectors, so have diplomatic immunity - or some fudge anyway) be sent to represent him and try help him get aquitted, prob drawing upon his military career as an Admiral in the Republic. So the talkers will be in the court room and the uggs sent to find into and historical evidence. Want to see if they are smart enough to try use positive public opinion.....
  8. Certainly!! Its my next adventure so will have to write it and then play it; modify it and then share!
  9. Been playing with the idea of running a courtroom drama adventure but only have few ideas on how itll work. Mostly it social skills opposed, lots of narration but also sending out people on missions to gather lost or missing evidence. I'd appreciate and ideas as to how to run this over several sessions..... im also gonna rewatch A Few Good Men! lol
  10. What about the time taken to travel. Without immediately access to books, it takes hours, days or weeks to travel in hyper space. So you wouldn't get the starting scene without a long wait between jumps. Hyperspace isn't telelortation.
  11. Far out! Right regardless what the target is using to defence themselves against the pull; what does the force user use as difficulty?
  12. So its just discipline v athletics? End of!? I ruled that even though the soldier won the check, HE was dragged towards the force user (as the FU had enough to pull sil 2) made for an interesting narrative....
  13. Hi there, After a good few years my group is about to encounter full of force using badasses! Now the biggest, hardest PC is a Commando with Brawn 6, Soak of 9, 23 WT and a love for knives! As GM, im wondering how to challenge but not murder him easily and it seems a decent lightsabre wielding baddie could end this PC pretty quickly. With a sabre with Crit 1; all i need is to do 1 would damage (which is pretty easy) and roll a tonne of advantage to give this guy a +loads critical roll and make his day sad. Am i connect here? Also, the opposite applied. In a fight against two force users with LS, the movies have long exchanges of blows, whereas the rules seem to have one strike and death by critical roll (thats with soak, parry/deflect et al reducing the damage) - ie a parry 5 talent can take 7 off the damage, soak 5 makes a 12 reduction but all i need is 1 wound and its +**** loads critical. What am i missing? Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi there, could you do an example which would work in the situation where a force user was trying to pull of weapon out the hands of a soldier? So the force user has WW (2 force dice), Will of 3 and a discipline of YGG (say); the soldier has athletcis of YYYGGG. What would the opposed roll be here? Make any other stats up you need please.
  15. That is very useful thank you. I thought it was the skill involved augmented by the white dice, but Discipline feels better. AND i like the idea of weapon skills (maybe OR athletics whichever is higher!) Thank you!
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