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  1. Yeah kinda thinking that myself. It has to obliterate lots of y-wings in one hit. Thanks!
  2. Thrown together some stats for the Diamond Boron Missile as i couldn't find any.Based on the little i have read about it online. Please review and offer ideas, if needed. Thanks MS-15 Diamond Boron Missile Range: Medium Damage: 10 Crit: 3 Qualities: Blast 8. Breach 6, Guided 2. Limited Ammo 1. Slow-Firing 1
  3. mwknowles

    Jedi temple inspiration

    Hi all, I'm running a campaign using all the books, based around a group of imperial commandos (the PC's) loyalty fighting against the terrorist rebellion. Now I want to send them to a force user temple (nice and ancient) so their force sensitive can progress (plus it's fun) what I can't think of is what to put into the temple. Dangers, interesting things, force effects. Completely dry for inspiration. Please help!
  4. mwknowles

    Opposed checks

    Im wondering about hidden rolls too and i suggest the situation where the PCs are being observed but the GM doesnt want them to know unit they spot the watchers. Rolling an open check gives this info away and kinda spoils the surprise.
  5. Hi there, I've thrown together a stat block for Guri as im using her in an up coming game (a huge surprise to my PCs when a seemingly distraught and weak woman becomes a super nimble killing machine!) Power of over 1200. Based on an almost cybernetic human (easier than messing about with a droid, given everything i read about her character online) Its a SW GM Tools fiune, hope it works, if not i can send the picture version. Let me know what you think. Guri - Nemesis.xml
  6. mwknowles

    Canon Characters

    Hi there, Have you created a stat block for Guri at all? If so can i steal it please?
  7. Hi guys, New to the forum. I am playing with the idea of a heist game where the PCs must get onto a ship which i traveling in Hyperspace. Now with Han's planetary landing and all, this may be possible. If you think it can be done, what kinds of problems, skill checks and difficulties would i use? Thanks in advance!! Michael
  8. mwknowles

    Stormtrooper game ideas

    Hi comic collector. Im very keen getting the rpg and running an empire based game but isnt the game based around rebels only? Any tips on running stormtroopers would be very welcome. Thanks.