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  1. I want to also point out that the incidental conditions include the ability to take a "small movemen". Which to be (and I can't stress that enough) sounds like the 5' step action in DnD. So asking a pc to at least look out of his tent isnt unreasonable. Contrary to some. Yes you're correct. I apologise.
  2. Exactly. The examples include "your shot hits a pipe showering the enemy in sparks" have a blue die. Most of the time no one bothers unless they have an idea
  3. Ok so what distance or contact would you not allow? Would you allow it over a few km? Maybe in a different part of the star shop? How about a different city? What about star system? What about different sector?
  4. Mate there are literally infinite options that COULD have been used but all involve some obvservation of some kind. Regardless of how it's done. Just rolling over in a tent isnt one.
  5. And there you have it..... "Sure I'm of the belief that there should be some kind of interaction with the wound in question - a glance assessment would be enough." Exactly my point. The doctor must inspect the wound some how. He's not Thanos able to click his fingers and it's healed.
  6. I have been GMing for over 35 years and know how to play! I also recognise a broken rule which clearly you don't. I have allowed this rule to be used with reasonable line of sight or closer. Anything else is a magical effect and frankly a childish interpretation of the rules. Now your personal attacks on me indicate your childish and pathetic action. "Your kind"? How dare you assume anything about me. You're a bully. As for my games..... Zero complaints and lots of requests to join. As for how I play. None of your business. As for my post. I was interested in what others thought. I assumed I'd find stable individuals. I then found you.
  7. Let me put it a other way. Is fantasy flight the best, most detailed, well written text you've "read"?
  8. No it doesn't. It prevents a critical hit! That's extreme.
  9. Yes but they must at least inspect the wound to make a judgement.
  10. Hi there, This situation came up twice recently in my game and i pulled GM rank on it but would like to have the collective opinion please. The party medic used his "It's not that bad" talent to cancel a critical, and i'm good with that; the think i wasn't happy with is that he wanted to do it from a distance. The medic was in the same encounter but a full double maneuver away. Now the medic claims that just by saying (effectively) "It's not that bad" the talent works; but i ruled he had to be at the victims location for it to work. Thematically because the medic would be looking over the wound and patching it up, saying "It's not that bad". However the medic (asleep in a tent, and woken by gun fire) wanted to just roll over and say "It's not that bad" and thats that; which i thought is rules lawyering to the letter and against the nature of any game. (just because the talent ways the critical is instantly cancelled with a medicine check. Anyone had this happen before? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Happy, do you mean using the Colonists Campaigns section of the book?
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