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  1. Simple, maybe stupid, question: can a character roll on just their ring, if they don’t have any rank in a skill? Is there a penalty?
  2. Yeah, it’s not an introduction to Rokugan adventure, it’s a “test every type of scene” adventure. Which is cool, but as my play test group are mostly new to Rokugan, I ran them through a version of the 4th ed. Tournament of Samurai last night as their first adventure. Next time (in three weeks because i’m away for the next two sessions, we’ll level up and run the proper scenario.
  3. Yeah, I’m playing this new game with a different group, the ongoing campaign 8 play with another group isn’t switching from 4th ed.
  4. I note that Spider clan appears in the profile photos who can pick from. Read into that what you will...
  5. Has dare you, stinking Hare! The Monkey are a modest, just, ascetic clan! ? I’m hoping for Ronin from the start too, though. So I can become a Monkey in the end...
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