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  1. Really appreciate the snark, thanks! Despite your irony, Destiny deckbuilding is actually a step in the right direction compared to Magic - when you build a deck one card at a time, the decks should be small so that each individual choice mattered. But it's not enough - the choices in Destiny deckbuilding aren't remotely complex and matter but a little. SW LCG deckbuilding offers few choices, but they're complex and impactful, and that's what I'm after.
  2. I wouldn't. SWLCG deckbuilding has just about killed regular deckbuilding for me - I can't stand making that many individually meaningless decisions any more.
  3. If you want a specific character, you can go to http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/starwars/star-wars-card-spoilers and search by that character's name, and you'll see which pack(-s) they are in. As for the characters you asked about: Rebels: Kanan is in the Galactic Ambitions deluxe Hera and Ezra are in Power of the Force Sabine is in Ancient Rivals Zeb and Kallus are in A Wretched Hive Chopper is in Technological Terror Bounty hunters: Boba Fett is in the core, the Between the Shadows deluxe and Attack Run Zuckuss and 4-LOM are in Lure of the Dark Side and the Galactic Ambitions deluxe The 4 versions of IG-88 (IG-88, IG-88B, IG-88C and IG-88D) are in It Binds All Things, Solo's Command, Technological Terror and Desperate Circumstances Bossk is in the Edge of Darkness deluxe Dengar is in Escape from Hoth and Ancient Rivals
  4. There have been few posts on this forum I disagree with more than this. The more even the players' collections are, the more the game is decided by a player's deckbuilding skill and play skill, not the size of their wallet.
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/11/10/the-legacy-of-the-force/ Yoda and Maul officially confirmed, with Yoda being the first character without any blanks on his dice!
  6. No, there is no connection at all between deluxes and small packs. That only applies to the co-op LCGs. You can buy whatever, and you'll be able to use all of it.
  7. It's only auto capture once per turn if LS is using card effects to get units into play. That card doesn't touch units that are played normally during deployment.
  8. That's a good way of putting it - I played L5R for the first time last night, and I felt this way too. About the only thing that saved me from freezing up was not caring that much about whether the play I was making was the best or not - I just did whatever didn't seem outright horrible for me.
  9. Fair point about draw consistency. Then you could see this as a *third* copy, maybe? I just realized strange solution only costs 1, not 2. So I should've said you save 1 resource, not 2. And you save that resource because if you need to get a charged solution and have one in play already, there are two ways to do that. Option one: pay 1 resource, play a new copy from hand. Option two: pay nothing, play EC, get up to 4 charges, and some money if you took fewer charges. You can't say each supply costs 1 resource, because taking supplies actually gets you supplies on the card you want to recharge, but taking money means you still need another card, action and some of that money you just took to get supplies. And that's if you want to recharge only one card; if you wanted to get, say, two charges on a flashlight and two on strange solution, taking money and playing new cards would mean more actions spent (though more charges gained). Also, what did you mean with that "if it isn't empty" part? There are no caps on how many supplies a card can have.
  10. Specifically for strange solution, you save 1 XP and 2 resources by recharging the one you have instead of playing a new one.
  11. That would mean the event was to be played during Coercion's resolution, and the opponent could then take their turn as normal.
  12. Unless I'm misreading something, ozmodon is suggesting Coercion is not intended to allow the targeted opponent to pass. I was just pointing out how disastrous that could be.
  13. Okay, let me rephrase that. Imagine Coercion hitting Price of Failure on the first round. Because Coercion is a strong card, so you might mulligan for it (or at least not shuffle it away), and it's fairly easy for the other guy to mulligan into Price of Failure. And now your first action may very well end up being spend one resource to defeat an opponent's character before it has done literally anything in the game. I get that Destiny is supposed to be random and swingy, but that's like 300% too much random and swingy. Price of Failure is a strong card, but it's nowhere near gamebreaking enough to deserve this level of counter.
  14. Until a new FAQ says otherwise, that matches the current understanding of Coercion's effect. When you play Coercion you get to decide what your opponent's next action is going to be, but it doesn't force your opponent to take an action at all. Because if it did, imagine Coercion hitting a Price of Failure.
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