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  1. Rts are still pretty competitive. But you gotta play them in multiples. 3x flamers is still a huge threat
  2. T-47s are pretty much unplayable. But ATSTs are still competitive. Play grenade launchers and push them up aggressively. If u make the opponent shoot at them, particularly with their z6s, it’s making the them play inefficiently.
  3. Ah the Spanish sites. Spoiling ffg official releases since forever
  4. Z6s add 1.5 avg hits per Attack, with 5 reb troopers average of 2.5 hits equals about 4 hits per Attack. A higher dmg per Attack means you punch through heavy cover more often. Also, 6 white dices means you have 6 more chances of triggering crits
  5. Right now it’s full, but there’s a high chance of opening up more brackets because there’s quite a lot of people signing up. Just go ahead and sign up first!
  6. Sign ups aren’t live yet, but will be soon!
  7. Put your leader to the side of the atrt and the rest of ur troopers behind the atrt. You get cover while they don’t
  8. One thing interesting to note is that a speed 2 move on an infantry base equals to range 1 exactly
  9. There are fleet troopers! I just posted the general archetypes. but yeah no airspeeders
  10. After 4 weeks of 56 round robin games of the 45 player Invader League tourney, i'd like to share some stats and lists with y'all. This is right before we head into the top 18 Single Eliminations. Round Robin Stats dump: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/408238220527140864/445383043683844097/Round_Robin_Analysis.docx Top 18 Lists: http://www.invaderleague.com/league/single-elimination-lists (Note that players can change lists between games for round robin, but have to stick to 1 list for the single eliminations. These are the submitted lists for the upcoming single elims) Some analysis: Out of the top 18 players, only 5 are rebels. However, the top 3 players are rebels. Some major archetypes that seem to emerge for the top 18: Luke + Leia + Double AT-RT (All the 5 Rebs in top 18 are running some variant of this. The leading player is running double naked AT-RT!) Veers + Double AT-ST (The 2nd most popular archetype with 4 players running this, and most popular among imperials) Vader + Veers + 6 Corp Spam (3 Players) Triple Speeder Bikes (3 Imp lists with this, players run either Veers or Vader) Some stats on the deployment, objectives and conditions: Most Played Deployment – Major Offensive – 17/57 (30%) Least Played Deployment – Disarray/The Long March – 8/57 (14%) Most Played Objective – Intercept the Transmissions – 21/57 (37%) Least Played Objective – Key Positions – 7/57 (12%) Most Played Condition – Clear Conditions/Hostile Environment – 15/57 (26%) Least Played Condition – Minefield – 7/57 (12%) Win Rates: Rebels Won – 38/55 (69%) – Of the 55 matches involving Rebels 38 were won. (Includes Mirror Matches) Imperials Won – 48/59 (81%) – Of the 59 matches involving Imperials 48 were won. (Includes Mirror Matches) Rebel vs. Imperial Win Rate i. Rebels – 15/32 (47%) – Rebels won 15 of the 32 Games played against Imperials ii. Imperials – 17/32 (53%) – Imperials won 17 of the 32 Games played against Rebels Hope these stats are useful for y'all!
  11. Pg32. • Whenever there are minis that are not in base contact with an enemy mini but those minis have a melee weapon and the unit to which they belong is in a melee, those minis must be placed in base contact with an enemy mini in the same melee as their unit if possible. This can happen when minis in a melee suffer wounds and are defeated, creating space for other minis that were not previously in base contact to be place in base contact. If both players own minis that are not in base contact with an enemy mini and should be, the player that is currently activating a unit or has most recently activated a unit (even if that unit is not the unit with minis that should be placed in base contact with enemy minis) should move their minis into base contact with enemy minis before the other player does so. If neither play has activated a unit yet this round, the blue player should move their minis first. So after first Attack Luke can close in basically
  12. If you have numerically superior army, it’s good to bid for red as you can get use your numbers advantage to out deploy your opponent. From the games on tts, deployment usually determines significantly how your army engage and subsequently your chance of winning
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