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  1. Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    Muu dives into his main course, turns to the Foreman and says "Delicious" softly. The Padawan joyfully continued to listen to conversation.
  2. You could be a 3rd party business that clubs hire in the area for 'diverse acts or dances' regularly or for special occasions too. Since you playing a information gather and maybe con artist, it could be useful to be mobile and get into areas with less security EDIT: If Hetaera is at the club for whatever reason (fun or employment), we can introduce your character now since Leto is set up there.
  3. Mynock was keeping pace with Cyclone until he got snagged by barbed wire within a tunnel next to a fellow comrade. He thought "Karabast! This why the Republic uses AT-RTs to avoid this barbed crud! Medic?" as he notices Doc entangled into the barbed wire next to him. Slugger tries to provide some encouraging words on how to escape but the clone seemingly couldn't figure it out. Finally, Gunslinger dragged Mynock lose from the barb wire. "Thank you brother!" he says somewhat embarrassed.
  4. Sure, I wasn't trying to shoot the idea down. Just trying to clarify a mutual image concept.
  5. Leto thank Re'peek for the offer to stay but work was calling. The human walked a few blocks away from the Bothan's residence before arriving at a identifiable spot for an air speeder taxi to pick him up. Leto carefully directed his taxi to the end of his block with the plan to casually stroll the rest of the way. Along the way Leto gets a wiff of some Rodia herb from the usual Rodian crew hanging out by their building's front stairs. He decides to swing by to share the buzz of how the authority is possibly over with the Duros short rise and now is the time to negotiate down those corner spice distributors. The human tried to see if the Rodians were aware of any Tuckers' associates or courier routes but discovered zilch. With zip to go on, Leto takes his speeder bike up to Salc's establishment, 'Sound Investments'. "Time to face the music" he thought with a grin. As Leto arrived at the nightclub he greeted the bouncers with a mutual forearm to elbow bump and back pat simultaneously to show respect. Entering inside, he visually scans the activity of the large multi-level room. There was a plethora of laser lights illuminating the crowd casting shadows of ethereal glow. The local resident music producer 'DJ H0-U5' was tearing up the dance floor with his underground electro beats. The producer was a musically talented droid who knew how to move the crowd with its syck mixes. Tonight the club was a cathedral dedicated to the demigod heavy dancefloor hitters which were moving like heroes. Leto could feel the bass rattle in his humanoid blood from the latest tech wizardry sound system. The neon purple LED-lit dance floor and bar glisten against the highly texturized club walls. At a distance in the upper floor Leto saw Salc partying with the VIP guests. The black light ceilings would gleam on the color white highlighting clothing articles and attendees spiced noses. Leto thought "I should create a more friendly environment for showing up late ". Leto approached H0-U5 requesting a song, Generate by Prydz, a celebrated Mirilan artist in the industry. The song set a reminiscent tone that both individuals felt a mutual connection towards in their craft. Plus, it generated an atmosphere for the attendees to forget about their Nar Shaddaa troubles. Leto timed his movement to the build of the song to reach Salc in the upper VIP level of the club. On cue Salc notices Leto & both start rhythmically dancing in tune with each other from afar as the song plays. Lyrics, "All of the love we generate, The only thing that carries me on, There's nothing we need that it can't create". Both appeared to move in a choreographic bromance groove as they sang to each other. By the end of the song both were laughing and smiling at the attention they attracted at the scene. Leto began first, "Sorry, was at Rusty Droid's ground zero event and didn't want to tempt the authority to follow me here. Took sometime to let the dust settle before arriving at our paradise" attempting to smooth over the delay. After Salc's understanding response to security, Leto jumped into club operations as usual.
  6. Average Coordination Tunnel + Prior Advantage Bonus: 3eA+1eB+2eD 1 failure, 2 advantage 2x Boost from Slugger: 2eB 0 successes, 1 advantage Mynock might be in a similar situation. Advantages for who ever needs them.
  7. I read the background but were I’m seeking clarity is it was a childhood gang and everybody went their separate ways not staying in contact. We are just now “getting the band together again” in IC. So, if Shura is the glue, we are not in contact with her again yet. The nightclub is Salc’s (separate from the gang) and Leto manages operations there. The way I read your background, it was as if the gang owned the club. The dance clubs irl I’ve attended are the dance floor attendees and music artist focused with the gogo dancers or aerial routines as background noise. With the layout and vip tables set up to focus on the music performance. The disconnect is I think burlesque skits are the focus and music is secondary (plus more private). Does a different club location seem more in line with your character? If so, no biggy. As Jex said, he could tie Hetaera in
  8. @Edgehawk, Are you still planning on gogo dancing at the nightclub? If so, I can have Leto introduce you into the story. I couldn't quite tell with the background if still planned too.
  9. Do you mind if @satkaz & Mynock use 2x boosts so we don't hold Cyclone back?
  10. Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    Muu nods. "Yes, Zoroku & Tiberius offer quite the perspective and expertise as risk auditors for the Jedi Order. Each Padawan able to identify vulnerabilities, forecast, and minimize any impact in their fields. Altogether beneficial for the reconstruction and advancement of our allies. Ideal for progress and moving forward, wouldn't you say?" the Iktotchi says with a smile.
  11. @Shlambate Do you have a count of how many advantages are left (originally 7x) for the party from your Athletics check last round?
  12. Average Coordination Tunnel + Prior Advantage Bonus: 3eA+1eB+2eD 1 failure, 2 advantage Anybody have a count of available boosts for Mynock & Doc to pass the check?