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  1. How are we justifying for the Jedi to take jurisdiction of the prisoner without a confession? Are we somehow not reporting the admiral's death? If somehow reporting the death without the assassin's confession... then how do we plan to justify to ourselves as Jedi to withhold the prisoner away from the Republic? I honestly don't understand the confession refusal since the assassin see's that the Jedi offer makes sense, understood no negotiations or conditions on his end, and failed his social check to convince otherwise. For a week, now, a simple confession from the assassin could of lead to us to point where the assassin would be in Jedi custody (not Republic) and we could of worked towards making Zalen part of the party (if the goal).
  2. You may want to re-read my post. I'm IC trying to create a reason to keep you in Jedi custody. Without one, we follow protocol and hand you over to the authorities.
  3. Huh? I'm trying not to bring him into the Republic immediately if you provide Muu with cause not too. The Jedi are merely peacekeepers and don't have jurisdiction unless the Republic hands it over to us. Without a confession, Muu will take you to the Republic because it flows with all the Star Wars lore. If you're worried about being sniped, the chances increase by moving out in the open.
  4. Muu looks briefly around the isolated room surrounded by seven Jedi at the bottom of the stairs. "Kataddik, could you help our prisoner remove his helmet? I don't think he can hear me" he says, in a stoic manner.
  5. I tried to be a little more subtle by implying protocol could lean to a direction with others who may go that route 'if you don't confess now' but, I don't mind. If anybody else wants to lead the interrogation, please go for it. Muu already stated if they left this location without a confession he would turn him over to the Republic for questioning and no longer be in Jedi custody. Not trying to be difficult but, IC Muu thinks 'else where' would be less safe than 'confess here'. Without the confession, my character does know not to trust the Republic internally.
  6. As the Mandalorian surrenders, Muu begins to thinks "Hrmm, I don't believe this guy to be Taung based off the present behavior. Neo-Mandolorian? There might be hope for this situation yet". Once Zoroku gestures him forward, he approaches cautiously with his unignited lightsaber still prepared to strike. Upon the prisoner attempting to demand conditions, Muu flatly just shakes his head 'no'. The assassin just murdered one of the few remaining Republic Naval Admirals who had survived the war. Clearly, the individual just guaranteed themselves a hasty death penalty on Coruscant. His only hope is to immediately cooperate and remain a Jedi prisoner for any hope of humane treatment. Post-Foerost, this Republic lose of life was far more tragic than losing Governors for entire systems. Coldly, "You're in no room to negotiate... I suggest you do tell us everything, now, to remain in Jedi custody. Or we shall have you simply confess in one of Admiral Ratchar Stewth's naval brigs under her command by personnel..." he harshly warns, standing by Zoroku's side. The Iktotchi keeps his eyes alertly focused upon the Mandalorian awaiting for the lengthy full confession.
  7. As Muu runs in unison with Oola, he quickly leaps inside the adjacent building to spot Kai-wan lunging at an armed individual wearing Mandalorian armor. Noting the downward arc of combat swiftly approaching, he decides to maneuver himself with the intent of blocking the building's backdoor while still allowing Oola room to enter inside the primary entrance. Catching sight of the assailant's DL-19C, Muu without hesitance reaches through the Force towards the pistol, and telekinetically rips it from the Mando's grasp straight into his own off-hand. "You're under arrest for the assassination of a Republic Admiral! Place your hands up into the air and kneel down now!" he demands, focused on the Mandalorian's next move.
  8. Muu will take 1 maneuver to block the exit and use Move to disarm the Mando. Opposed Discipline for the BlasTech DL-19C: 1eP+3eA+1eD+1eC 2 successes, 1 advantage I'll pass a boost to the next PC and get a post up hopefully tonight.
  9. Just to confirm, its 1 maneuver to the Mando & Kai-wan from where Oola and I are located? Edit: Further, could I spend that maneuver to position myself to create 'difficult terrain' by making it more challenging to exit the building?
  10. Catching a brief precognitive glimpse of Oola rushing towards the droid, Muu immediately says "Understood. I will join you!" speaking simultaneously as she does. Purely focused on discovering the assailant's identity, the Iktotchi quickly throws the left portion of his robe to the side, and withdraws his curved crossguard lightsaber. Rushing by Oola's flank towards the building in unison, he begins to question what exactly did 'you won't make me do that' was in reference too?
  11. Arriving to their destination, Muu parks the speeder, "This is where the admiral told us to discretely meet for further information on the traitor. I'm ecstatic for us to be finally able to identify the Foerost collaborator who betrayed our beloved Republic" he says, cheerfully to the other padawans. As Muu quickly hops out of the vehicle, he joyfully waves to the others as Kai-wan, strangely, starts simultaneously running towards an adjacent building. Rushing to Oola's side for the details, the Iktotchi abruptly pauses at the startled sight of the former admiral. Staring at the scene, Muu's mind races with curiosity of 'Who could of known on such short notice?'. Turning his head towards Oola, "We are by your side now. I am sorry I wasn't here sooner" he shares, sincerely.
  12. Beep beep! Get in the landspeeder losers! Road trip!!!
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