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  1. Same. If I need to play the secondary character, I'd prefer it be related mission specific. Roleplay a separatist supporting species spy/sleeper agent or EoTE underworld contact aiding the Republic etc. Something which might be a one time use to aid the plot 😀
  2. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    "Thank you for this kindness, Foreman. May we meet again under better circumstances. May Foerost's station be reconstructed stronger than ever" Muu says, before departing. The padawan makes his way up the ramp and prepares to set off for the Jedi Temple. Reflecting, the Iktotchi begins to wonder how the Council will deem their efforts. Had the padawans performed their best under the Council's eyes?
  3. A low pitch reverberating rumble echoes from the gunship as it lands nearby the Coruscant Guard. Soon as the repulsorcraft lightly touches down on the site, the LAAT/i's side doors instantaneous merge open. Mynock turns back towards the Anler and shouts, "Touchdown Commander! Welcome to Coruscant, Cyclones". With the thrusters still softly humming, the clone patiently awaits further orders.
  4. As the gunship rapidly soars around the monolithic structures, without any trouble, Mynock realigns its trajectory to the land site. The LAAT/i gradually descends altitude closer to the cityscape. Making good time, the clone announces "We're approaching the landing zone, boys. ETA Three Galactic Minutes". Still noticing no enemy craft on the sensors, he becomes even more curious as to why the battalion was called to Coruscant. Suddenly, cruising through some mild turbulence, Mynock adjusts the LAAT/i's engine flow to the appropriate descent rate of the repulsorcraft. Still experiencing minor downdraft microbursts due to the pressure changes, the gunship begins to land.
  5. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    Muu abruptly wakes as his comlink sounds by his side. Receiving the message, the Iktotchi briefly cleans himself up and makes his way Hanger 4-C. Along the way through the corridors, he confirms his path with a passing station security personnel. Eager to arrive, the padawan further makes haste to the hangar.
  6. Landing planetary piloting average: 3eP+2eD 1 success, 2 threat
  7. Vergence


    Do you really like the lamp KungFuFerret or are you just going around saying you like it because you saw it in your mind palace?
  8. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    It was obvious to Muu if the sector admin had survived the battle, the Besalisk was clearly duty bound to more pressing matters. Scanning the debris upon the floor from the sabotaged controls, he looks up to notice numerous individuals rush by with their own troubles. "It may be best to retire until things begin to stabilize; I believe my presence may only hinder their progress. Once the long range comms are re-established, I'll be able to report to the council our status" the padawan thought. Deciding to return to his quarters, the Iktotchi sought to recuperate by catching some rest. Laying down to revitalize, he sets the comlink to his side, and closes his eyes.
  9. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    What are you guys trying to do? Muu is ready for Corusant when the team is.
  10. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    As Gaze runs off, Muu decides to visit the sector admins office. The Iktotchi became curious how the very resourceful Besalisk was doing after the raid. After all, without his cooperation, the interdictor may very-well of been in the darksider's control. The young padawan sought to thank his new ally and finallly explore outside of the med-bay.
  11. The clone-pilot nods, "Clear skies, clear skies" he responds, confused towards the war situation. "What sort of assault doesn't have any trace of air support?" he questions, unaware of what to expect. "Lets see if we can find us a shortcut" Mynock announces, knowing very well he's never been on this planet. As the gunship pushes into the lower atmospheric depths of Coruscant, the vast cityscape magnifies and mountainous skyscrapers come into view. Attempting to make more time, the LAAT/i rapidly descends further towards the surface buzzin' between the upper planetary structures. Briefly scanning the sensors as he pilots, Mynock notices possibly faster route to the land-site. Rapidly taking the path he chose, he visually notices two burdensome monolith structures which obstruct his would-be shortcut. "Oh, come on! Yeah, lets just build these gargantuan towers right here because uhhh that makes sense! Flippin' Coruscant Engineers" he shouts in frustration, taking a hard turn to avoid them.
  12. Planetary piloting: 3eP+1eB+2eC+1eS 2 failures, 3 advantage 😛
  13. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Morality: 1d10 2 I’ll repost. Rolled the first time mentioned
  14. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    Due to close proximity, Walden's response could be heard by Gaze and Muu over the comlink . The Iktotchi remained silent as he glances up briefly towards his peer for a reaction. "Good to hear Katttadik & Zoroku are doing well" he manages to utter. Looking back down, crestfallen, Muu reflects on Matt's last request. To aid his resolve against the Darkside. "Could Matt of seen the events which were to transpire in his visions?" he questions to himself. Curious as to what the young seer may of foreseen, he knew the human served the Order and Republic to the very end. "May you both rejoin with the Cosmic Force, friends" Muu thinks.
  15. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Ummmm, while you were gone we stole the last remaining interdictor at Foerost and docked on Coruscant. It great! Master Vandar has already ordered us lightsaber attachments and a legion of younglings at our disposal.