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  1. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    Muu gives officer Varn a nod, "I am Padawan Muu Wusun. I look forward to collaborating with you and your men" he greets, standing beside Oola, Gaze, and Kai-wan. Looking around, "Considering the delicate topic at hand, what sort of security or resources might we have to work with?" Muu asks Varn directly.
  2. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Muu is assuming the Sentinels have this until otherwise told and will be by K-1 + Oola’s side.
  3. As Mynock sees the barrage of red bolts over his repulsor cart cover and plascrete rumble collapsing, he drops prone to secure himself. “That’s right you lazer bolt rods, keep it coming!” he taunts. Upon hearing Spanner’s warning in the skirmish, Mynock confirms a clear path before returning fire. “Have your parabolic guides dodge this!” he shouts, blasting at the newly discovered droids.
  4. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    Approaching the investigative research with an open mind, Muu carefully listened to Zoroku. "I've heard Admiral Saul Karath is very popular amongst his personnel. Moreover, it may be even worthy to note Karath's military tactics has been recorded as humoiditarian. He's demonstrated on the battle field a general holding of respect for the preservation of life. According to the recent holonet buzz, he's been pushing for further veterans of the war funding" he shares with enthusiasm. As Muu moves through the list, Admiral Zacrol Bric doesn't ring any bells. "Being unaware, I cannot comment on Admiral Bric. But, I have heard of Admiral Gregras Hindis. I believe she comes from a long lineage of Republic military heroes and known as a fantastic administrative military budgeter. Many attribute her fiscal management implementation practices to preventing the bankruptcy of the Republic during the war" he states. Unsure of what else to add, he simply allows others to share their input into the investigation.
  5. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War OOC

    Muu will provide another unskilled assist to anybody performing research on the subject.
  6. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    Muu nods to acknowledge Gaze's skepticism, whispering "We must move forward with caution. An admiral has a great deal of influence over the Republic's military resources and will have likely prepared for investigation after the attack. Vigilance will be key to reveal the acts of deception and chicanery within our own government" he warns, unsure of his own capacities in this situation. Ideally, the Sentinels will have insight towards apprehending the mole and delivering those to justice.
  7. Vergence

    Star Wars: Revan's War IC

    As the council meeting progressed in the chambers, the dramatic spectacle continued to unfold layer after layer. It was as if the drama of the admiralty wasn't enough for the day. First Oola's entrance, second the public suspicion of her loyalty, thirdly the discover of Lun Pyra being Sith, fourth the accusation of the Order trying to murder the padawans, fifth Oola taking a Sith acolyte's life through the darkside, and sixth the accusation of a Jedi mole in the Order. Flabbergasted by all the assertions and protestation of denials, Muu sought to make sense of it all. The poor young consular attempted to keep himself composed, or at least until the council gave him an mediator assignment. As Muu listened to Master Vash, all the Iktotchi could think was "Are you certain I'm qualified to give guidance? Your asking the only other padawan who took another Sith apprentice's life to watch over her fragile emotional state?". Unsure what to say or how elaborate, he simply bows saying "Yes, Masters". Turning towards Oola and droid, Muu directly provides a slight wave and smile completely unsure of what to do after the entire council scene.
  8. I personally don't mind but, most won't suggest it. Anytime you're engaged with an enemy that a range attack targets, it auto-upgrades the check. Furthermore, upon a despair rolled on the range attack creates opportunity for you to be shot instead of the enemy. With that said, waiting for weeks to meta around the situation isn't necessary a fun game either. Whichever minion group you do decide to engage melee with, us clones can attempt to target that group last so the game still progresses.
  9. Noticing Gunslinger initiate the ambush, Mynock peeks over the repulsor cart by aligning his DC-15 onto the B1 Droids. Immediately firing with purpose, the clone attempts to take down the closest clankers to the squad. "You dip-circuits won't be responding soon either!" he shouts, taunting their processors. The site of so many droids was activating all the sim training exercises Mynock use to enjoy on Kamino.
  10. Heavy-Range @ Medium w/ Boost from Gunslinger: 2eP+1eA+1eB+2eD 5 successes, 1 threat 14 Damage targeting the B1 Droids in initiative slot #5. Threat = strain?
  11. Mynock decides to flip over an abandon repulsor cart in the market with its coil outbursts facing towards the lift. Afterwards, the clone immediately couches down behind it for cover and prepares for the ambush. Mynock couldn’t wait to see what Spanner had cooked up.
  12. Cool story bro: 1eP+1eA 4 successes
  13. Thanks Rabo, yeah, I'm a fan of group checks in tactical scenarios usually. But, if it doesn't fit IC with most of the clones or party, Mynock will follow Doc's lead unless ordered otherwise. Ambush - Stealth Average: 3eA+2eD 1 success, 1 threat
  14. Does the whole squad want to set an ambush? I’m fine rolling stealth for ambush or would a group check collectively be easier?