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    The Archangel reacted to angelman2 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hi, Andrew Navaro,

    Any chance you could revive Imperial Assault in 2020 for some awesome new waves?  I need more IA in my life!
    Each and every box expansion has pushed the envelope for Imperial Assault beyond anything a poor consumer could have anticipated, and there is SO much more you could do with this game  

    An Imperial Assault 2.0 would also be cool. Thanks.

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    The Archangel reacted to FrogTrigger in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Imperial Assault, what does the future look like for this game? I have to say I am very hesitant to buy into a future FFG product just given how poor the communication has been between developer and playerbase in regards to IA. I love the game, I love FFG, I understand all games must end, but it would just be nice to get some clarity. ESPECIALLY as this game is community dependent to keep the competitive skirmish game alive.
    Thanks for all you do, appreciate the effort.
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    The Archangel reacted to Majushi in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    As a longtime Imperial Assault fan, and newcomer to Journeys in Middle Earth, I find the lack of communication on both of these products (JiME less so, obviously) especially disheartening.
    While I understand that there are limitations on how much you can say about development and product statuses, the near complete lack of communication is really causing a lot of confusion, anger and abandonment by your customers.
    What are your thoughts on the manner in which FFG chooses to communicate (or not) with it's player bases, and how would you improve the damaged relationships with those of us who feel like we've been abandoned?
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    The Archangel reacted to maddwarfer in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hi Andrew, thanks so much for doing this!
    I absolutely love Imperial Assault and was gutted to hear that there aren't currently any plans to produce more physical content. There's nothing quite like experiencing the thrill of something tangible being added to your favourite board game and the anticipation of actually getting hold of it to paint/admire/play with/kill. The campaign boxes have been following a very clear path to coincide with the original trilogy films, aside from the two excellent Rebels-themed expansions, and after Jabba's Realm there isn't a player in existence who wasn't expecting and anticipating an Endor box to finish off that major trend. It seems so strange to take us so far and then decide to pull the plug at the last step. It's almost like watching 5 series of your favourite show and then having to suffer the agony of it being cancelled before being able to see it to its conclusion.
    Do you have the intention of at least making this expansion in the future? Maybe when Legion production has waned enough to squeeze us into a development slot?
    Again, thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our burning questions!
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    The Archangel reacted to DerDelphi in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I'm aware that this question might sound a bit confrontational, and if this is skipped over I'm fine with that. But if you would answer a more controversial question, here it is:
    Are you aware, that you seem to have a huge issue in communicating with your "core" audience? A lot of your favourite game lines are put on hold without any explanation (prominent examples are IA and D2E), and there is no direct communication in your forums.
    I guess this would be understandable, if you'd primarily try to reach more casual buyers by targeting the mass market, but this is not the same audience that is buying 10+ expansions for your games, or would even try to keep them alive by producing community driven content when you no longer support games directly.
    So are there any plans to improve communication in your forums at all?
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    The Archangel reacted to King_Balrog in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hello Andrew,
    1) Do you think community outreach from your various teams will become a higher priority in the days to come? There seems to be a lack of communication to the customers on many fronts as a company... Take heart, we love your products! We just wish we got more frequent updates on their status. (Example:  the mother of dragons playmat that took a year from purchase-received in the A Game of Thrones: The Board Game)
    2) Is Imperial Assault confirmed to be dead? As in no future plastics or campaign updates aside from the App?
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    The Archangel reacted to General_Grievous in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Three questions asked in order of importance to me:
    3. Video game board games, will we get more of them? Would love to see an XCOM 2, expansion or new board game. If not we will also accept another Fallout expansion in exchange. We are loving the video game board games though!
    2. Imperial Assault, is there any way we can get some more content for it? How about Clone Wars content? Clone Wars is so hot right now hahaha.
    And most importantly:
    1. Lord of the Rings LCG, can you please allay our fears and tell us there is another cycle after the current one planned? The world is in love with this game and the length of time it's been out and how it continues to sell out should show how popular and financially viable it is for FFG. The Marvel one looks cool and if you guys ever came out with a Stars Wars cooperative one I would get in on that too. But nothing tops LOTR for many of us and hoping to see more.
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    The Archangel reacted to Darth Keyes in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    This is easily my favorite FFG Product, and I have been really disappointed by its level of support over the last year or two. 
    So same questions. At the very least I would be interested in knowing whether or not a 2.0 box or future physical product are remotely possible. In case it is misread in any way, I AM in fact begging for IA’s competitive life here. 
    Thank you! 
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    The Archangel reacted to LightningJak in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Imperial Assault is a fantastic game.  I really enjoy the campaign mode (traditional and app).  The Raid mode has been a blast too.  I’m also getting into Skirmish more recently.
    Will there be additional Raid modes and App campaigns?
    How about other ways to digitally support the game?  Perhaps you could create and release new versions of Skirmish deployment cards via the app?
    The community would love new physical product, but in absence of this, can you share the plans to support the game digitally and through Organized Play?
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    The Archangel reacted to ManateeX in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I'm also curious as to what the future of Imperial Assault might be (particularly skirmish), and, if the answer is still that there is no physical product in the works, my followup question would be: why?  I've never had more fun with tabletop gaming than I have with this fantastic game, but then it all just sort of went away without any communication from FFG one way or another.  I'd just love to know if there was some specific reason that this game has been essentially discontinued (again from a skirmish point of view), or was it just more a matter of shifting priorities to newer games like Legion?
    And thanks again for making such a great game to begin with - as I said up top, it's the most fun I've had with plastic and cardboard.
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    The Archangel reacted to loopfz in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I fully bought into Imperial Assault after the announcement this year that there would be no more products.
    I've always quite liked the campaign game, but it's skirmish that caught my eye this year and even made me pause competitive magic: the gathering for a while. There's something really elegant about this game; maybe the small scale of battles, maybe the technical aspects of grid-based moves + line of sight rules, maybe the heavy impact of command cards appealed to me as a mostly TCG player, I'm not sure.
    Even though the game is considered dead by some, I still committed to learning its intricacies. I'm actually writing from my airbnb in Krakow, getting ready for IA euro championships tomorrow!
    I assumed the reason why IA is not being developed anymore is because it's mostly considered a campaign board game, and, well, there's already a bunch of expansions with good replay value, to suit the average campaign gaming group. And the app content too!
    It's a bit more problematic for skirmish because it freezes the meta in a single point in time, and players may feel less motivated to "crack the puzzle of the meta" over time, with the feeling that everything has already been explored.
    So finally my question is: has there been any consideration to supporting Imperial Assault as a skirmish only game from now on?
    -> Continue supporting organized play, release packs of cards (skirmish upgrades, fixes for old/obsolete figures), or even a small amount of new figures per year released only as blister packs? Maybe a dynamic deployment points system, like XWing ?
    I think the IA skirmish metagame is quite healthy right now, and I think it only needs small evolutions to refresh it every now and then to keep being interesting.
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    The Archangel reacted to GottaBadFeelingAboutThis in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I just want to echo the other players who would love more life for the Imperial Assault skirmish and campaign scene. There's so much content space to explore, and the designers for skirmish were really starting to address some of the meta issues with Hunter dominance. The Spectre Cell swing was too far away, but the toolbox of high health figures, Doubt to stop focus power-ups, hand-attacks such as Hostile Negotiations, and Thrawn as an Imperial mainstay was really phenomenally well thought out. I would return to this game so hard if it had regular content; as it is, I've started buying into Malifaux instead of being known as the guy who promoted IA at my LGS.
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    The Archangel reacted to tomkat364 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Same question!
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    The Archangel reacted to seef1033 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I understand that games can't last forever. As a big fan who has invested a lot of time and money in Imperial Assault, I feel burned and disillusioned by the manner in which our community is being shut down. What motivation can FFG provide for someone like me to invest in future products when my experience has been the end of a vibrant gaming scene without warning, explanation, or communication? 
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    The Archangel reacted to JButz in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I'm really a big fan of Imperial Assualt. Is there any long term plan of what's happening there? 
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    The Archangel reacted to subtrendy2 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hi Andrew,
    Would love to see more content for Imperial Assault, and I know a lot of other fans would, too.
    I know that currently the official stance is that you're not currently working on it, but I urge you to reconsider. It's such a fantastic game, and this is set to be a big year for Star Wars- ride that wave with them! 
    That being said, since nothing officially is in the pipeline, I assume you could probably answer this:
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    The Archangel reacted to Fightwookies in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    I love Imperial Assault and was saddened when it was announced that no more physical content was planned. As a skirmish player, the reasonings for that didn’t make sense. What would it take for you to make new IA product? Even some sporadic blister packs could help keep the community alive. 
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    The Archangel reacted to dusk4224 in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Can I ask why you've stopped producing content for Imperial Assault?
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    The Archangel reacted to Sgt Elms in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    What is the forecast for Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth? Can we expect a comparable frequency of new content to that of Mansions of Madness 2e?
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    The Archangel reacted to MatsuRobun in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hello Andrew,
    Is there new products and content coming for Star Wars: Imperial Assault?  I would love to see more content for this game and I expect the entire community would too.  On a whole what we have so far for this game is brilliant across the myriad game modes and there's an incredible wealth of potential content in the Star Wars universe.  These amazing untapped possibilities cause me a equal amount of frustration because my favorite competitive game is dying on the vine from a drought of new product and an overabundance of silence.  Why is there so little support and communication around this product line?  Is it not profitable enough?  Are all of the other products filling up the production pipeline?  Is there some legal or licensing issues around the game?  Are you expecting skirmish players to jump to Legion or other FFG products? 
    Thank you for your time, consideration, and all the hard work you and the team at FFG put into enabling us to all share in playing and creating memories together.
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    The Archangel reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in AMA with Andrew Navaro   
    Hello, Andrew!
    First of all, thank you for taking the time for this AMA, and for helping make FFG as awesome as it is!
    Can you speak to FFG’s stance regarding publication of smaller, standalone board games as opposed to expanding many of the giant product lines like LCGs and miniatures games? It seems lately you guys at FFG have been focusing a lot more on designing expansions for your already existing games than on designing new games that aren’t necessarily connected to a given IP, and I wondered if that was an intentional part of your design philosophy, or if that’s just how the dice fell, so to speak.
    Also, does the OP department have any plans for LotR LCG or Journeys in Middle Earth outside of Gen Con special releases and annual Fellowship Events?
    Thank you!
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    The Archangel reacted to maddwarfer in Inflight Report 2019   
    The very last question was asking about any future Imperial Assault physical product. Andrew Navarro said they'd already discussed it at Star Wars Celebration, and that "At present, we're currently not developing any more physical product for Imperial Assault". 
    Interestingly though, he seemed to choose his words carefully and didn't outright state that there would be no more physical product. When people asked about Runewars and Star Wars Rebellion, he clearly stated he felt they were complete games and that they had no plans to make anything more for them. Who knows, when product development finds some space they could well develop that final Endor box we all hope for!
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    The Archangel reacted to Strawhat in Inflight Report 2019   
    Someone should warn him that this could be a regular question...
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    The Archangel reacted to Wandalf the Gizzard in Inspiration for Atarin?   
    Actually the “Hard” mode banner depicts Durin’s Bane. Although that might not be a bad starting point for Atarin’s color scheme.
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    The Archangel got a reaction from Vince79 in ...and what about new heroes in future expansions?   
    I'm pretty much with @aniron on this one. The idea of a "timeline" is kinda hard to justify even with the core box heroes. I like to think of JiME as an arcade styled game where you choose your favorite LotR characters and heroes and throw them into various campaigns and adventures together.
    So I'd rather not have a "timeline" determine which heroes FFG release down the road.  I'd like to have the the option to play a lot of the LotR heroes and the timeline/thematic players can do their thing with whatever heroes are available. Someone want to run Elrond, Thorin and Eomer? They can do just that. Someone want to stay thematic and run an all Dunedain lineup with Beravor, Aragorn and maybe Halbarad? They can do that. Just saying the option would be way more fun than not having a large, unique lineup of heroes at all.
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