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  1. I'm always playing with my brother, so always at least two players. Current favorites in no particular order: 1. Iron Man/Justice 2. Captain Marvel/Aggression 3. Doctor Strange/Protection I'm sure I'd love Captain America too, but he's my brother's favorite. So no experience there.
  2. The moment you cycle your deck, the encounter card is drawn, but is not revealed and resolved until the step four of the villain phase. It will sit in your play area (or wherever you'll remember to play it) until that time.
  3. @Elrad Wanna preface this by saying I'm not a pro at this game. I do play it pretty often with my brother though, but use the shopping cart method to take what you need and leave what you don't. Also, there is a lot to your questions, so I hope you're ready for long-winded answer. 20) I base deck size on the hero I'm playing. Certain heroes like Captain Marvel and Iron Man have card draw baked into their hero and/or alter-ego abilities and hero cards. Whenever I play as those heroes, I burn through my deck multiple times a game. Those guys can justify a larger deck reaching into the 45-50 range. Other heroes like Thor can take longer to cycle their deck without some help. So a 40 card deck would be better for those heroes. Best way to find out is to experiment really. Also, your play style will play a huge part in how many cards to include. Are you using every card in your hand every turn or are you holding on to certain cards? If you're holdings cards for later play, that affects how many you draw and subsequently how fast your will cycle the deck. Again, certain heroes with certain aspects will be better at playing all cards in your hand each turn. A general tip, don't be afraid to use your cards. The faster you use them, the faster they come around again in the recycle. Really focus on this the first time through your deck to find the key cards you need to build your hero. Use the expensive cards to buy the cheap hero/resource accelerator/card draw cards during that first time too. In the end, I recommend 40-card decks should be the default goal until you have a comfort level in playing heroes/aspects that can justify more cards. 21) So deckbuilding is a game unto itself in LCGs and half the battle. There are two way to go about deck building for Marvel Champions imo. First: Pick what you want your deck to do and then find the best hero/aspect/deck to fulfill that purpose. My train of thought generally goes like this: What do I want the deck to do? What's the best hero/aspect to achieve that purpose? What are the short comings of the chosen hero's kit? What cards do I need to overcome those problems and which cards do it well? How expensive are those cards and can I draw them and have the resources needed to fund them? Second: Choose your hero first and find how to make that hero do what you want. This is probably the more difficult of the two because the chosen hero may not do what you want very well. For instance, Thor is not an inherent thwart hero, even with Justice as his aspect. He's pretty darn good at damage dealing in Aggression however. Many players enjoy the challenge of making certain heroes good in non-obvious ways. Kind of next level playing though. Now more to your question. I tend to rarely include any 4-cost cards outside of one or two allies. There simply is not enough bang for buck to justify their cost in the overall game. Even 3-cost cards can be tough sometimes. I generally stick to the 2 and 1-cost cards to efficiently play multiple cards a turn and be able to fund them. This also helps with deck turn over from the first question you asked. Be picky about the more expensive cards you put in the deck. Make sure they're really serving a purpose and not just thrown in there because they're nice to have. Automatic rethinks should be Avengers Mansion, Nick Fury, Lockjaw and Heimdall. 22) So this may be the "stickiest" question you have. The whole premise of Marvel Champions is to pound that villain into the ground. Unfortunately, like any game, the support players are not going to get recognition compared to DPS players. Healing 5-6 damage in one round is not going to compare to dropping 30-40 damage and one-shotting a villain. Some suggestions to increase quality of play for the game: First: Switch the roles. You play a DPS character and have your buddy play something else, maybe a heavy thwart hero. This doesn't have to be the norm, but do it every once in a while. It will keep the game fresh and you will be trying out different heroes and aspects. You and your friend may just find a new favorite hero/aspect too. Second: Experiment more. Play one of the main, less involved, power heroes like Iron Man or Captain America. The support heroes, like Black Widow and Miss Marvel who you mentioned, tend to be more involved, require more combos and more shenanigans to really roll well. Even then, that's not a guarantee. My brother has been focusing on Black Widow of late and it's been hit or miss for him even with strategic deck tweaking and piloting. When she does hit, I'm not 100% certain he's satisfied with his play experience. He can do what she does with Captain America only much better and with much more satisfaction. Your friend is having fun with Iron Man for a reason. He's relatively easy to play and kicks major butt in attacking and thwarting. Three: When playing a support role, find ways to still do a bit of DPS. Doctor Strange is the MVP of the "Swiss Army knife" category with his Invocation deck. Captain America is also very good at it. These heroes can easily pull off the support role beautifully while also still having cards in their kit to hit hard. These heroes are extremely fulfilling. The DPS guy will say he hit hard, but you will be able to say you had a role to fill each turn be it attacking, thwarting, healing or blocking. You still may not get the recognition, but it's so satisfying to play because you're everywhere, doing everything, and doing it WELL! Four: Go heavy thwarting. The only other main mechanic of the game that's just as important as hitting the villain is thwarting them. If your friend is pure DPS, you be pure TPS so to speak. He may clear the battlefield and comment how much damage he did, but you will wipe all the side schemes and keep the villain at zero on the main scheme commenting how the villain never got past stage one. Five: Get new friends. Jk. In all seriousness though, find some new people to play with who will play different heroes and aspects and will appreciate your contributions to the game. Having multiple people to share ideas and help with optimizing your deck adds to the fun of the game. And that's my mini book! Lol! Hope something here helps.
  4. The Archangel


    I took it more as a Metal Gear Solid alert. The sound went off in my head, my heart about jumped out of my chest, a few choice words were muttered, and then I ran for cover.
  5. Yes. Yes, I am. My apologies. Thank you, a1bert! Clarification: My recommendation for the expansion would be Heart of the Empire. It still has the Han/Chewie/Vader fixes, riot troopers, AT-DP, Ko-Tun & Drokkatta. Guess I just really wanted to throw the Spectre Cell card in there and call it Tyrants of Lothal for some reason! My recommendations for the hero/villain packs remain the same, though my note for the Empire applies to the Heart of the Empire and Jabba's Realm expansions. They give you the best Empire troops in the Riot & Jet Troopers respectively. Death Troopers are also fun, but they come in Tyrants of Lothal. Think I'm safe this time. Sorry for the confusion I may have caused.
  6. You do have quite a nice collection already. Honestly, I would wait and pool your money to pick up the Tyrants of Lothal expansion. The value for the skirmish game in that box is awesome. It has fixes for Han, Chewie and Vader making them all not only playable, but top-tier in skirmish. It also has riot troopers and the AT-DP for more Empire flavor with Ko-Tun, Drokatta, and the infamous Spectre Cell card for Rebels. If you're dead set on 2 to 3 hero/villain packs, it really depends on which faction you would like to play. Here's a selection of excellent, strong packs for each faction that you may not have from the sounds of it (in no particular order): Rebels: Jedi Luke, Alliance Rangers, R2-D2/C-3PO, Hera/C1-10P Empire: Thrawn, The Emperor, maybe Terro (Tyrants of Lothal and Jabba's Realm really have the Empire troops covered ) Scum: Jawa, IG-88, Greedo, Jabba Pick and choose your favorites and go from there. Can't really go wrong with any of them. They're the best at what they do. Of course, since you're playing casually, it's really about what characters you like and throwing them on the tabletop. This is just my two cents and I hope it helps a little.
  7. Here's a website that I use: marvelcdb.com. You can use it as a deckbuilder and save the decks you create once you make a profile. Super handy (no pun intended) for keeping track of decks you like and for experimenting. It's also a place where other players can post their decks. The best posts will have a description on how to best play the deck as well. It's a great jumping off point if you just want to pick a character and an aspect then give them a whirl before trying your hand at building. Hope this helps!
  8. These look great! Keep up the good work! Hope you get all your figures painted.
  9. Ah, so it does. That's what happens when I don't have the app in front of me to double check. I would agree it's not a bad idea for Atarin. I personally would want to find some way to make him unique though. Maybe a dark silverish armor, but black and crimson accents? Maybe even a dark red cape? Just spitballing a bit. I personally still need to get through painting all the other figures. I'll be anxious to see what others do though.
  10. I reloaded the first campaign my group played right after we got slaughtered in the finale out of curiosity. The app loaded to the last auto save point in the last mission. So it doesn't start the mission over from the beginning meaning you have to know who was where, damage and fear dealt, etc. The auto save point was so late that it did not make up for our mistakes and failed testing earlier in the mission either. Imho, you should restart the campaign to get a different result if you end up losing the campaign. It's disappointing I know cause losing really stings after the time commitment. However, I learned a lot about deck building and proper hero/role selection. I started a second campaign (solo this time) and I've won every chapter and I'm on chapter 11 now. Also, knowing the missions and how they work, getting different trinkets and titles, winning more to get more XP and Lore makes a huge difference. If you haven't done a second campaign yet, I'd at least do that before you make a decision. I liked the game the first time through, but I'm really enjoying it after getting some experience and having much better success the second go around.
  11. It was pointed out on BGG I believe that when you're selecting the difficulty on your campaigns in the app, the "normal" difficulty art looks very similar and could be interpreted as Gulgotar and the "hard" difficulty art could be Atarin. Maybe you could use those as inspiration? Granted Atarin looks like the LotR version of Darth Vader in that art with black armor and a red/flaming weapon. So not really original, but certainly villainous.
  12. I'm pretty much with @aniron on this one. The idea of a "timeline" is kinda hard to justify even with the core box heroes. I like to think of JiME as an arcade styled game where you choose your favorite LotR characters and heroes and throw them into various campaigns and adventures together. So I'd rather not have a "timeline" determine which heroes FFG release down the road. I'd like to have the the option to play a lot of the LotR heroes and the timeline/thematic players can do their thing with whatever heroes are available. Someone want to run Elrond, Thorin and Eomer? They can do just that. Someone want to stay thematic and run an all Dunedain lineup with Beravor, Aragorn and maybe Halbarad? They can do that. Just saying the option would be way more fun than not having a large, unique lineup of heroes at all.
  13. Legolas has a card called "Keen Eyes". When prepared, it allows him to attack enemies one additional space away effectively making his range 2 instead of 1. Super handy ability that I've used to great effect to save some fellow players.
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