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  1. When the Jedi learn to use spell check, then I might start considering their proverbs. Sorry, couldn't help myself. 😄
  2. The same could be said for pessimism. Life is way more enjoyable on the side of optimism, my friend. Both should be tempered with good sense of realism though.
  3. My favorite list consists of Han, Chewie and Lando. That beautifully thematic combo of deployments just puts a smile on my face. Definitely helps that I always seem to have a fun, competitive game with them too! For my command card, my mind cackles with glee when I have a focused Chewie with Tools for the Job and a free Slam waiting to bring even the strongest deployments to their knees.
  4. I'm going to throw in my two cents to offer a different perspective. I'm primarily a skirmish player. If you're only looking to play competitive skirmish, then fine. Listen to Bitterman. He seems to sum up the feelings of the majority of competitive skirmish players. (You really need to stop being bitter, man. 😉) I'll reiterate the comments that skirmish is a fantastically fun game mode. I personally love playing skirmish casually. I like when players purposefully try different lists and combos and then take the time to enjoy a match or two in a relaxed environment. That's where the fun lies for me. Building thematic lists that are still viable is particularly my favorite part of skirmish like a Jedi or Sith list, a Han/Chewie list, a Mandalorian list, a Trandoshan list, an Emperor/Vader list, a Jabba/Boba Fett list, an IG/all droid list, an all bounty hunter list, etc. Skirmish is also a fantastic way to play your favorite Star Wars characters. Cameos in the campaign are cool, but I actually get to select and play iconic characters in skirmish and they're all pretty fun in their own right. I basically want to paint the picture that skirmish is a TON of fun and is not strictly a competitive mode or broken. Now, I'm going to play devil's advocate for the campaign cause everyone is praising it for good reason. However, it's not perfect (no, skirmish isn't either) and I want to give you a complete picture like you've been getting with skirmish. First and primary challenge is getting the same group of people together multiple weeks in a row for sometimes a few months. That's a big commitment when you have life going on around you. There are some unbalanced missions and some that seem downright unbeatable. That can happen to both the Empire and the Rebels. Snowballing is an issue where one side can get very powerful if they win multiple missions in a row. There's more than a few threads on these forums concerning house rules and ways to combat this effect. Some Rebel heroes and Imperial agenda decks are definitely more powerful than others too, so proper selection is a huge part of game setup. Lastly, you might run into the issue of gamer experience. Some players are more experienced in tabletop games and others aren't meaning the table can get lopsided. If your Imperial player, who is essentially the game master, isn't very good or they are exceptionally good and doesn't make the effort to keep the game balanced, no one is going to have an enjoyable experience. Even with all of that though, the campaign is the bread and butter of this game and it's super entertaining. You'll definitely get plenty of mileage and many a good time out of it. Overall, Imperial Assault is a exceptionally fun game! It's three games in one and I think it's totally worth the value of picking up.
  5. As already stated, the slower production schedule is fine as long as physical content keeps coming. Honestly, it's probably a good thing they slowed down to really ensure quality and balance of the game. They have also burned through quite a bit of content in three years. I'm not saying they've run out of material to work with, but we don't want IA turning into another X-Wing 1.0. Don't need obscure characters that were mentioned on one page of long forgotten comic books just to keep up production.
  6. Had some disagreements on this card in a skirmish match. Say this card is played on an activation of Jet Troopers. 1.) Do both Jet Troopers perform Overrun or can only one trooper in the deployment perform Overrun? 2.) If both troopers can Overrun, does the "limit once per hostile figure" apply to both troopers or only one? My interpretation was both Jets could perform Overrun because they are both part of the same activation. However, the once per hostile figure applies to the whole activation, so both troopers can't Overrun the same target for 4 damage. My opponent said only one trooper can Overrun. I know this card is very popular with Jets, but I play in a primarily Rebel skirmish scene so I want to know for future matches.
  7. We all know FFG needs an @a1bert training academy for OP TOs anyways. Further evidence to further the case? I think so!
  8. I'm sure my buddy Mace can help you with his purple X-Acto knife.
  9. Considering the content IA has received despite getting the cold shoulder at GenCon, I'd say we're not looking too bad if they repeat the cycle.
  10. I think LucasFilms' latest revitalization of the Clone Wars media obviously had a huge influence on the other games. X-Wing was already grabbing at straws for new ships and content to release before 2.0. Makes sense they'd get it. Legion makes way more sense as a Clone Wars themed game anyways. IA is still has Endor, Rogue One, and even Solo ahead of any prequel content for future wave inspiration imo. I'd still personally love to see FFG delve into figures inspired by Expanded Universe characters like Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn, Dash Rendar, etc. I know that's not likely cause LucasFilm killed and buried the EU, but it'd be cool. I'm not saying FFG couldn't go prequels now, but there's still more content to be explored in the GCW and I hope they stay in that era. Also, FFG should reboot the game with a new Core if they change eras. It wouldn't really be "Imperial" Assault with a bunch of B1 battle droids and droidekas fighting Jedi and clones on Geonosis. Not gonna lie though, a Republic Commando inspired game following an elite clone trooper squad like Delta Squad would be sick.
  11. How Doubt really reads: "At the end of the round, you may choose a hostile figure and remove Focus from that figure."
  12. Very interesting. I can already see the Drok and CT pairings. Lots of multi-target damage potential with good health pools. The Death Troopers do seem underwhelming on paper. Hopefully they find their space in the meta. There better be some good Guardian cards coming down the pipeline with all these new Guardian characters entering the playing field. Chewie, Zeb, CT, Death Troopers, Sentry Droids, and Riot Troopers are all Guardians that have been released/fixed in the last two waves with no competitive CCs for the trait. They may as well not say Guardian at all really. Signal Jammer will bring some fun wrinkles to CCs. Yeah, it can be another TI block, but it can also prevent those 3 point cards or major movements in Round 2 or 3 if neither player wants to be the one to burn a card to get rid of the jam. Might stall that On the Lam or Assassinate from coming out which is a cool dynamic.
  13. Temporary Alliance still only allows 2 Rebels to be included in a Scum list. Same for the Imp version for including Scum. However, Scum lists use the eJawa's ability called Scavenged Stock to include droids from any faction. So more than 3 Rebels can be on a Scum list when the eJawa is pulling R2 and/or 3P0 on top of 2 Rebels from Temp Alliance.
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