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  1. I dont see where the fun to level Up. In the fourth edition the leveling was slow and strategic. But now you can start a character with 3 in a ring with à max of 5 and play all the skill around dat ring...
  2. +1 but like in the fourth édition its not all clan Who got all class
  3. Well they just restart the timeline hahaha with hantei
  4. No d10 is à sad thing but i found the porpotion of Win vs loose more sad. The statistic say dat with the new dice system you got more then 50% chance to succeed at lvl1... but in the old system the game bet more on luck.
  5. Im i the only one to find the concept of opportunity useless and make the game to heavy?
  6. Maakvuhs


    And what will happen to the creature of shadowland? Be hit all the time, dats sad.
  7. It could be your air ring/2 who give you more tn. The lethality is strong in five ring but **** lol...
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