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  1. CuddlyRich81

    Moe's paint works

    Its fine sand and gw grass tufts dead simple but looks good
  2. CuddlyRich81

    Moe's paint works

    https://imgur.com/gallery/pjPnr My biggest examples! Simple but I feel adds the finishing touch
  3. CuddlyRich81

    Moe's paint works

    First off the base is integral to the whole, so a shody base does hurt the final piece. You have a great start on the smuggler, just take the same or similar colour as the texture paint, some bone colour and do as follows. Mix 50 50 bone and brown, drybrush. Then take the bone and drybrush. Finally tidy the edge. I'll sort out some pics of mine later for examples
  4. CuddlyRich81

    Moe's paint works

    OK. Bases need work but agree to that you need a stronger (lighter in colour) drybrush to get a better look. The actual models look fantastic! Not a lot to critique from my skill level and the eyes on the smuggler looks just fine. I don't even try myself. Skin tone is also good on the smuggler too. Better basing and I'd rate these very high personally!
  5. CuddlyRich81

    Citadel washes and water

    Hey buddy ive used the washes since release and it works just fine with water I've done it loads. Something else worth using is varnish, and if you want to shave a few pennies of your costs, try the army painter tones I use those in preference