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  1. Nevermind. I see it’s during the rally step so I get it.
  2. Her graffiti token states that friendly units with LOS and at range 1-2 of the token rolls 1 additional die. Enemy units roll 1 fewer. That’s fine for defense dice but what about units that attack with multiple colors of dice? What color do you add or remove? Is it your choice?
  3. This whole thread reminds me of this
  4. If he wins enough and gets 19-24 chain at the start of the game then yeah, he is nerfed unless he gets some fortunate draws. Nothing against the deck btw. Love the combo.
  5. On the app, you get a shard for every deck you scan. After 18 decks are scanned you get a key. Do we know what the keys do yet?
  6. News I just got from Gen Con! No other info until next year, but its coming! There is also Chewbacca, wookie warriors, rebel specialists and imperial specialists coming. Sorry, the pictures wouldnt load
  7. I think it will help pass the time to post your favorite Star Wars memes. Or you can go back to endlessly arguing about rules that haven’t been clarified yet. Whatever floats your boat. Here is one of my favorites.
  8. I too was surprised by the initial negativity of the review comments section. Then i remembered how negative these forums were when Legion was first announced with all the people whining about the scale. Its much more likely for a person to leave a negative comment than a positive one. Also its important to note that Dice Towers Audience is far and away more leaning to board games and card games. It is such foreign concept to them not to be able to play a full game in a box for $90 whereas for tabletop wargamers thats the norm. Don’t be discouraged. This forum itself shows theres a large audience begging for Legion. If Legion looks like fun to you, then get it. Also remember to be inclusive. Teach people the game. Be courteous. Thats how communities grow.
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