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  1. Yes! I'm very bored of Shadowlands too... Is Shadowlands really needed, in the Rokugan Story, in order to give cohesion to the empire?
  2. Hi everyone. In my humile opinion: They should include a mechanic for parrying atacks (exchanging an atack for a parry). It's frustating to can not interact with the blow that will kill you. They should fix the Grappling mehanic too. The actual Mechanic is very powerful in 1vs1 and it can be used in an exploited way. The Armor TN should decrease each time after being atacked, it has no sense a Rank 4 Hiruma can be in the middle of an skirmish at 60TN or more being hit by no one. The Spells must be redesigned in order to be less powerful and be usable more many times (without resting). Specially the void ones. The exploding dice when you roll a 10 doesn't scale right, it's heoric but unfair. Should not have an exploding 10's rule. The Gaining/losing honor table must be more detailed better explained in each example and more extensive to more situations, apliying the table for a newbe GM always incurs in a lost of honor because os the minor etiquete rupture. They should include a short tale/story where the samurai breaks and follow the bushido explaining when to give him honor and when to remove it. They should low the power of Kiho's, just to balance monks and bushis, also tatoos. They should explain more detailed the monk rol in rokugan, also examples of interaction when they are rude to samurais. They should have a more detailed map where not just castles of the minor clans are located, it's necessary to have their lands too. Thanks!
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