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  1. There will be a preorder bonus for a Polish version so I think if there is a french version, you will definitely get those maps.
  2. It's more like LOTR Mansion of Madness and Runebound/Middle-Earth Quest with some Descent mechanisms. And personally I'm not sure if I like it. Too many full co-op games recently. And I prefer real person as the Overlord/Game Master than app. I hope AI will be better than in Descent app.
  3. It's this. It seems to me like a mixture of LoTR, Descent, Runebound and Mansion of Madness. Therefore I think there will be no pure Descent 3rd Edition. I highly doubt we will get new campaigns for app, too.
  4. Hey! Polish board game publisher Rebel has just announced that today that at 19:05 CET they will reveal a polish version of "a secret FFG project" that has been in development for a longer time. They also said it is some heavier game that comes with good license. This sounds to me like the 3rd edition of Descent We hadn't heard of Descent from a long time until... we recently got a new campaign for the app. Maybe that was only the beginning... I hope it's not yet another Star Wars game. Or as it is a licensed game it will be the Witcher descent-3rd-edition-like game instead of Descent setting. It would be logical then that a Polish publisher announces that before FFG.
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