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  1. Ikoma and shosuro families have been working since the Dawn of the Empire to manipulate the historical records. Good idea to marry into the lion Aggressive splash? I don't see any splash being more aggressive (not in a red MTG way anyway). Aggressiveness comes naturally to the Lion, so splash would be more looking for complementarity. If you play with honor focus and political balance, splash crane If you play with military focus, I'd splash Unicorn.
  2. Dragon Voltron units are rather weak to bow effect. And yes, Yokuni is rather good, but his mind can be clouded. And ancestral attachment are indeed trumped by let go. Lion with ffg and charge can defeat dragon. The northern mountain stand tall, but the lions pride spreads upon the wide plains. Non figuratively speaking, try to get board number advantage, and attack relentlessly, political and military. I found that splashing crane or unicorn benefits my lion more than Dragon splash. Also, know your ennemy, swap decks with your son and play few dragon games to identify their weaknesses and learn how to exploit them.
  3. I'm just gonna live that here. And let you Google the lyrics with translation.
  4. Nice one. It makes sense. If they did a rock band, it would be J-Rock and visual K.
  5. Scorpion is already repeating their song. An August summer nightSoldiers passing byListening to the wind of change The world is closing inDid you ever thinkThat we could be so close, like brothersThe future's in the airI can feel it everywhereBlowing with the wind of change Take me, to the magic of the moment, on a glory night.
  6. Very disappointed by this story. The premises were interesting but the execution... Yoshi passes for a fool, while he should be characterized as one of the keenest political mind in the Empire. And Yoritomo comes out suddenly, classy like written for mantis fanboys. Seems too easy to abduct a great family daymio hosted at the imperial court also.
  7. You cannot use two provinces with the same name. I think it's in the rulebook, but can't check atm.
  8. Also worth mentioning, the anime Shigurui death frenzy. Careful, very violent and mature content. It focus on Dojo life, kenjutsu secrets, mentality of the duellist.
  9. I guess the passion came down a bit. I started rather vocal against the changes, discussing with folks made me see the potential, but right now, it's just that, a potential. FFG behaves as if they acknowledge the feedback, but mostly the changes are cosmetics. I still read, but post less. One of the reason is that many threads end up in heated yet somewhat sterile discussion around: "No, you are wrong Rokugan isn't like this" or "these rules captures samurai drama way better, if you disagree you don't understand samurai drama". Plenty of folks shoving their Rokugan in your face, but thinking it's The Rokugan. So I post less, mostly in lore, and try to be careful now precising it's my Rokugan, and ask folks about their Rokugan. I got fed up of folks wanting to school me into a setting I've gmed for 15+ years. I might have been guilty of doing it too, and saw the wrong in it. I want to discuss, not being called wrong when expressing my opinion and my view of Rokugan, personal but built on 15+ years of material. So I consider my sources and interpretation not perfect, but not bad either. I'm deep into the LCG at the moment, find even discussion on lore on the LCG forum more open minded sometimes. I'll let ffg finish their cooking, if I like the taste, I'll buy. If not, I'll stick to 4e, houseruling if needed with spices from 5R5. Right now, the dish looks good but lack flavor, in my humble opinion.
  10. Also don't get fooled by "a 1000 years of peace". between struggles between clans, shadowlands incursions, gozoku manipulation, gaijin invasion and unicorn return, and two rise of Iuchiban, these 1000 years were far from peaceful. It's just a Rokugani way of saying ironically that the world was peaceful compared to the First War against Fu Leng. It's like the Akodo wishing you to live interesting times. It's an Akodo curse wishing your life to be a life of war.
  11. Do you guys have 10+ cards because of draw or because you stay with dead cards in hand? Also, the gain honor equal to personal honor is a bit too much, particularly because it privileges clan like phoenix, crane and lion. I do play these clans, and yet I would find that unbalanced. In old5r, honor goal was 40. In new5r, 25 only.
  12. Bowed characters do not contribute their skill during conflict resolution, not conflict in general. Don't let cheaters nerf your LPB
  13. Great. I thought so. Weird no one complained that it would lead to NPE ,?. It will be hard to pull off, but imagine how frustrating to be on the receiving end of the combo.
  14. Beyond cinema, mangas are quite awesome. Kaze no Sho (samurai legend in English), illustrated by Jiro Taniguchi, lone wolf and cub, and Vagabond from Takehiko Inoue.
  15. Thing is to play WotP while in the conflict. And while in the conflict, the earth ring would have those elements. So yes after the conflict earth is just earth again, but at the time you played WotP, it was earth, void and air. But WotP says also ring of that element, singular. So I also find such combo dubious, but theoretically it may work. Need to find a ruling.
  16. Does the "as if you were the attacking player" means that you are supposed to resolve it when the attacking player would have resolved it if winning?
  17. That's... worrisome to say the least. Some people should just get on with their life.
  18. It's true local community initiatives could have more support. First tournament I did for core set launch, we got screwed of goodies, because they didn't produce enough kit. And when my flgs complained they replied that's the way it is, don't expect the goodies. Found that lame.
  19. With 3 cores, you can build 2 rather competitive decks. You should be even able to build 4 focused ( like very Pol, very Mil, very shugenja) decks for casual fun play. And best of all, you are less dependent of putting fillers (neutral) to reach the 40 cards per decks count.
  20. Once they play, they are hooked. Muhahaha! Sound idea, it makes getting the most of 1 core.
  21. http://l5ajce.forumactif.fr Good forum there. This his how I found my bordelaise community.
  22. We discussed a bit of demographics in this topic as well
  23. The thing is magic in a setting isn't as protective for child birth and survival rate as global healthcare and advances in medicine. Main thing about Japan population rate is that it was not only influenced by the fact that it's an island but that this island is very mountainous in its middle, and so usable land is scarce. Thing is when it was designed, Wick's team took the historical Japan numbers and made them fit in the setting instead of designing them in coherence with the lay of the land. But of course it's way smaller than China. Maybe closer in size to the ancient states of Qin or Goryo.
  24. Nice use of rethorics and storytelling. +3 insight on you character sheet as a GM fiat. You are right, some people take Clan loyalty WAY too seriously. Before the CCG, I only played once the RPG, died stupidly after 2 hours, loved it, but opportunities to play again didn't happen. So when my GM friend started the CCG, some of our group joined. I started as a Dragon CCG player because: 1.I likedWuxia and martial arts flick and was attracted to monks (boy that sounds weird...) 2. I had just read the Book of Five Rings and the Manga "Wanderer" As cards weren't enough to to get our Rokugan fix, I started GMing it with "Time of the Void" campaign book. RPG was what made most of us relativize clan loyalty. As a GM, I had to drop it out to stay objective to all the clans weaknesses and strength. And then in CCG I ended up playing all but crab and Unicorn. Even tried a small Tourney with a castle of remembrance Elemental Dragons phenix deck when I had a Strong Dragon enlightenment, just for flavor (lost to everyone, even rats). So as you said, people should focus on fun first and then clan loyalty. It's just a game. I have the utmost respect for what you did, even more for Brad who dropped an Hatamoto status and "disguised" to do what he considered he had to do. That's way more in line with Rokugani spirit than most of the wannabe fantasy cardboard samurai dissing you will ever do.
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