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  1. Feeling so far is that Shoju is actually a righteous guy, and has no thought for the throne. He'd probably kill Kachiko before she made her move. Or maybe she will have him killed and replaced by Aramoro.
  2. After Satsume's death, not sure which year but between 1123 and 1128, Empress Kachiko held a test of emerald in the name of the sick Hantei xxxix. It was won by toshimoko. I think he kept the mantle until his death in 1133.
  3. I'm not sure, I don't feel a scorpion coup in the air. What about Ambition? It was also a deciding factor on the coup happening in old5r. A young and heroic Toturi is now Emerald Champion, when we had an aging Satsume, killed by Shoju during the coup. The coup is a lie. Or Don't try to bend the coup, There is no coup. Maybe they will take the story somewhere we don't expect. right now this is summer 1123. In old5r the coup would happen Rooster 1123, a summer month. It would be interesting to have a comparison at the end of this cycle, between the time the story reach (probably late 1123) in old5r and new5r. On another note, while the final was epic, it was a bit of a letdown to have the Emerald Championship happen so quickly. Particularly with the Imperial edict event of last story. Quid of the contestants? There was cool character development potential, ways for charismatic characters to spare and interact. Who were the other Great Clan top contenders? Also, how old is the Hantei?
  4. Believe me, it's as simple as that, he is a bastard (He was the main villain in time of the void campaign. Pure Imperial megalomaniac breed)
  5. Satoshi is still as he was in old lore, a brash, impulsive and disrespectful man, who wish his family were warriors and not heralds. Wonder if there's a helm as well in this reality.
  6. Not confirmed so far indeed, but it would be expected. So far it seems the basis of the lore, and portrayal of many character is roughly the same, like Toshimoko's rudeness, Satsume's harshness, Shizue and Tadaji's handicap, Kachiko's style, Miya Satoshi's behaviour. It feels it's the exact same persons than pre-coup setting. It's just the unfolding of events that changes.
  7. Would you be interested by good Ronin cards? The one we have at the moment is a bit meh, and Ronin have some cool potential. Strangely enough, in the RPG Ronin have mostly suffered from sub-par techniques and no real school (except maybe in 3e) yet the CCG had cool and strong Ronin with secret techniques and strong abilities in the lore and story. So who was your favorite Ronin, in clan war or other storylines? Besides Toturi of course. I really liked the advisors to the Shogun Ronin band. As a Dragon player, favorite was Fusami
  8. Everyone has flaws says he. Indeed as he has many. Despite his indubitable skill at courtiering also brought by position, he is a cursed man from the greatest duellist family, unable to touch steel. He is very strong and very weak at the same time, and indeed represent in some way a paragon of Bushido. He is inhuman, cold and detached. Yet humanity manifest in this mix of sadism and compassion. Yoshi is probably a psychopath. that he was already or became because of the "job" is another question. Otherwise, very interested by the Emperor's edict and it's aftermath. Sad for the unicorn who loses a chance to shine. But the sudden move from the emperor is good drama and between him and his heirs things are moving in the Hantei line. The Imperial family is interesting and not much exploited well in the old L5R (the Hantei line got extinct quickly, and Hantei xvi was a Saturday morning cartoons villain) And there an Emerald champion contest coming soon. Maybe at the end of the next cycle. I'd so wish an Emerald Championship multiclan deluxe box, with high profile clans characters and tons of good neutral cards.
  9. Great story, some love for the Unicorn, Kamoko develops and Tadaji shines. And seems in this reality, Miya Satoshi is still a duckhead.
  10. I think it's probably one of the best idea I've read in these beta forum. Void is indeed more "involved" in game mechanics than before. Yet what became of void points felt unsatisfactory. Calling that Fate alleviates the hurt of Old Void Points Nostalgia and is indeed a nice tie up to the new LCG. that's what FFG should strive for. reinventing the RPG with inspiration from the lcg.
  11. I sleeved my main deck in colored sleeves. Then all the neutral left and the clan cards in clear sleeves. Makes it easier to build deck quickly. Like, let's do Crane tonight, pick the sleeved cranes, pick the sleeved neutral needed, make deck, play. EZ.
  12. Could be good, like an add on for the two player game. A third deck controled by the game flow and the player themselves, no fate but drops 2-4 strong creatures each turn and must attack each player once a turn, starting by their leftmost province. Players can attack it to gain honor or claim rings, eventually cooping to destroy it, or competing in parallel to a shadowlands invasion.
  13. I'm thankful for a business model that would end up way less costly than the old CCG was. I'm thankful for being again able to play my favourite setting, with enticing new mechanics, with a less convoluted story than the point Old5r reached.
  14. Fiction was nice to read. But there's an underlying problem. Since last fiction, Yoritomo appears way too cool to be honest. Either he plans a nasty trick, or they portray him as the coolest guy in Rokugan, and that might end up in low Gary Stuff syndrome. I mean, yes he should be good, but seems too good. Taka's already fanboying him.
  15. I thought at first that strife mechanic was annoying me because it removed player agency to force drama. But I think in the end it annoys me more because it makes the mechanics focus on small break of On manifestation like outburst that I find not much interesting. Drama isn't how you react to an event but what lead to the event. I don't find exciting drama in the expression of daily struggle, that make you build on stress until you have a small outburst and then, hop until the next one. Interesting drama is a stoic samurai's long term hunt against the killer of his lord ending in him being powerless to take action due to a rogukani cultural specificity. Maybe then he should have an outburst, a proper one. Not because the dice said so, but because the player is pretty pissed off. Maybe a game in the game about loss of On could be interesting, practiced by courtier, where loss of face in public would actually matter.
  16. I want it to be good, I hope it'll be good. Right now it isn't. Not because it's not 4.5, but because it tries to be 4.5. Just cast everything away, and make it your own ffg. I'm annoyed to read folks complaining about the "old guard". If the system was really new and redesigned from scratch there would be no "old guard". As long as they try to keep elements from previous eds, there will be an old guard. You ain't happy because of us old guard, deal with it, we were there first. Give us novelty, not half assed rehash.
  17. Nope I don't enjoy it. Tbh probably wont. I think there is potential, lots of good ideas, some flexibility, it's actually more flexible than previous eds in regards to schools for example. But then many ideas have a bad execution, feel clunky, add unnecessary elements of complexity. Feels a bit like designers are trying to push us their homebrew of L5R, like "look how it is better than old L5R". Reinforced by the way the beta updates news communicate the feeling that they take our feedbacks in consideration but in fact not really.(you don't like something guys, let's change the name then...and let's not update the beta book, you guys do the bookkeeping of our updates) Makes it hard to get in the beta now if you weren't there from beginning. (I don't think it's that hard to update a master file and publish it updated) Maybe it would have been better to really change it all, rework it totally from the ground up instead of this bastardised 4e system (that gave me this homebrew feeling, and will make that previous editions aficionados will always keep 4e in mind, seeing not what it is but what it could or should have been). According to a good proportion of comments here, many folks will anyway directly homebrew stuff if they get this edition. If a new RPG needs home-brewing straight, it's probably a failed design. Makes me think of how the LCG (which on the contrary I really, really enjoy) has also some design issue mostly about wording unclear, and sometimes post release ruling of a card and design team feedback feels a bit like "you don't understand this card? You stupid guys, it's an evidence how it works". I'm a bit disappointed, also because I dropped a starting (1 session with pregens) 4th ed campaign to make sure I'd get free of bias and appreciate this beta fully, eventually making it play to my group of beginner RPG player. I won't, I don't want to lose my guys to this. Guess I'll finish the small old republic d20 saga I've started with them soon, and get them to good old 4e adventures.
  18. So funny how folks maybe imagined the daddy teaching his little one to play card games when it's actually a grown up story Be ruthless then, he can handle it. I have the same age difference with my da (but add 10 years to each) but can only dream of playing L5R with him. Fair play to yous. So is he in fact the dark son of Fu Leng?
  19. Am I right to assume that the title of this topic has been chosen in reference to "May you live interesting times"?
  20. Ikoma and shosuro families have been working since the Dawn of the Empire to manipulate the historical records. Good idea to marry into the lion Aggressive splash? I don't see any splash being more aggressive (not in a red MTG way anyway). Aggressiveness comes naturally to the Lion, so splash would be more looking for complementarity. If you play with honor focus and political balance, splash crane If you play with military focus, I'd splash Unicorn.
  21. Dragon Voltron units are rather weak to bow effect. And yes, Yokuni is rather good, but his mind can be clouded. And ancestral attachment are indeed trumped by let go. Lion with ffg and charge can defeat dragon. The northern mountain stand tall, but the lions pride spreads upon the wide plains. Non figuratively speaking, try to get board number advantage, and attack relentlessly, political and military. I found that splashing crane or unicorn benefits my lion more than Dragon splash. Also, know your ennemy, swap decks with your son and play few dragon games to identify their weaknesses and learn how to exploit them.
  22. I'm just gonna live that here. And let you Google the lyrics with translation.
  23. Nice one. It makes sense. If they did a rock band, it would be J-Rock and visual K.
  24. Scorpion is already repeating their song. An August summer nightSoldiers passing byListening to the wind of change The world is closing inDid you ever thinkThat we could be so close, like brothersThe future's in the airI can feel it everywhereBlowing with the wind of change Take me, to the magic of the moment, on a glory night.
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