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  1. Live streaming professional equipment is very expensive, both as an investment and even simply for renting. It's rather cumbersome too. anyone can maybe pickup a cheap cam and attempt to do live stream, but if they don't make quality, they better not do it. And quality as a cost. Not sure FFG or even Asmodee has a dedicated broadcast team they can fly around for any event (which has cost too).
  2. Don't take this as an insult or what, but if the game last 5 hrs there is something wrong with both decks somewhere. probably not optimised towards a win condition or sound strategy. longest I had was three hours lion/crane. Crane had cinsistently what prevent a break, but not retaliate, and Lion hadn't enough staying power to field enough guys for the break. Lost 4 rounds of back and forth useless defense/assault until So of course both decks were not optimised, more flavor and apparently cool cards than efficient build. Took the two back to the drawing board. let's say the rematch was a brutal showdown, sorted in one hour (crane victory)
  3. what is not a joke? (typical dragon now )
  4. "Edit: warning, sarcasm ahead. " I'm offended that folks are offended. Best offense is defense it seems.
  5. Obviously Crab, never gonna give anything up, not even you. Definitely not Scorpion, wouldn't tell a lie and hurt you.
  6. Ah, millenials, all they want is a quickie (talking about chat of course) with no strings attached. Discussing L5r like its tinder. Old folks looking for meaningful interactions will stick to forums.
  7. Shame on me, I totally missed that. You brought me a good retroactive laugh.
  8. Your mind may vary. I think it's a rather subjective subject. As @Notorious I.D.E. said, danger zone.
  9. This. Dragon isn't well armed against honor pressure. Not much card draw mechanics on their character or conflict either.
  10. It's not fully related, but to see how l5r handled gentry and all, check the old way of the daimyo, or the daimyo rules in emerald empire 4e
  11. Another advice as well is: Don't deckbuild too much based on your meta/environment. Build a deck that goes toward YOUR win condition, not how to counter what your environment play. be conscious of what other clans have as mechanics (discard hand, counters, dishonor...) but beyond that pursue a theme in your deck that you can fulfill by YOUR terms. And play by them. If your conflict and dynasty interactions are balanced you may be good with 8 cards in hand. Even if your opponent draws constantly five, a good deck doesn't need you to draw five to match him. in the words of Shinmen Musashi According to this Ichi school, you can win with a long weapon, and yet you can also win with a short weapon. In short, the Way of the Ichi school is the spirit of winning, whatever the weapon and whatever its size.
  12. I'd say if you wish to go, decide quickly as I bet entry tickets will go like petits pains. Too late for me to organise a Parisian weekend for it, I'll try next year.
  13. no it's not. It actually fit well with dragon theme of mastering destiny. Consider all the cards you must discard are because they were foreseen by Togashi. also, keep your hand around 7-9 max, dont overbid if you already have 6.
  14. I think @nameless ronin pinpointed well the feeling. It does some stuff very good, others very bad, yet the balance of both doesn't justify a switch from a previous editions if you have enough experience and tweaks already for what you were running. I don't want to have to houserule tons of stuff, test them and balance them, don't have time anymore for that.
  15. With 1 core you supposed to be able to build two 30 cards deck. Rule book got deck list for one Crane and one Lion. can also check those http://imperialadvisor.com/wp/2017/08/14/sample-1-core-decks/
  16. 45 min is unrealistic, except if your opponent plays a sub-par deck that you steamroll.
  17. Could be. But I ran scorpion too, and when I considered two shameful, I felt it too good to be true. So I checked page 18 of the learn to play. So yes, it was too good to be true. morality: if it too good/strong to be true, check legality.
  18. just make sure to call him out on playing 2 shameful display. That's blatantly cheating or ignoring deckbuilding restriction.
  19. you don't need two decks per se, if you have a good environment around, and can play often. But if you play with a relative/friend mostly, three cores will be good for two. Or if like me you like playtesting solo two decks. May also helps you find your playstyle. thing is core box has some good clan cards in single and neutrals in two. So 3 cores makes a playset of clan cards AND 2 sets of neutral.
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