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  1. knowing that is says an element, and not the element, I guess it accounts for the possibility of multi elements rings as in Seeker and Kaede
  2. Thing is, 2 player doesn't need specific rules, and there are no set in stone Max amount of players. It's RPG, the only limitations on player number are GM skills and players involvement and knowledge of the rules. You can GM easily 5 to 6 players (GM included) if they are familiar with rules. You can also GM a 2 player game if you have a good story, and both player and GM share a vision. This beta is only rules, they aren't GMing tips and guidelines, but they'll most probably be such a chapter in the final product.
  3. thing is I wasn't asking how to justify or reinvent a Clan War, not even thinking about an emperor of each clan... Ï specifically asked about Gekokujo. How would you make it that a minor lord from the Daidoji could overthrow a major lord from the Doji for example, and then rise to a position where he could control the Emperor and his court. Gekokujo needs the sanctity of the emperor to be unchallenged, but he needs to be a puppet and the real power lies within a military leader. And that leader may come from low extraction. Best example of Gekokujo is how Oda Nobunaga managed by cunning and audacity to overthrow Imagawa Yoshimoto, and then grow in power to make his bid on controlling Kyoto (and thus the emperor) So probably it would need to start with a big civil war, like the onin war.
  4. it's funny because, in the end you aren't talking about much, but it's quite wise anyway. I think the whole expectations vs what we get and how we may be disappointed tends to come from one of the most meaningful point you make. It's not a matter of player base or type, it's the sense of entitlement people have developped. In the end folks aren't disappointed because there are game elements they like less than others, but because their sense of entitlement prevent them to cope with minor disappointment, reinforced by a constant feed of narcissistic nagging and whining available on L5R related social media.
  5. Hitting the nail on the head. It's just people are impatient, or they get their fill quick and then move to something else. Folks are getting so used to have as much content as they can have, binging shows and all and the game is really pleasant, so they want to get their fix , they go online and burn themselves on Jigoku... Probably many folks selling their environment (3 cores + expansions) were actually binge buying too, spending a lot too fast on an anyway cool game that they ended up realizing needs commitment. So now that there is a downtime in buyables, they lose interest.
  6. I'd say the whole mess up then is on using the word vengeance (or revenge) then. It's redress or reparation, if you prefer. But the finality is the same. The 47 Ronin is indeed bushido, it's redress for a slight on your master. To catch on the duel brother with Tetsubo point, Hitomi's hate on Yakamo and her will of revenge isn't Bushido, it's vendetta. Because despite the love she had for her brother, he wasn't her lord. It's family feud. Yakamo insulted Satsu's wife, he called for a duel, that's justice. The duel was accepted by Satsu so it's a fair duel, if he refused on the ground of Yakamo coming with a tetsubo, he would have had reason. But then Yakamo who was the rude one not one bit respecting bushido would have branded him coward. The duel happened, Yakamo won, honor matter is closed. Hitomi's wants revenge not because the tetsubo was dishonorable, but because Yakamo gruesomely killed her beloved brother and humiliated her (I could have killed you little girl...) the drama also stems from the fact that Satsu purposefully lost because Yokuni revealed him that Yakamo would be crab thunder, thus winning the duel and killing Yakamo would doom Rokugan. the issue is that even if you consider redress isn't strictly bushido per se, it's still a strong cultural expectation. basically sometimes vengeance is Bushido, sometimes it isn't. And the funniest is we're even discussing passionately not on proper bushido, but on a somewhat westernized conception of a Bushido expressed in a fantasy setting where lot was established on rule if cool more than Japanese cultural accuracy. in Rokugan, Bushido was written in a time of strife at the dawn of the empire and thus is supposed to have shaped the empire. In historical Japan, Bushido is a philosophical construct codified during peaceful times (compared to the sengoku) to give directions to a warrior caste that became over time obsolete in a unified Japan. Rokugan's problem is trying to fit the Bushido concept backward from how it actually manifested. I'd say none of us can anyway be correct because bushido is at the same time your own view on your actions and the view society has on your actions. if Bushido was something exact to define, there wouldn't be samurai drama. PS: someone said earlier that if a lion was tricked by a scorpion he should remember Akodo's words: samurai is the judge of his own honor. It made sense 1000 years ago, when samurai society was building up. thousand years of Lion tradition and ancestor worship make it now that in Lion culture, your honor isn't really your own, it's something you received from your ancestors, and you are only safekeeping it to pass it to your descendants.
  7. Might be no coup or dark prophecy this time. but indeed maybe old xxxviii will passes soon, and Sotorii will turn into a new Hantei XVI.
  8. I'm running the same kind for Dragon, and do not play PD in it either. I already explained my views on flavor and deckbuild somewhere and PD is a political flavoured card so I don't use outside of crane or scorp bully decks. In a Dragon, it could be added to a heavy discard strategy, with kitsuki investigator and spies at court for opponent hand disruption. Otherwise, no reason to have it as a once off IMHO. Let them play PD, they will remove one of your card, see your hand, and tremble in fear knowing what's coming down the mountain.
  9. it's not trying to use bushido to justify revenge. It's explaining how bushido is involved in revenge, because if you don't seek revenge, you fail some tenets. If you want to counter my point don't tell me that I'm trying to bend bushido, try to develop by telling me how revenge isn't bushido. A small nuance I'll agree though after reflexion. Vengeance is bushido only if avenging a slight on your master or benefactor. A slight on you must be accepted and borne by you. But then your vassals will be expected to avenge you.
  10. Bushido (and samurai drama) isn't about seven separate tenets but about living by the seven tenets at the same time, constantly, with the 7 acting sometimes together or sometimes in opposition. Someone slight your honor or your ancestor's or your family's, you have to get reparation, even if a courtier manipulated you. The deed is done. it's about Meyo and Gi and even Chugo. And if you swore vengeance comes Makoto and even Yu if the odds are against you. And you will need to show yet Rei to your enemy, and even Jin if once your honor cleansed you spare the enemy and let him seppuku. vengeance isn't indeed a tenet of Bushido in itself but it borders possibly on the seven. It is Bushido. the Bushido is something greater than the sum of its parts.
  11. Bushido isn't just the 7 tenets (which isn't the same as virtues) it's the whole cultural mindset that grew with it over centuries. Revenge in Rokugan is a family duty and a cultural expectation. You don't owe revenge to yourself but to your ancestor. Family Feuds are an important part of Rokugan's drama. there was a comparison in an old book like if Romeo and Juliet happened in Rokugan, everyone involved would end up dead.
  12. In imperial histories, Togashi dynasty chapter, Hantei build his clan around the shinomen and dealing with non humans. But he never taught his heavenly sword style.
  13. That's probably the thing. PD isn't maybe designed to make it into every deck. it's a duel, but from the "lore" pov it isn't like raitsugu's, kaezin's or a duellist training who are military Skill action. It's a political bully tool, flavourwise at home with strong political clans like scorpion and crane and mechanic wise it capitalizes on discard ability so good for scorpion honor pressure and bid actions and can combo with the kakita blade for extra honor and political skill. Eventually, it might make it in a Dragon pol/mil deck splashing crane for duelling and benefit of discard ability from kitsuki. Funny though it's the only neutral duel card. If duelling is that important for Rokugan, where is neutral "show me your stance"? it's so the only duel card that everyone can play. Is it strong? Indubitably. Should everyone play it? Maybe Not if they aren't politicaly inclined or somehow have a duel theme or discard theme strategy. PD isn't just about picking opponents best card. Imagine winning a Earth pol conflict, in which you won a PD then play spies at court. Add there a kitsuki investigator and you just ripped the hand of your opponent. Those are strong game tools available to all (apart from Kitsuki) but so are charge, banzai or assassination. Does everyone runs them? Depends on your strategy or even the flavour of your deck. Might be from a roleplayer and GM pov but I see no flavor in playing PD in military decks. I'm less about clan loyalty than Rokugan loyalty. now why does many play it, if it doesn't add up to a strategy, I don't know. it's strong in itself, but it's a mean, not an end.
  14. Probably meant Shinsei and not Hantei. Probably Hantei was the only one Akodo would actually listen to.
  15. the story isn't bad, but a bit long, and no much really happens. let's hope next story is more eventful, and shows up before another month.
  16. Game shouldn't focus about duels. Wouldn't a redirection card only for duels being too situational? Also, if it's about flavour, Yojimbo or duellist should work only for courtier and shugenja. A Bushi is meant to fight his own duel. Such redirection for a Bushi should cost honor. Also in Rokugani tradition, the aftermath of a duel lost have to impact the champion and the championed. Your champion lost a duel to death? Your seppuku is expected then.
  17. As much as I liked dueling in old5r, with the cards to focus, or things like karmic strike, this isn't old5r anymore. So no much point to compare. I actually find it cool that duel may be a general mechanic usable efficiently by all instead of a niche you have to design your deck around. But even in old5r, you wouldn't throw a duel if there weren't at least serious probability to win it.
  18. Nothing about dueling as a political tool in Rokugan is about fairness. It's totally bully dueling as practiced by Crane and Scorpion. sorry but if I play PD, I actually intend to win it. as any duel I could play actually. so of course I'll set up a duel of one of my strong against one of your weenie. if I have to be fair and give you a chance to win, it means there's intrinsically a chance for me to lose. My own card being potentially detrimental to me isn't part of my game plan. leave it as is, everyone can play it, so it levels the field. nerf it and it becomes a dead card no one will play anymore.
  19. until FFG publish a timeline going from the dawn of the empire until the 1100s, no reason to believe the old Canon has changed, this is Rokugan known history. After 1100s (actual game time) anything goes.
  20. Yeah, numbers will need to be bigger then, because AFAIK, there was 1500-2000 viewers for World's finals. Not bad, but not awesome either. Numbers need to make FFG think they will be revenue, for them to consider professional streaming as a media to invest in.
  21. ahem, a proper entry level PTZ camera would cost at least 10 times this, and you need more than one, for the table and the commenters , and then an entry video mixer is like 20000 bucks. a proper professional streaming would need that, plus a trained operator to pay for using the mixer. And TBH 1080 p is nothing Extraordinary, it's just a resolution. What matters is the cam sensor. And a Go Pro isn't really professional quality. Now on the other hand, FFG and Asmodee could outsource this. there are plenty of pro broadcasting company that can direct this for you. And by the way, I work in professional broadcast and streaming industry.
  22. Live streaming professional equipment is very expensive, both as an investment and even simply for renting. It's rather cumbersome too. anyone can maybe pickup a cheap cam and attempt to do live stream, but if they don't make quality, they better not do it. And quality as a cost. Not sure FFG or even Asmodee has a dedicated broadcast team they can fly around for any event (which has cost too).
  23. Don't take this as an insult or what, but if the game last 5 hrs there is something wrong with both decks somewhere. probably not optimised towards a win condition or sound strategy. longest I had was three hours lion/crane. Crane had cinsistently what prevent a break, but not retaliate, and Lion hadn't enough staying power to field enough guys for the break. Lost 4 rounds of back and forth useless defense/assault until So of course both decks were not optimised, more flavor and apparently cool cards than efficient build. Took the two back to the drawing board. let's say the rematch was a brutal showdown, sorted in one hour (crane victory)
  24. what is not a joke? (typical dragon now )
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