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  1. Worst is, in previous editions, Unicorn and Crab used to be considered the "easiest" to play for newcomers or folks less familiar with medieval Asian setting, crab for its lack of decorum, and Unicorn for their supposed ignorance of Rokugani customs, because they would be a reason/excuse for political/cultural blunders while Crane and Lion were not advised for newcomers due to their focus on honor, culture and bushido. Probably an aftermath of the way FFG's L5R forces Giri and Ninjo on players and GM throats, and make what was a Progressive Roleplaying effort an obligation from beginning. Rokugan their way...
  2. Well, first there are no ninja in the scorpion, every scorpion would tell you that Now, for basic reasons that could justify their limitations on pre-gens variety. Thing is: playing well a scorpion needs a good bit of knowledge on Rokugani society, to exploit people well, and realize what their ends justify means philosophy really is. Else newcomers could role play the scorpion as one dimensioned treacherous bastards and miss the point. So no scorpion is almost understandable. Then, for cavalry, apart from the riding contest, no much way to shine as a horserider in the Topaz tournament. So the role would be a bit unused. And you need to understand the culture, to make the foreign ways of a Unicorn more noticeable. For Crab, while folks have always thought them easy to play because of the lack of focus on decorum, it's a clan that needs to have his mindset and burden understood to be played well in character. Despite this, I'm a bit surprised as well that they ain't in the folios pre-gen. Tbh, they once again miss the point (as during the beta) and force us to live Rokugan as they see it fit only. No much leeway for GM and players to appropriate their Rokugan. 4th ed was "Rokugan your way" 5th ed seems once again FFG's "Rokugan our way or the highway" FFG doesn't trust us to Rokugan well.
  3. Still, what a shameful display it had been at Kyuden Isawa.
  4. Usually, such riots happened after a feast. Or a famine.
  5. Cultural clash is anyway coming to the empire. An "heresy" like the pure land sect and it's view on the relations between caste is the perfect brew for a religious civil war. For those who got Imperial History, the time of the famine, erased from history by the shosuro/Ikoma alliance shows how social inequalities can bring civil war. The Empire will have a hard time to suddenly start an industrial revolution, closed and xenophobe as it is. like in Iron Empire, it may need a foreign intervention to force it.
  6. There are anyways some foreign powers that have been hinted at in the RPG beta, by referring to Unicorn and Mantis clans culture having knowledge of foreign languages Ivinda, Mekhem, Banatu and Portuga. while they do not own maybe the rights to Burning Sands of Ivory Kingdoms IP, those are still the border countries of Rokugan. They will I bet be used, but with non already trademarked names.
  7. Shame on a forumer who runs game on a forumer!
  8. seems like it's related to promo cards https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/l5r-lcg/l5r-vote/
  9. And she gives herself away, and she gives herself away...
  10. Three posts above, @Ishi Tonu quoted some obscure gaijin references
  11. Very interesting insight Kinzen. I can't wait for more on the PLS and the Dragon monks. (always makes me laugh to use PLS as it's the French acronym used for "recovery position" and in slang means being wrecked or unable to do actual stuff)
  12. I'm not even sure folks actually say Isawa no Kami, as he wasn't one per se, that's why he could be a thunder. He is probably venerated as a blessed ancestor, a Shiryo, more than a Kami. I think if the seven thunders have ascended, it's to yomi more than Tengoku. I might be wrong though. if someone as previous Eds reference to point.
  13. http://l5r.wikia.com/wiki/Rokugani_Army That might help. Indeed, clans have often special "forces" that aren't the typical military formation, but otherwise, everyone still follow in some way the good old Akodo structure.
  14. Lorewise, maybe, with a bit of retcon and AEG Fiat. Mechanic wise (old card game and RPG) they needed a fully fledged Shugenja family, who IMHO was very gimmicky in the end to the Mantis, and less useful and purposeful when 3rd ed dropped the first Tejinka and other stormriders. As Tejinka have already been introduced now in the lore, no need to shoehorn the Moshi. Even a with a wedding Yoritomo/Amika.
  15. Specially, mantis got the moshi to add a shugenja family, then came the Yoritomo shugenja. So no need for a shugenja family, they are some showcased already (Tejinka).
  16. yeah, but that thread became quickly more about cartography and river shapes. The text now places key locations and give us a situation of clan territories. This map gives us more details about geopolitics. clan lands look small yet the whole empire as welllooks a bit more...narrow. I liked 4th ed map, which felt large, and was full of unaligned lands to adventure in.
  17. you are not mistaken indeed. So this is definitely the new Canon map, probably the one as well that will be the map for FFG's Five Rings RPG. A change from 4th ed. As said clan territories look smaller and less space for those untamed or unaligned lands. The northern crane lands look now smaller, and when you see where Toshi Ranbo is, you wonder how crane can maintain supply lines to the town.
  18. seems like they took the map shape from Atlas of Rokugan, so closer to 3rd ed than 4th ed. Clan territories look smaller with this, particularly in the south, with Shinomen closer to the spine of the world mountain. Shrink a bit the scorpion territories. Crane indeed look much more coastal, and phenix territory looks more concentrated.
  19. search for Ise Zumi, for Dragon and Henshin for Phoenix, to know more about both traditions. Mysticism aside, Phenix monks are more akin to Shaolin, while Dragon Monks would be more Wudang inspired.
  20. Isawas started using prayers to the Kami due to a better understanding of magic after the Tao and Shinsei's advices on the nature of elements. They also stopped blood magic because it somehow seemed to turn them crazy. only later would Kuni Nakanu study the taint and maho and found a correlation, but he was kinda ignored. Until Otomo Jama found his journals...
  21. +1 for five rings DB. Search for Decks popular and with some comments (unlike mines ?) these are usually decks interesting, or reading comments can spark your deckbuilding muse.
  22. Neutral cards represent as well Rokugan's common culture, tools available to all.
  23. Careful. Meddling with noble blood tend to attract the Shuten Doji.
  24. found out the lion splash is good. Adding ready for battle alleviates the weakness crane has against bow Tech. Then army of one is a province taker with a cautious scout
  25. who's afraid of the big bad scorpion? As a faction they managed to fit their lore role: everyone see them now as the devious vilain.
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