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  1. This reaction is an activated card ability, so it's once per turn by default (until written otherwise, like watch commander's unlimited reaction).
  2. Fan, Katana and banzai are reclining indeed, but court games won't disappear, as it's the only card that so strong and neutral so far.
  3. That could be a finisher, but it's hard to attain. it's not really a strategy but a endgame goal, bring opponent to lose 5 by discard at turn 4 at least. Need to push the opponent to bid high and manage to discard 5 cards per turn, while bringing the opponent to five honor or less when dishonorable shuffle happens. And it's not like the opponent won't realize what you are doing at some point. Maybe building a janky like deck, but hard to make it competitive past the surprise effect.
  4. that's the purpose, getting honor to be spent not accumulated towards 25. keeping between 9 and 17 using honor to mainly fuel your draw, afford banzai and assassination. with 17 honor turn 3, U can afford a strong push and bid 5, at worst I'd go down to 13, eventually trying 3rd province and stronghold. yeah, I can see Lion working like that.
  5. Phenix, Crane and Dragon for example can be tailored to apply honor and card pressure too. And of course, there is air, fire and earth rings natural mechanics to apply honor and conquest pressure. It's just seem easier so far for Crab and Scorpion to apply this pressure using built in mechanics and clan specific cards. Clan that can produce honor shouldn't strive for the moment toward an honor victory, but bank on honor, outhonoring the opponent to spend for card advantage (easier to bid 3 or 4 turn 1 and 2 then bid 5 turn 3 for acceleration once you built up to 17 honor) . key is finding the right balance on card draw to base yourself on a bid of 3 each turn and build card advantage on the board instead, like scorpion and crab do. Pretty sure Lion can handle it.
  6. or maybe grant one honor to the Victor of a conflict.
  7. I am totally making an assumption, based on Old5R lore, where Naga where sleeping since before the dawn of the Empire. If the Naga Race, previous masters of the land now being Rokugan weren't asleep before, they would probably have manifested before. knowing that the description of the Nezumi refered them as marked by historical tragedy (destruction of their empire by Fu Leng's fall) assumption is that what happened before the dawn stands true. #itsstillcanonuntilFFGsaysotherwise
  8. Something has also started to awaken the Naga from their millenary slumber, so there are stirrings felt in the Akasha too. maybe the barriers between the realms are weakening. Hope one day to see Chikushudo giant animal spirits (A la Mononoke Hime).
  9. Otomo Jama:" yeah, been there done that. Grow up kiddos"
  10. step 1: scan cards step 2: print scans, cut, put in clear sleeves with a unused card step 3: ? Step 4: profit
  11. You are probably right. Let's put our trust in Kuni Yori instead. But I kinda heard Crabs have Terrible Standards
  12. As a phoenix supporter too, I'd rather deal with educated scorpion that respect traditional magic, and their respected Soshi scholars than brutish crabs with their bizarre and dubious Kuni. plus Bayushi was Shiba's twin, so scorpions are Phoenix's cousins.
  13. can't wait for an official Dawn of the Empire till present days timeline from FFG, to see what is still canon.
  14. Even if called "ancestral" home of the Tsume, Kyotei castle was actually home of the Damasu, wiped out by Tsume Retsu in 1118. So barely 5 years. And I'm not even sure that attack on the Damasu had been sanctioned by imperials. The Tsume came from a small holding in neighboring Kitani valley. Then along came Matsu Gohei
  15. So take fortress, and google it back from English to Japanese, you'll see. In old lore, the monkey fortress was called Toku Torid-e, the vigilant keep of the Monkey. L5R was never known for Japanese grammatical accuracy and you need often to translate word by word, so who knows what they mean by Hisu. Tori means bird indeed, so maybe google translate just picked up that part and got confused. Hisu Mori gives me "chilling"... Fortress of chilling sounds weird for an offensive deck ?
  16. Must be the same place but the "suffix" changed. Mura means "village" , Toshi means "City", Shiro means "castle", Kyuden means "palace" and Toride means "keep, fort". So the Lion took the place and built a fort, so the place is now known as Hisu Mori Toride (Mori is forest, but for Hisu, I found hysteria as translation...)
  17. This map always makes me wonder WTF are the crane doing up Toshi Ranbo, quite far in terms of supply lines.
  18. might be nostalgia, but for flavor, I liked better when it was called Kyuden Ashinagabashi. Seems they decided to do without using the old traditional names, like Kyuden Doji, Shiro Mirumoto, kenson gakka... Weird is not using Kyuden Bayushi and Kyuden Isawa while those are confirmed stronghold names in the LCG.
  19. You're on to something. He is a sort of phony duellist, baiting you in a winnable duel but always betting one and going home taking maybe honor at the same time. It's why he is Yojimbo to Asami, who can chip honor too. Can you use duellist training with a bowed character? (if lost, already bowed so is there game change?). Maybe duellist training is meant to be lost, for chipping honor by bidding 1. Crane dueltech is phony and their mean for honor pressure ? duels are supposed to be lost, and use contingency plan for honor chipping. except Policy Debate of course.
  20. That's also the main bane of Roleplaying IRL : demand is higher than offer. Everyone's keen on playing, but ask for GMing and everyone disappears...
  21. I had this crazy theory once that Unicorn's position was a pervert storytelling device from FFG, outsiders and misunderstood in the lore (like a puzzle ) . So maybe scorpion current strength is another of such, reflecting their current position in the lore.
  22. 3 times. I never said it isnt strong. It's just the cancelling honor style, as opposed to the scorpion which is the cancel dishonor style. that's thematic rokugani tools. The crane and scorpion, they are the guys that foils your plans. An honor based Lion can run it and run FFG. it's strong, but it's a needed tool, that could be used by almost everyone with a bit of setup. crane just makes it competitive worthy because they are Cranes. once again take it with a grain of salt, I care more about flavour or Rokugan itself than clan loyalty.
  23. I might see this from a l5r roleplayer pov too, so it's biased, but removing counters or having a greater handicap to play them is depriving crane or scorp of their flavor. so yes Crane and Scorpion can cancel some events. Sucks when facing them, but that's what they do. It's like asking For Greater Glory to cost +1 fate for each Bushi that you fate, because if it isn't canceled, it's too strong.
  24. all hail Tadaka, the prophet, announcing us the time as come to put only two copies or even a single copy of cards in our decks, and play more attachments and conflict Characters.
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