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  1. will they brought back the prophecies of Uikku, knowing that I guess they 'll try to take a distance from what Uikku created? . For those who don't know, Uikku was just a basic romajisation of John Wick's name. For those who don't know John Wick, well he's the Gigax of L5R RPG.
  2. Kinda agree with Jewels. I don't like them really in the hands of Samurai, but I'm always interested in seeing them as a trigger for the transformation of Rokugan, and confronting players to such transformation. That's why, to keep in line with the taboo feeling linked to firearms, they are a balance upsetters, allowing an unskilled conscript ashigaru to kill a samurai, and thus raising the question of the relevance of samurai in the face of progress. usually it ends not well for the samurai caste, turning Rokugan into an expansionist autocratic aggressive Empire.
  3. Just curious about your L5R background. Are you a newcomer brought via fantasy flight, did you or do you now play the card game, which edition did you started with. Not a topic to argue but more to introduce each others and exchange good memories. As most of us will work on making that beta what it deserves to be, lets start by being courteous. I'm Nintenman, of house Mirumoto and I have lived in Rokugan for 15 years. I served only once in the RPG as a samurai of the Moto and stupidly spent all a fight on a boat donning armor below deck to emerge fully equipped on the deck where everyone had been captured. I died. I got reborn a while later as a Mirumoto samurai in the card game. Though I made my musha shugyo and served many clans during my card gaming time (Mostly Lion and Scorpion) I always come back to the Dragon. In the meantime, I had climbed a mountain and met Togashi. He tattooed me 10 green D10 and gave me scrolls: The 2ed edition rulebooks , Time of the void and the GM survival guide. Since then, I keep tattooing my body with living scenes of Rokugan for my friends and my own enjoyment, adding new tattoos at each edition. addendum: Since early October, I've also joined the LCG scene as a Dragon again.
  4. so minor clans existing should be Hare, Sparrow, Dragonfly, Badger, Fox, Wasp, Tortoise and Mantis, and extinct would be Boar and Snake.
  5. we will need a re-edition of the GM survival guide that originally came with 2e
  6. Spider always felt Shoehorned to me. Too much development in too short a time. Plus Shadowlands tainted becoming legit as a GC was against what Rokugan stood for.
  7. I have the weird feeling that you see your GMing trough rose glasses, the psychologist GM that save broken players from bad GMing experiences. Seriously we all **** up sometimes, we all break players and we all repair some others. See taking your example, rule lawyering isn't a "bad habit" though it can indeed be a bother. It happens when a player who knows (or think he knows ) the rule feels he is not getting what he should. Maybe he invested in mechanics with expectations, and then feels frustrated to see GM handwaving or giving to everyone the benefits he invested in. It's usually coming from a problem in communication. But its not going to impact on the rest of this players gaming life. Another GM might have no issue with it. In clear they are many bad habits, as much as there are players or GM. see this is where you are wrong. A rule lawyer isn't a bad player intrinsically. So if someone really bent on rule is at your table, do you consider he needs to be "repaired"? There are many ways of gaming, we need to respect every gamer personality. No one's broken,even a munchkin. Now lets drop the references to Pathfinder. Tbh we don't care how pathfinder is great and all. We are here to talk about L5R and oriental adventures. what could be interesting to import from oriental adventures is the classes that were not samurai or monks. Bear warriors for example, spirit shapeshifter or Wujen Oh and +1 for pudding.
  8. So have you dealt with teppojutsu as a GM? I did a campaign once where the almighty Iweko ended up secretly preparing teppo legions to repel the Yodotai invasion. It lead to the installation of a harsh dictatorship that removed much of the samurai privileges and redistributed the lands ( a la Tokugawa sword hunt). My players had to take a part in this. Lead to epic and emotional moments where they had to accept the "breaking" of rokugani culture in service of the god Empress. The taboo on firearms is heavy in Rokugan, but a Samurai should serve his lord with any reasonable and efficient weapon. In Japan history, teppo definitely played a role in the rise to power of the three great unifiers. Even Seven Samurai has teppo. Imagine what Crab could achieve with artillery and Teppo.
  9. I have always envisioned Mantis isles as place apart from Rokugani traditions. More laid back. even had a player once making a Ronin inspired by Mugen from samurai champloo (who's from Ryuku) coming from Kyuden Gotei. I need mantis to stay of the big guys boards to get me brash heroic daring dos as much as relentless bastard pirate
  10. can be worst of both worlds too. Bad GM and bad mechanics. I "played" once in a game where the decorum was like far west movies (only a facade) and the characters were cardboard cutout, GM throwing is Uber NPC everywhere and rules had been handcrafted from a half remembered D&D 3.5. but my post was about more than what has been quoted. So loss of context. I was mainly contesting this idea of RPG-PTSD. When discussing about the possible flaw of a game, saying "yes, but at my table it doesn't happen" is neither constructive nor does it address the flaw. if the GM has to do extra extra mile, system is probably bad or include some oversight on accessibility to new/ inexperienced players.
  11. So big kahuna, it reads a bit like: There are no bad systems, only bad GMs(category in which you obviously don't include yourself) .or "unadapted players".. Poor explanation too. If a system needs a skilled GM to work, that isn't a very good system. And yeah popularity isn't quality. 50 shades of gray is one of the most sold book ever. It's still ****. Oriental adventures had interesting features (wujen, spirits, hengeyokai...) but the system was lacking the freedom of Roll and Keep. And corrupted l5r 3e with trying to put bonus numbers everywhere as a raw +something instead of extra R or K dice. I don't believe in that RPG ptsd. That's very pretentious. I do believe in personnal bias, but that can be worked on.
  12. agree with Aedo, Mantis shouldn't be again a Mary Sue great clan. They should stay a powerful minor clan, and the Tsuruchi, Moshi and Kitsune should stay independent, despite the three man alliance. Mantis low level allows to create atypical characters who are still Samurai, with a twist. Like Okinawa/ryuku islands for Japan
  13. The culture of Rokugan help as well by the fact that the focus on Katana as an heirloom from ancestors makes it the most probable weapon to awaken and display Nemuranai grade abilities.
  14. Talents trees could be good. Have generic ones for bushi, scout, heavy, archers and all to let each character access cool weapon abilities and be efficient. then add clan specific trees that embodies the clan specification, giving an extra edge. everyone should be able to follow a path of archery and gains techniques for it. Just the Tsuruchi will be even stronger or precise.
  15. If they change from the r&k, the progression system will probably change too. How will rank, experience and gaining new techniques be handled? if they go Genesys, how is leveling handled in Star Wars? how will that transfer to school ranks?
  16. I think the Wuxia would be more a musha shugyo than a ronin. On the topic of weapons, I think there should be more abilities tied to weapon and weapon skills rank. Base and advanced Techniques common to samurai society. And for those who want, optional clear rules on movement. I've had a hard time making combat tactical by using strategic positioning without having to use grid map and tokens. Not everyone's cup of tea I understand, but then if you play a high water matsu berserker, or a Hare, that extra movement in FA makes the difference. Else you have to eyeball it and decide on the fly if they get enough move to reach with an attack. the problem is that the combat system in itself is fairly simple, but school flavors and advantages have many ways to disturb it, playing with movement or effects. Also rethink the leveling system. L5R seems to support 1-10 ranks but is mostly 2-8. Schools have 5 ranks, advanced school 3, so left two. The level gaps every 3 is overpowered. Make the progression smoother, and allow to pick up training along the way, clan exclusive or not.
  17. l5r already had the system well deserved: The R&K. what it needs is better synergies, less uber specialization and a rethinking of techniques.
  18. adoption, marriage, kharmic ties, reincarnations...there are lots of options to relate with the blood of another clan and have PCs part of an extended family. Particularly with the tradition of Doji Brides.
  19. Problem with removal of Eta is that it has an impact on corpse handling. Remove Eta and then who will dispose of bodies? We need unclean people to do unclean thing. You can't remove the taboo of corpse handling from the rokugani mindset.
  20. can't do without the Eta. Without Eta, no more reason for samurai. The existence of Hinin and Heimin is part of the celestial order. It's also a base and justification for feudality. As much as a samurai family is the pinnacle of reincarnation for an heimin, eta exist as a reminder of how reincarnate the wicked and unpious.
  21. I'd support social combat have a limited number of mental wounds, affected by opposed checks of social high skill and low skills or have a base social TN. A different focus on martial arts less restricted on schools and organized around skills granting access to a common trunk of techniques. that way, you can have traditional kenjutsu schools or iaijutsu schools independently of clan, and become an efficient crab duellist. Ninjutsu traditions not tied to the scorpion. That way, entering a Clan School, giving clan flavored bonus building on top of these schools with different synergy, would be a great honor.
  22. More cross skiling/abilities/pathing and less of the hyperspecialised power ranger aspect (each their colors and specialization) Techniques could use a common tree and clan school would give bonuses by advantages. That would give less cookie cutter character.
  23. On the Mantis question: Probably safe to assume that the Mantis was still founded by Kaimetsu-Uo at the dawn of the empire, so they should still dwell in the Islands of Spice and Silk. And are currently leaded by Yoritomo. Now regarding their status as Great Clan, depends on the happening of Yoritomo's Gambit by the end of the Clan War. So depends on the happening of a new day of Thunders... And so on. I think its safe to assume no major changes in old history happened and the situation is like the setting of 1st edition. Except Hoturi is now a woman. The good stuff is that all the adventure modules of 1st Ed can be used with minor adaptations. I wish for a reedition of the boxed set Tomb of Iuchiban.
  24. From a Japanese history point of view, very interesting and extensive glossary. For new players not knowing the setting it might be overwhelming.
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