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  1. fiction was good. It usually doesn't go well when a son of Hantei feels unconsidered and his deprived of warmth and kindness. Let's remember the forgotten (and erased) tale of Otomo Jama.
  2. Shadowlands faction is going to arrive, led by none other than Fu Leng Reborn
  3. Let's not forget that we as readers know is a knobhead but for the whole empire, he is sacred and a distant figure at worst, ignoring of his rash behaviour and lack of talent. People will follow him because he is a Hantei and so a focus of power, political and military. Imagine what could a destitute heir promise an upstart minor clan to help him conquer his legitimate birthright? What if he commandeered in some way of land promises the support of the pragmatic Crab Clan? What if, in one of their Kharmic Twist, Dragon were actually there to protect and support Sotorii, as part of Togashi's plan for the big day? What if the Crane preferred Sotorii, easier to influence and cajole than Daisetsu? Too much Clans may have invested in Sotorii since his birth too let go that easily.
  4. Makes good sense. My view is also biased I guess from my appreciation of the Character of Mugen from anime Samurai Champloo being from Ryuku Islands, and my fav rpg player portraying a Silk and Spice born ronin inspired by him.
  5. due to the distance and small cultural differencies, i'd say the Islands of Silk and Spice are more akin to Ryukyu Islands than "mainland" Shikoku.
  6. As far as I know, no. There hasn't even been mention made of the Empress...
  7. Wow, so not only Dragon is easy, but them mystical powers ensure also consistant draw of PFB and flop of Niten Master early every game! Even if you haven't them in the deck? Tbh, my mvp isn't the obvious Niten Master, it's Raitsugu. And PFB is strong but Charge or Fury are more fun to play. My "meta" is kinda small, being my wife and me mainly, with an outing at flgs once a month and my HMT unicorn/lion outpaced often my Dragon/crab. Fielding PFB and NM and hoping they would be your main key to success is actually a recipe for failure, as you don't learn how to exploit other good Dragon resources, and limit your deckbuild option to seeker. I'm having my fun now with SOTP monk/shugenja, gotta love that sealed Raitsugu with a Katana of fire.
  8. Sometimes get that feeling too. I'm still collecting, bit of Jigoku, bit of solo vs play, but I'm afraid Dragon will be nerfed because crowd think it's easy mode (blame legendary Dragon Aneil...) Thank god I have another beloved Clan I can play too: Lion... Hmm wait... Oh s*it!
  9. I think it may resume to a maybe poorly handled "reason to set early in motion old5r Unicorn/Lion antagonism" by the story team. Which is sad, because the rest of the fictions are great, well balanced, and generally respectful of clans themes and identity and main characters (except for Yoshi, who was made to be a total ****** in Taka's story, and Lion in general) The scheming of the Evil Ikoma against the oh-so compassionate Unicorn seems almost manichean, despite trying to sell us this as a deeply crafted political machination (which it is not) but just end up making both clans looking as politically inept fools, even much more than Yoshi was portrayed. Guess we need bad guys, Scorpion are the political ones, Lion are the military ones. Honestly, except for the mega spotlight on Toturi, feels sometimes a real lack of love for Lion (screwed in cards and mechanics, screwed in fictions) Unicorn has it better, their Champion is seen as virtuous and compassionate, the Heir is a great samurai, they found the Naga as allies. Now seems the Moto are on their way to make them even stronger, their top courtier doesn't care about Shogi, yet is a master easily defeating an Imperial family scion (depicted as an inept ****** again. To be fair, Satoshi was the vilain of time of void adventure, but still...) and they even took back Hisu Mori Toride like nothing (well, at a cost for poor Shinjo). Oh, and one of them is the focus of a cutey (so far ...) story of real love with the "good" imperial heir. Bet they will have Lion side with Bad Sotorii, just because.
  10. Then it's board presence more than really fate manipulation. How to keep your board and empty opponent's and how to have a better fate economy to allow you to fate more your guys. KOV role, keeper initiates, void Ring effect, dragon sealed weaponised raitsugu, lord togashi, emo stone, Seeker of enlight, then splash crab for reprieve+tesubo or phenix for embrace+kharmic. The cards are there, but the strategy is I agree a bit Janky. And isn't indeed a just monk(ey) business, but a whole clan effort. I get your point about design, but I believe it's also the price of the tech level of the game, and the fact that it is still in its infancy, yet great concepts like Mono no aware helps a lot immersion. I liked to play old L5R ccg, but feels more immersion with LCG. On a side note, have you ever tried Arkham horror LCG? I just fell into it, deeply, and as per what you look for in game in terms of immersion, If you like Chtulhu mythos, you might love this.
  11. I love Necromancy, but a month-ish isn't that necromantic tbh Beyond fate manipulation, which is somewhat vague as a concept (focus on character removal, fate generation... Bit of a catch all) what would be the fate manipulating monk deck strategy in order to win conflicts and ultimately the game? because even without being overly competitive, the aim of a deck isn't mainly how thematic it is but how it will help you achieve one of the three win conditions. While I understand your point, I think you maybe as you say mislead yourself in looking for a fluff that is subjective. As you said, you knew nothing of Rokugan before making up your mind, so maybe your interpretation wasn't fully accurate. I have been a Rokugan addict for 15 years, as a card player and GM and even I won't say my interpretation of theme is the right one, but I believe I have a rather good understanding of general Clan themes. But I am not saying you are wrong in wanting fluffier stuff, and definitely incite you to try to play the RPG in parallel. The Dragon theme isn't as much monks as it is a Clan promoting mysticism, individualism and exploration of one's path (so strong tower character is very thematic) and characterized by a sword fighting style based on two weapons (again, thematic for attachments )They have monks , warriors and shugenja training together, learning from each other and fighting side by side. A fun and fluffy Dragon deck shouldn't be really a monk deck only or an attachment only deck but a balance. The hardest is to find this balance (which is again very thematic for Dragon) Obviously the current stronghold is more biased towards attachments, but even when a monk stronghold will drop, Dragon will still be an attachment focused Clan. I respect your point of view and quest for fluff, but I disagree about Dragon not being thematic. Dropping two swords, a seal of the Dragon and a tattoo on a Mirumoto Raitsugu and having him kill stuff is actually very thematic. I believe a really Fluffy deck plays the main themes of a Clan together. Let's take Crane, yes they are masters of politics and it is felt in their theme and gameplay, but without the Daidoji scouts, Iron warriors, and heroic Doji warriors, Crane would have been destroyed by Lion a while ago. Let's take Lion... No, I'm kidding, Lion is currently a clan that FFG indeed effed up thematically
  12. And while it's true it feels the "monk deck" isn't fully there yet, you can still monk with attachments, using non weapons, but fate manipulation or battlefields effects (talisman of the sun) attachments, even some which would'nt give skill bonus (like splash phenix for embrace the void) Then the beauty of the Stronghold is to allow you a skill buff on character with these utilities attachments. now, funny stuff is, you say you want to play only a monk deck, and current Dragon doesn't feel monk to you... But what then should a monk deck feel according to you? Maybe Unicorn now feels more exciting to you, more rushy, but if you feel Dragon boring, you maybe haven't understood Dragon. It's quite technical, and needs careful planning and anticipation. Maybe watch some Dragon matchups on Youtube, get some strats. sometimes a Good dragon play is like a good scorpion play: it's taxing mentally.
  13. hum, what other denominations would make sense? You attach it to a character, it's an attachment. Simple and clear. Name explain the base mechanics. It avoids too much granularity in cards type that would creates niche cards that wouldn't see play. They wouldn't be on par with event. Imagine if the Agasha swordsmith could only search weapon cards, you'd be stuck with weapon cards mainly to put in your deck or have no consistency. compared to let's say a Crane Test of Skill searching for events, it would be less powerful. Imagine if let go or Miya mystic was only: discard a weapon. Then you'd be stuck with your cloud the mind forever. There are mechanics though that are attachment subtype restricted, like Niten Master's reaction on weapons. It's streamlined and efficient. No need to put excessive fluff on cards. Flavor texts and fictions bring the main fluff, not mechanics. If you want a stronger L5R fluff fix, get to play the RPG too. Old5R suffered of excessive fluff at the end, with a multiplication of keywords that made sometimes no sense or had meaningfull mechanics.
  14. To be fair, the Dune books avoid the lack of characterizations, and beyond the feud Atreides/Harkonnens Bene Gesserit, Fremen, even imperials are rather fleshed out well. The Dune movie though, short as it is falls often into these traps. (Despite just a moustache and not full goatee, the traitor made me think of Yueh's characterization). why L5R "avoids" this well? Because it's not two Houses centric.
  15. I think it's more about roleplaying than LCG/CCG these considerations. For cards, it's easy, just play the game, don't bother too much trying to make much sense of the world. Enjoy the epic setting. But for roleplaying, I understand the world is so rich and the rules and settings are so open you sometimes need to try to make sense of it, and you can if you wish reach a great level of granularity. This is more about how you homebrew Rokugan. You can either reach granularity in how you portray and justify Ronin or just say there are Ronin, and let them be just antagonist or katanafodder. Justifying Ronin could be for exemple portraying clan internal strife as more frequent than interclan strife. Due to the game of weddings, adoption and alliance, at the local scale, it may be sucession conflicts in families have happened, lower and higher "family" branches founded. Family is important in Rokugan, but paramount is lineage. Each clan is a small country in itself, and a feudal one, often separated from each other by unaligned lands . Vassals oppose and conquer each other's land or the surroundings unaligned lands, trough war and political leadership. By making his domain stronger, he honors his family lord. Lords are defeated, men are made Ronin when for example three sons of a powerful Daidoji lord fight over his domain, when one win and one lose. maybe an aging Dragon lord reigning over a couple of mountains who doesn't handle well is domain his overthrown by an upstart young vassal, maybe from a lower branch. Boom, Ronin are made. A Shosuro lord has twins and divide his domain made of forests and mountain between them and boom you get two branch of a family of Shinobi, one from the mountains, and one from the forest. Even without being a shosuro official vassal family, local customs may end up having one famille taking an extra name related to the forest and the other an extra name related to the mountain. People are supposed to have personal mon to be identified and are probably free to take wathever name or surname or nickname they want, yet in official way they are expected to use their great clan family names if any. There are many way to resolve names, family or ronin, they all tend to homebrewing in the end. 4e's rokugan your way. That's why rpg mechanics aren't too detailed about that, and for the card game, resolving granular consistency isn't really the scope of the game.
  16. i'm sure this hashtag might pick up later. #theregentwedeservenottheregentweneed. I'm sure the Hantei knows the mess his decision will create, so he names his ruthless best friend to setup his son's rule and weed out ennemies.
  17. It would be a story twist, but would make no sense. Neither in earnest expect the emperor to die overnight, so Toturi would be expected to promulgate it while the Emperor his still alive. It isnt a secret will of inheritance but an edict of abdication.
  18. I don't even just see war between clans, but even opposition internal in clans themselves. What if the Doji Family supports Sotorii but the Asahina supports Daisetsu? Or if supporters of a claimant fight among themselves within the Shiba. Like in times of the Four Winds.
  19. True, let's stop all this about how dare they offer a mismatch to Shinjo's descendant? They don't, they offer an aging Daimyo a way to retire honorably (lady of the Ikoma) and let her heir takes her place while serving her clan. if she had retired and went inkyo, no one would have cared it wasn't fitting for direct descendant of Shinjo's line
  20. Now, making the assumption that Togashi Yokuni is as wise and informed as he would have been in old5r. Why sending a pls member to represent the Dragon at topaz Championship? Is Yokuni actually pro-pls?
  21. So, seems the pure land sect is going to be a thing in RPG too. Funny to read here about Togashi Tadakatsu. keeping it related to the LCG.
  22. adapt a setting, but do not adapt a movie fully. Trying to stay too close to À movie and it's characters may shift the focus of your RPG away from your players. on the other hand, it can work very well for solo session, to replicate key scenes and mood. We played once a solo session with my best mate, where he was a Crane elite soldier, tracking to assassinate him a prodigy rogue Lion general that had gone AWOL and started it's own tribe of lost far downriver Beyond the wall, almost, in the jungles of Ivory kingdom, adopting their methods... In the heart of darkness if you see which movie I mean... The horror, the horror...
  23. Tower, phenix, for the big guys, the send home, being able to do multiple conflicts, coup the honor loss, play waning on economy turn, splash Dragon for let go and fury, if you favor it over against the waves. run on strong earth and water shugenja, add shiba guys for support, yojimbo, chikai protector Tetsu if you feel like.
  24. They are locked in a battle of a thousand days and a thousand nights!!!
  25. This reaction is an activated card ability, so it's once per turn by default (until written otherwise, like watch commander's unlimited reaction).
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