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  1. I don't know, I like the feeling of exchanging tokens, and the honor/dishonor tokens fit ok at the top of a sleeve. Tokens are good because information can be obtained at a quick glance. From the other side of the table, it's easier to see you have 3 piles of 2 honor tokens than have to check the number on a dice. Plus I may have to ask you what's your honor total and give you insight that I'm considering something against your honor... Each player moving a dice doesn't have the same feel as exchanging tokens. White and black token or beads are commonly used for honor/dishonored, there also lots of custom ones that goes on tourney or streams. People are actually using a lot of custom markers in this game, but it's more for the bling than for practicality, because FFG ones are in the end really not bad and do the job. Dice are good though, if they aren't small and are easy to read to mark a character increased skill or a skill totals during conflict. What matters the most is how it conveys information during a game, and FFG ones are good because everyone knows them. But then of course, if your playgroup use nutshells or sakura petals for a game currency and every one knows it, it's totally fine too.
  2. Unfortunately, character pool/choice isn't big enough to make such "side families" thematics decks work yet, and most of the time, such theme decks would end up being Janky and lacking oomph to be fun to play. Let's face it, Rokugan's take on "each family has its role" shows us the interdependency of the families and their need of each other to survive. For example, of course the Hida family needs the Yasuki to feed the wall, but if there wasn't the Hida, the Yasuki would be easily wiped out by the crane. Currently a Yasuki themed deck would seem to revolve around resources management: cards from the shrewd, getting fate from the sacrifice of your characters (Taka, Broker, but both are costy), play attachments (to get the proc discount) and punish the use of events with Oguri. Overall, not enough to make a Yasuki strategy in itself, beyond benefiting of their keywords to enable courtier actions, but definitely some synergy with some Crab themes. But indeed, Fuzake doesn't match this classic Yasuki role of resources manager. Not the courtier Keyword and a weird ability not really in line with the rest of crab strats. Does Crab need a cost efficient and useful Shugenja? Yes. Is it Fuzake? I don't think so.
  3. There's also an excellent android app (dunno if it is also on IOS) called a deck of five rings, that has all these info gathered in handy, with a card catalogue of sorts.
  4. The brotherhood can't probably excommunicate the Emperor.
  5. Divine right is about the Church putting donimion on Kingships in Europe by asserting these claims of right of god to the masses, holding lavish coronations and advising European bloodlines and nobility. As a political theory, it needs a strong theocratic backbone. The brotherhood isn't exactly the christian churches but it surely preach the Rokugani Religion, of which the Emperor is the head. On Rokugan, this is a fact that the emperor is seen as a god amongst men and people are extremely pious. It would be a blasphemy to most to think the emperor isn't holy and righteous. And he has right to rule the land and give it to its vassals. That would mean the end of the legitimity of the whole caste system. Divine right is also the right to rule of all the Clans ruling families. Divine Right is already in place in Rokugan since its dawn, having been founded by gods.
  6. Guns, lot of guns...joking, yet introduction of gunpowder could be an empire shattering event in itself. Something more mundane than constant epics against world breaking events. Every two season. I hope they'll build up slowly to the day of thunder then stop. Then reboot it again
  7. What I can't forgive is how they took complex writing and characters and made it mass entertainment using weak characterization. And being indirectly responsible for folks who wouldn't have touched a dnd book with a stick years ago now popping everywhere claiming they always loved dragons... Oh and of course they can't be forgiven for effing up Stannis character and having sacrificed his integrity to pander the masses. But indeed, since their GOT, feels death is cheap, and cheap death becomes meaningless.
  8. And lazy too. No more originality in a Anyone can die gruesomely since ASOIAF became mainstream.
  9. The problem with tropes is that you end up realizing everything has already been written anyway. Problems of tropes isn't that they are overused, of course, they became tropes this way. It's more some are outdated/archaic or a mark of creative laziness. A war for power/succession crisis is overarching a story, it's a classic framework, it's been used indeed but it works well with faction based story developpment. History has proven it can makes compelling stories. Is it lazy to follow this trope? Only if the writing that follows is lazy. Fridging a wife is a rather gratuitous heinous act, leftover from when women were barely more than faire-valoir for the heroic men. It's an archaic trope that has its uses but is better left in the Charles Bronson revenge flicks domain. Is it lazy to follow this trope? Most probably, as it make a vilain being vilain by sheer vilainy, yet a good writer might work something different out of it. Let's not be too quick to denounce tropes, else nothing is worth giving a read anymore. Kaede isn't a disposable woman trope, she doesn't exist as a Toturi faire-valoir and so isn't needed to set him in motion. Killing her just to make Aramoro more detestable would be a waste and a lazy move, unnecessary. Kind a like GOT laziness in having Stannis Baratheon kill his beloved daughter for fallacious reasons that book Stannis would'nt even consider. Lazy, unjustified, and only aimed at serving one dimension people who didn't like Stannis feel even more righteous to now hate him and make of a complexely written character a poor base tv show vilain. tropes are bad only in the hands of bad writers.
  10. Toturi and Kaede are two intertwining storylines. And they are each the lead of those storylines. Aramoro outright killing or leading to the death of Kaede would be a cheap kick the dog on scorpion, losing them a lot of sympathy. I don't see Toturi and Aramoro ending the fight for good the first time. There would be only one to survive and I have the feeling we are not done with both. What if Aramoro ended up as the scorpion thunder?
  11. The great thing with this short story is the amount of detail on Moto's and Ujik's culture and how it's foreign to Rokugan. Their tactics, weapons, titles, beliefs. The way they declare their wealth by horses and sheeps instead of Koku/Rice. The Moto feel also very proud of themselves quite condescending even of the so-called Walking Clans. And doubtful of the Shinjo. There's lots of love for the Unicorn, dropping fan favorite Moto Chagatai early in the setting, with a positive writing, playful with kids, sympathetic, with a promised great destiny! Moto feel more relaxed, less tight than the Rokugani society. It's a nice outlook that will bring sympathy for the Riders Clan. Expect to face lots of purple cards in the coming days, as Main or in Splashes.
  12. Litteraly on the first page of rules, under Ability: "Card abilities only interact with, and can only target, cards that are in play, unless the ability specifically refers to an out-of-play area or element. Card abilities on characters, attachments, holdings, strongholds, and provinces can only be initiated or affect the game while they are in play unless the ability specifically refers to being used from an out-of-play area, or require that the card be out of play for the ability to resolve. Event cards and role cards implicitly interact with the game from an out-of-play area, as established by the rules of their cardtypes"
  13. And splash. just splash something else than dragon, scorpion, for attachements control and conflict characters. And splash crab for Dragon. And play Dragon. Rotate with your buddy. Feel also free to try another clan, that's the greatness of LCGs, you can build any deck. Scorpion Core is strong against dragon, or go Crab/Unicorn. Have him Way of the Crab his tower 😁
  14. You mention not enough core to splash Dragon, how many cores do you have? And do you have other packs than core? Try to balance decks around sharing the strong neutrals playsets. 3 coresets are enough for two fun decks by giving 3 banzai and 3 court games for each to even the odds, and each may run up to 9 shugenja easily for 3 cloud the mind. Each benefits from a full set of fantana. Dragon is quite strong on core only, it's true. And it can start quickly, once it gets a tower. For Crane core, they need more setup. Try to control the board with honor and courtier mechanics and uses guys like cautious scout and brash samurai and banzai for breaks.
  15. fiction was good. It usually doesn't go well when a son of Hantei feels unconsidered and his deprived of warmth and kindness. Let's remember the forgotten (and erased) tale of Otomo Jama.
  16. Shadowlands faction is going to arrive, led by none other than Fu Leng Reborn
  17. Let's not forget that we as readers know is a knobhead but for the whole empire, he is sacred and a distant figure at worst, ignoring of his rash behaviour and lack of talent. People will follow him because he is a Hantei and so a focus of power, political and military. Imagine what could a destitute heir promise an upstart minor clan to help him conquer his legitimate birthright? What if he commandeered in some way of land promises the support of the pragmatic Crab Clan? What if, in one of their Kharmic Twist, Dragon were actually there to protect and support Sotorii, as part of Togashi's plan for the big day? What if the Crane preferred Sotorii, easier to influence and cajole than Daisetsu? Too much Clans may have invested in Sotorii since his birth too let go that easily.
  18. Makes good sense. My view is also biased I guess from my appreciation of the Character of Mugen from anime Samurai Champloo being from Ryuku Islands, and my fav rpg player portraying a Silk and Spice born ronin inspired by him.
  19. due to the distance and small cultural differencies, i'd say the Islands of Silk and Spice are more akin to Ryukyu Islands than "mainland" Shikoku.
  20. As far as I know, no. There hasn't even been mention made of the Empress...
  21. Wow, so not only Dragon is easy, but them mystical powers ensure also consistant draw of PFB and flop of Niten Master early every game! Even if you haven't them in the deck? Tbh, my mvp isn't the obvious Niten Master, it's Raitsugu. And PFB is strong but Charge or Fury are more fun to play. My "meta" is kinda small, being my wife and me mainly, with an outing at flgs once a month and my HMT unicorn/lion outpaced often my Dragon/crab. Fielding PFB and NM and hoping they would be your main key to success is actually a recipe for failure, as you don't learn how to exploit other good Dragon resources, and limit your deckbuild option to seeker. I'm having my fun now with SOTP monk/shugenja, gotta love that sealed Raitsugu with a Katana of fire.
  22. Sometimes get that feeling too. I'm still collecting, bit of Jigoku, bit of solo vs play, but I'm afraid Dragon will be nerfed because crowd think it's easy mode (blame legendary Dragon Aneil...) Thank god I have another beloved Clan I can play too: Lion... Hmm wait... Oh s*it!
  23. I think it may resume to a maybe poorly handled "reason to set early in motion old5r Unicorn/Lion antagonism" by the story team. Which is sad, because the rest of the fictions are great, well balanced, and generally respectful of clans themes and identity and main characters (except for Yoshi, who was made to be a total ****** in Taka's story, and Lion in general) The scheming of the Evil Ikoma against the oh-so compassionate Unicorn seems almost manichean, despite trying to sell us this as a deeply crafted political machination (which it is not) but just end up making both clans looking as politically inept fools, even much more than Yoshi was portrayed. Guess we need bad guys, Scorpion are the political ones, Lion are the military ones. Honestly, except for the mega spotlight on Toturi, feels sometimes a real lack of love for Lion (screwed in cards and mechanics, screwed in fictions) Unicorn has it better, their Champion is seen as virtuous and compassionate, the Heir is a great samurai, they found the Naga as allies. Now seems the Moto are on their way to make them even stronger, their top courtier doesn't care about Shogi, yet is a master easily defeating an Imperial family scion (depicted as an inept ****** again. To be fair, Satoshi was the vilain of time of void adventure, but still...) and they even took back Hisu Mori Toride like nothing (well, at a cost for poor Shinjo). Oh, and one of them is the focus of a cutey (so far ...) story of real love with the "good" imperial heir. Bet they will have Lion side with Bad Sotorii, just because.
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