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  1. Disclaimer, this needs to be supported by good balance Game aims to be "chess like" and reward skill, anticipation, and a meta based on general knowledge of the cards opponents may play and planning accordingly. Don't really need a huge cardpool, there's so many useless and binder worthy cards with wtf effects or requirements or stuff nice to look at but you wont ever play. Remove that clutter and give every clan two clear strategies pursuing somehow two victory condition with less cards printed and you can do 3 big box yearly. It's a focus game, ffg stop printing straight to binder cards.
  2. Two things: Actions are once per round The token pool isn't finite.
  3. Interesting as well as it seem we can see some faction setting up in background, confirming what previous fictions hint: a grouping of Uni+Crane, backed by phenix, a Scorpion supported by Dragon and a for the moment independent loose Lion. Now, needs to fit Crab in the mix.
  4. You dont resolve per se. It becomes active as soon and as long as the condition is fulfilled.
  5. Well, there hasn't been a major Shadowlands outbreak in a while, Rokugan has become dismissive towards the Crab, thinking moving into their territories or wandering their lands without travelling paper is fair game. How wrong they are and will be proven furthermore.
  6. Bushi is in the end just a job. So have some guys trained in kenjutsu, yarijutsu and wearing Yoroi, there, you have bushis. It's not mandatory to have a bushi school with techniques, those cost resources to maintain. With the Dragonfly exemple, even with "easier" access to Shiba or Mirumoto school, doesn't mean any aspiring swordman would get enrolled. Maybe the elite of the clan would receive the honor of such training. The grunts and rank and file would learn simply kenjutsu and weapon practice (maybe bow and spear) in a dojo, with a kenjutsu Sensei. Maybe this sensei would be clan school trained, but he would just teach them kenjutsu. The same way it seems shugenja rarity is a joke when you can't turn a stone without finding one, profusion of bushi using techniques makes knowing techniques less of a wow factor. Even inside a Clan, I don't think every single ji-zamurai is schooled in the clan's bushi school. When GMing Rokugan my Way (loved this in 4th ed), my take was that select individuals (most often the powerful, connected or wealthy, the prodigies, and of course, somehow player characters) would actually attend clan's schools. That made being schooled a plus, and when fighting an opponent trained in a clan school, this opponent would stand out. You maybe killed 6 Phoenix samurai, but here comes their leader, and he is trained in the Shiba school. Yagyu shinkage ryu was the Tokugawa official school, but not every Tokugawa soldier would have the honor to learn some if its techniques.
  7. It's not. Its a breath of fresh air, and doesn't just nerf/ban for the sake of it. It's balance. Much needed balance after two years of a game where some origin cards were created with a rule of cool state of mind, instead of a balanced one. Now if they could stop fillers, coasters and useless cards just to amp the pool that would be great. I dont care about suddenly not being able to play 9 cards, I'm more annoyed about the dozens of useless one that don't/won't see play but I had to acquire anyway.
  8. I'll go for: Phoenix : Isawa Tadaka Scorpion: Bayushi Aramoro Crane: Daidoji Uji Unicorn: Moto Chagatai Lion: Matsu Tsuko Crab: Hida O-Ushi Dragon: Togashi Mitsu Aka, the folks on the cover of Clan packs.
  9. Lol, she gonna cleanup Rokugan's soul. Romajidesu.com gives also "potentiality" and "garden" as possible meaning.
  10. Just read this fiction: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/12/4/pine-and-cherry-blossom/ Definitely feels like Shinsei's heir.
  11. Are we talking about novellas or RPG books? I think OP was asking about the RPG books, particularly because he used "hauling", so bringing around books with him. I wouldn't carry around several novellas, while I often carry a few kilos of books when I go GMing
  12. While your concern is legitimate, and somehow relevant to the L5R theme, this is the card game forum. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/561-legend-of-the-five-rings-the-roleplaying-game/ You should post this in the rpg forums for more meaningful feedback on the books weight or quality. Personally as a GM I prefer physical products than PDF.
  13. I'm not sure what to make of the perfect land "movement". Are their teachings the movement, or was a social movement born on these principles? Is there peasant agitation and social upheaval because of their principles or are their principles successful because there was already discontentment from the lower classes. Let's not forget the case of samurai poverty. While high ranking samurai may live in opulence, there are probably tens of thousands ji samurai owning but a piece of land who are hard pressed to pay taxes. Doesn't need much for someone to start wearing a yellow haori (yes, I'm French...) It feels that maybe the perfect land storyline is mostly brewing a peasant revolt, born on religious teaching but fueled by peasant anger. Like the Ikko Ikki of the Sengoku era. It feels actually that FFG story team is well insisting on lots of early Sengoku Jidai era inspired elements in the story, with a brewing succession war (like the Onin War, which destroyed Kyoto as we have been told Otosan Uchi will be) , intra-Clan infighting, strife in the capital, vassals rebelling against their daimyo, rampant wako piratry and the Tsunami can certainly be a parallel to the floods that led to the Kansho famine and impoverishment that bred the Onin war. So maybe the perfect land is just that, a rokugani manifestation of the Sengoku Ikko Ikki, who were greatly influenced by Pure Land sect teachings.
  14. Big books like this with GW stable authors are quite an investment for a company. Wonders what it implies for the L5R brand for FFG/Asmodée? L5R digital games in the air? As long as it helps maintain the IP and the LCG alive...
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