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  1. I onced said Yoshi was more like a 7th sea villain. A selfish, manipulative, aristocratic sycophant, yet a key player in the world's chessboard. A foolish indeed man, using Shinobi and trying to play his little part in the game, but he's a bad player.
  2. +1 for peasant advice. I've seen a discord WC game today where lion with Favor was at opponent stronghold with an Ujiaki ready to be charged for the kill, and that Ujiaki got discarded by peasant's advice... The kill failed and lion got DHed. Beyond the scouting, the discarding of a character or holding can be used quite effectively.
  3. Hard targets...yeah, got the bonus! I like the idea of double ability card. Have a printed reasonable ability and a reaction or an interrupt to something in the same theme. Well Guarded Road: 1 fate cost event Action: during a conflict move a character you control into this conflict. Interrupt: during a conflict, cancel a card effect moving a character into or from this conflict. Wording could be better I confess.
  4. If we accept that Toturi wasn't dead, seems like she just used the 4th ed l5r void spell rise from the ashes (rk 5 spell iirc) .
  5. We can almost picture an Aramoro snapping his fingers saying: let's go, and shadowy figures shows up and follow him. They didn't suddenly prepare, they were at his ready the whole time. let's not forget he isn't just any scorpion assassin, he is the Daimyo's brother and previous Daimyo's son, so high nobility. We can expect he has a cadre of goons at his beak and call.
  6. Absolutely, they have 4 in clan cards that cost opponent honor and 4 in clan cards that cost them honor, no in clan card that gains them honor or honor folks. And no in clan opponent character dishonor mechanics. Battling with the Crab is a dirty business. And thematically speaking, honor loss is frequent in crab territory, on the border of shadowlands. If Crab isn't allowed to DH, neither are Crane and Lion, paragon of courtesy and honor. And Dragon and Phenix, they are too mystic for that. Or even Unicorn, they don't know rokugani ways in court. Only the scorpion so, because they are the manipulative vilains? Crab isn't just a battle hardened warrior clan, they are the most pragmatic and use all the tools they have to defeat the opponent and further the accomplishment of their sacred duty.
  7. Yep, I was also thinking Kyuden Bayushi splash Unicorn focused on abusing covert sources, ready with KB (PA is perfect) and Gaijin Customs and destroy provinces without fights or opponents. CTS would be a 1x or 2x if seeker is better than keeper.
  8. It's less that their courtiers or actions actively make you lose honor. It's reactive, the opponents has to do or not do something to lose honor. It's shameful to attack the Crab in rokugani tradition and lore, because they've been holding shadowlands at bay for a thousand years. Not only it is a sacred duty, it's one Rokugan doesn't always like being reminded off. It is impolite to mention taint or the Shadowlands. See what cards they have to make you lose honor. Hiruma Outpost, you have to attack them on a non holding province Intimidating Hida, you have to pass a conflict Levy, you could give them a fate. This one is very thematic, refusing to help the Crab with resources can be badly discussed at court. Became infamous because of the recent loop combo. Watch Commander, most infamous even, you have to play a card to lose the honor. The honor loss is reactive. It isn't Crab that make you lose, you lose honor when you act against Crab. It's pernicious, because you somehow lose honor for playing the game. Doesn't ease thing either that Crab players have mastered DH as a wincon, towers and Dynasty tutoring for a long time now.
  9. Chasing the sun and Iuchi wayfinder. Scouting, never attack until you found GtM. Unicorn would be the most able to play around that Combo. Unicorn splash in seeker decks for other clans. Crane may use cautious scout again. But Assassination... Thing is, decks playing that Combo have already refined the way crab is crabbing and refined the ability to filter your dynasty with staple card Satoshi to get keepers, sac targets and Karada. It's 70% the old strong deck plus that crazy combo that we can only applaude and yet complain about as unfun. And good crab players are now well trained to put their pieces in motion. First Rocket of the history of the game. The RL tried to shake things but it shouldn't have been Spyglass. It should have been Miya Satoshi. Guess he couldn't go on the RL as he is intended for the upcoming imperial themed decks to function. It failed to push Unicorn splash away from crab for diversity as the deck and combo success is higly dependent on Talisman of the Sun.
  10. Crab's sacred duty is to protect the wall, of course it's dishonorable to attack them. Lore flavor aside, they are a clan playing on resources and supply themes. The whole Yasuki family exists to serve as supply chain for the wall. So they have mechanics to make you expend your resources.
  11. In Rokugan, dueling is an oppressive tool, and many duels are thrown against weaker opponents. It is a bullying tool. And Cranes are masters in using it that way. It's true, most duellers will optimize their chances to win by buffing their guys with weapons, events or honor tokens and target low skills opponents. but I guess every tower deck does. When I play a duel card, I expect to win it with minimal honor exchange. To be fair, I'd rather have a strong card with directly an ability, restricted to Duelists than having to buff my guy and play the honor dial minigame. In that, it's true that dueling isn't that glorious moment where all odds can turn, high stakes will be played and the gods will favor the braves. But I don't think it is supposed to be. It's a dirty business, as war, politics and killing are. Funny entertaining high stakes duels may happen, like buffed Kisada against buffed honored Toshimoko with iaijutsu Master on defense on the stronghold. Such fight could happen on a batlefield, but maybe not a ritualized Iai duel. And while Toshimoko will most indubitably strike first and strike true, Kisada won't die on the spot and retaliate with a Killing Blow. Might even survive with a permanent wound. In game terms, it ends to whoever buffs first at max before the resolution of the conflict and how much honor can one spend/lose. As long as I can spend two honor, I just need 3 skill above my target to bid 3 and sure win. I'm not going to duel your 7+ skill with my 4 skill for the sake of giving you the opportunity to bid just 3 and win, except if the shift of two honor is at stake for you, so that's bullying too anyway. Duelling comes from card abilities so duel refusal or cancels should come from card abilities (like conditions included in the initiated duel) and not be part of a framework, like stay your hand, or upcoming Crane kill duel, which is a bully force dishonor or bully dishonored kill. Funny you refer to scorpions using this as amongst the decks I play, my Scorpion is a non duelling at all scorpion KB Shinobi with lowering skills tools using stay your hand to reject duels, and Toshimoko for example isn't an issue, he can double coverted when needed. But my honorable Kakita are dirty bully duelers preying on weaker skill characters and messing with your honor. In Dragon, well as I go mighty towers and try to overpower opponents characters, might as well take advantage of it and use duelling, with box and attachs you should have 3-4 more than most anyway. I like and play dueling decks, but I agree it's a convoluted minigame of overpowering the other characters to minimize the risk and not an all or nothing spotlight moment. And it ends up as "bullying" most of the time. But it takes work, and can somehow be played around or fail. I don't know how they could have implemented it differently because if the initiator risks losing an effect or letting opponent resolve it by playing this duel card, he just won't play it. I believe the honor exchange may have been a limitation during testing, but now this as become part of the honor pressure arsenal.
  12. These aren't weak and unsupported reasons, these are business minded reasons, and wathever community does is a bit irrelevant here from a business point of view. As a business, the fact that they don't want to gate the story content behind a paying product is actually good. As a business, the fact that fans scan and upload the stories has no weight in the balance because it's a community thing, not something officially endorsed by FFG. It's actually ok they tolerated it so far, but that's still illegal diffusion of a content people got access to by paying. So instead of preventing people to upload scans of their paying content, they just go full web. I am happy FFG kept the tradition of L5R stories, but we aren't owed them or are entitled to them. It's a welcome extra, and it breathes life in the setting, but what I pay FFG for when buying a pack is the cards in the pack. If they feel it will make them more in control of their story to not be bound by scheduled fictions that are supposed to drop in specific months because of a strict schedule due to printing and production , it's their call. It will indeed make their storytelling more flexible. Specially now we are back in the 6 in 6 months. Once again it's business oriented, not community expectations oriented.
  13. @Ishi Tonu Once Shadowlands becomes a thing, Yori will surely becomes a Hero.
  14. Don't worry for Phoenix, they have plenty of black scrolls to open and eager elemental masters to do it.
  15. Regarding Yoshi, we should all move on and accept there are Heroes and Villains in every clans in FFG's iteration of L5R. (like in 7th Sea) Yoshi, portrayed as such a D is one, so is Aramoro. No one tries really to redeem Aramoro, so why bother redeeming Yoshi? Wether he is a fool or a cunning courtier with a very convoluted mind is second to the fact that he acts like a Vilain and for story purpose he is portrayed as an arrogant manipulator. Vilains aren't all crazy bastards with world ending schemes, and they work towards the benefit of their clans like Heroes. It's just the means and behaviour that makes the difference, and the story portrayal. I guess each clan might have one. Kuni Yori for the Crab Yoshi for the Crane then. Dragon might pop us fan favorite Togashi Kokujin anytime soon, otherwise, not sure they have a Vilain yet. I think as well Ikoma Ujiaki is a Vilain, maybe Akodo Kage too for Lion Many high potential candidate for Phenix, From Ujina to Tadaka, but not one yet. Scorpion has Aramoro and Kachiko and of course is the Vilain of L5R, so even its Heroes may have vilainous ways. Unicorn hasn't any yet, but then Shahai. And well, there's Crown Prince Hantei Sotorii. So that's just it, Yoshi sucks because he is indeed not a nice guy and isn't supposed to be (his treatment of Taka is a bit of a kick the dog though). But he is a powerful Vilain anyway.
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