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  1. I really wanted to love Star Wars: Destiny....the collecting was good, I just can't get into the game. I finally was able to convince my wife to try it with me and I just don't think this style of game is my favorite, and I don't have the time to be able to go to some of the local game nights at stores. I have a decent sized collections, the two starter packs, then mostly Awakenings cards but some Spirit of Rebellion and Empire At War, probably around 400 cards total. I think at this point what I'd prefer to do is trade what I have for another game that I want. The two games I'm most interested in are Imperial Assault and Scythe. Anyone have any advice on where I should go? Is contacting local stores the best way to go? Selling it on line? Is there a forum for this kind of thing? I appreciate all of your advice. I've attached my updated list of cards as well if anyone is interested. LaurenCoteSWDestiny.xlsx
  2. I'm trying to get my wife and or friends interested in Star Wars Destiny...already bought a bunch of cards...but the deck creation part is a bit daunting. I've read up a bit, and I know the consensus advice is to just throw some decks together and play...but I'd really appreciate if any of you more veteran players could help me just put together a handful of starter decks out of my collection? I've attached an excel spreadsheet with what I have for cards. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! PhatSWDestiny.xlsx
  3. Cool, thanks for the advice. This weekend I'll put together my list.
  4. I just posted a topic about selecting starting decks...but this brings up another question. Piscettios...you're playing with your wife, I'm guessing she's just using the cards you already have right? In other words she doesn't have her set of cards that she can build decks from separate from what you have? If this is the case how do you guys go about setting up decks? Do you put together the decks and just have her choose what she wants to play with? Does she choose her own? And if you guys have overlaps in terms of character and colors with neutrals how do you decide who gets what card? Sorry...sooooo many questions.
  5. So...because I really enjoy collecting....I'm at the point where I have a decent sized starting collection...which is great...but as a beginner, trying to put together a deck or decks is pretty daunting. The advice I keep seeing is people saying "just put together a deck and start playing"...which I totally get...best way to learn is to just dive right in. But does anyone have any advice on how to make the deck selecting process a little less daunting for a beginner? Especially when you're trying to introduce someone new to the game? For my wife and friends...I think the idea of having to learn the game AND figure out how to build a deck is just too much and they lose interest before trying it. I'd love to be able to have a deck or two ready to go, where they will have fun and the mechanics won't be too complicated so they can just focus on the rules and what not. Any advice? I'm probably going to create a google doc spreadsheet of my cards, would someone be willing to maybe just take a looks and help me put together a couple of good starting decks? Or should I just spend more money to get the 2 Player version that just came out?
  6. Honestly I think where I lost my wife was I bought the starter packs and a couple of boosters to start and I tried to explain the game to her before I really understood and she was sort of half interested. But then the collector in me got carried away and now I have somewhere around 200 cards and for her, trying to put together a deck and learn the rules and what not is probably overwhelming. She did recently put together a deck but she was in such a sour mood about it sort of took all the fun out of it. I think the 2 Player version probably would have been the best entry to the game for her....but it came out well after I'd started collecting. But you guys have convinced me to give it another try. Even if my wife doesn't like it I'm gonna go to at least one game night at a local place. Thanks all!
  7. Thanks for the advice...I'm thinking of just keeping a basic a deck or two, and trading the rest here and there. But yeah....I think I probably should just go to a local store and experience one of their game nights before I just abandon ship. Thanks guys!
  8. Hello I stumbled across Star Wars Destiny a couple of months ago, I'm a big Star Wars fan, just getting into table top gaming...and was immediately attracted to the game. Only problem is I live in a fairly rural area, work full-time, and have a young daughter. So my hope was that either my wife or some of my closes friends would be interested in playing this game. Unfortunately, after months of trying, I still have yet to actually get anyone to be willing to play with me...like even a single game. And my schedule is too busy to be able to go to some of the stores in my general area for their game nights. I love the collecting aspect of the game...I've got a decent sized collection, probably around 15-20 characters, 200+ cards...and they just sit there. I'm to the point where I'm wondering if I should just start looking into doing something else with it and moving on to games my wife and friends are interested in. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do with my collection? I'm not opposed to selling it, but I hate the idea of going to someplace like Ebay. I don't want to make money off of it...and I'm not trying to even recoup what I spent....I just would like to get some value out of it. I'd be interested in just trading what I have for either some sort of Star Wars merchandise or maybe some other games I've been interested in (Scythe, Ascension expansions, the other Star Wars board games to name a few). If anyone has any ideas or interest I'd appreciate any and all advice. And if there is a site or message board for this kind of thing please let me know, and I apologize if this sort of thing is frowned upon on this forum. Thanks!
  9. It's a fun game for sure, I've found myself more into the collecting than the playing unfortunately...I thought it would be easier to get some of my friends and family into it...and they just aren't. I'm at that point where I've got a decent sized collection that just sits there.
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